Preparedness Notes for Monday — July 22, 2019

July 22nd is the birthday of actor Willem Dafoe (born 1955). Perhaps his best role was in the movie The Hunter, set in Tasmania.



    We must help Trump understand why he should focus on breaking the back of Big Tech. We are the subject matter experts, and brain trust in this venue. The border is secondary, and should be second on a list priorities. It is easy to become overwhelmed by competing priorities, and to become distracted, or confused in the “fog of war” as Clausewitz described. Or to become paralyzed by analysis. Military refers to this phenomena as ‘paralysis by analysis’. And Trump is Commander in Chief, yet he is only one person against the Deep State. He must focus like a laser beam to become clear headed, to understand himself, and the enemy, to take charge, or all is lost. No more games, because there is no more time. Duetsche Bank could cause the ultimate chaos, the utter collapse of the global financial system.

    If Trump breaks the back of Big Tech, there will be massive flood, an overwhelming deluge, and outcry from the many now, quiet corners, to bringing forth the political supported needed to save the Republic, the last redoubt for the ideas of freedom. The First Amendment is the *first *, for a very well considered reason, and was conceived after the brutal struggle of brilliant, and holy ghost inspired minds. If Trump is David, and he has only one shot at taking down Goliath, this is it. If this is what it takes, using the most extreme measures would be appropriate, use the Insurrection Act, or enact Trump’s version of COG. At all costs, break the momentum of the main thrust of the Globalists, and they loose. Then rally to close the borders, and move to secure the country with sound currency and other measures. Carpe Diem! (seize the day).

    Mike Adam makes the most demonstrably clear plea on May 3, 2019.

    (as posted on my Gab blog)

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