1. If I have learned ONE TRUTH in 80 years it is this expressed by Smedley Butler. In ‘War is a Racket he wrote, “I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else.”

      For the benefit of those in the U.S. Military today, Butler was US Marine Corps major general, the highest ranking and the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. Ask yourselves, why did your government schools and now those who send you across the globe waging wars never mention Smedley Butler?

        1. Saved the world? Seriously? From what?

          The two little commies sold Eastern Europe into Soviet slavery for 50 years.

          Saved the US? Roosevelt infected the US with the same sort of fascism he sent gullible Americans to fight in Europe. Now that fascism is being blended with socialism right before your lying eyes.

          1. That fascism or much more likely bolshevism would conquer Europe.

            How and when did they sell eastern europe?
            Except you mean trying to start the next war 1945 against the strongest, toughest, most battle hardened army on the planet.

            The Plan for that was called Operation Unthinkable and Churchills Idea.

            Old Lesson, very old lesson, fight your enemy together not divided and fight him on foreign soil not your own

            The US would be very isolated

  1. “That fascism or much more likely bolshevism would conquer Europe.”

    It did anyway with the soft version. They just call it “democracy” now. The Europeans are no more “free” than we are under the policies, regulations, and “laws” of government.

    Sure, on the surface we have the illusion of freedom but down deep the policies, regulations, and “laws” control every product we buy and every aspect of our lives. Hitler and Stalin would be proud of the control our government has over our lives.

    The two little commies conspired with the BIG commie to carve up Europe at their conference in 1943.

    The little American commie’s military leader in Europe (Eisenhower) was directed that the BIG commie should have Berlin. Thus they ensured that the people of eastern Europe would get to live under the boot of Soviet tyranny.

    How generous of them!

    I bet the people of eastern Europe felt the same way!!! Especially in 1956 and 1968. (Sarc).

    Here is an even older lesson: Politicians are not your friend and, given half the chance, will cause your death.

    1. No it didn´t

      As one of the People who produce and buy those products i like those regulations, i like that employers ´ve to follow safety rules, that drugs are controlled for safety, Standards of production etc.

      How could Roosevelt and Churchill´´ve stopped the Red Army from conquering and Holding These Areas?

      If they hadn´t fought whole europe would´ve fallen under the red boot, 1946 or so France, belgium, the netherlands, Italy and Greece would´ve fallen.
      Most likely Finnland and Sweden also.
      The rest 10 , 20 years later

      1. Gee it makes one wonder how the worlds population could possibly have survived in the decades before government regulations controlled everything.

        I refuse to bow to the god of government and don’t need them to regulate my life. Your mileage may vary, however.

        IMO the Germans had the Soviets well in hand in 1941 and early 1942. It was Hitler’s tactical blunders as well as the American commie’s support of the BIG commie that tipped the balance.

        Since the American commie and the BIG commie were fellow travelers, Germany was the enemy. Germany strived hard to destroy the Soviet threat. Had Germany prevailed, there would not have been a Red threat to Europe after the war. Through 1000 years of history, what became the nation of Germany had always been the bulwark against invasion from the east. With their defeat in 1945, that bulwark was destroyed and the Soviets had half of Europe.

        If the Soviets were such a threat to Europe, why did the American commie support them and then as soon as the war was over shift the narrative to the Soviets being evil and an existential threat?

        The American government helped them take over half of Europe and then naively complained that the Soviets wanted to take the rest of Europe!! The Americans then spent the next forty-five years preparing to fight the very people they supported and called their friends.

        How monumentally stupid and naïve.

        Again, if given half the chance, politicians will find a way to kill you.

        1. Because guilds did it, and if you had the wrong Master you wouldn´tt want to be a journeyman – slave in it

          Not my life, but our Right to swing our fists Ends before others noses are threatened.
          I find it great, that i didn´t need 12 hours a day in a coal mine as a 12 year old Boy and coughing my lungs out before 18

          Remember Rzhew, Stalingrad and Fall Blau a victorious great offensive with worthless gains, after that the Wehrmacht had reached the end of it´s rope, the Clock was ticking, he Wehrmacht got weaker the red army stronger in numbers, Quality and weapons.

          Maybe without Lend Lease and the Invasion the Wehrmacht could´ve knocked out the red army, but it´s not likely and even replace Bolsheviks with Nazis and Red Army with Wehrmacht, the difference would be the Colour of the jackboot nothing else.

          Having all of Europe and Sibiria

          That Bulwark never existed, except in Nazi Propaganda, in the Napoleonic Wars the german states allied itself with Russia, this alliance endet short before WWI and the german general staff made the bolshevik Revolution possible.

          Between WWi and WWII both Militarys worked together in developing modern Warfare it ended in the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pakt and the conquest of Poland and the Baltikum.

          1. You’re both right and you’re both wrong. Hitler’s big mistake was attempting to fight a two front war, from the middle out. It was inevitable that the Germans would eventually lose the war. Bad timing, bad planning, and in all honesty, bad drugs on the part of the Germans.

            Churchill’s mistake, England’s mistake, was agreeing to go to war for Poland. The Brits got themselves into a war they didn’t have the capability to fight on their own. By 1939 the Brits had not recovered from the effects of the global depression and the aftereffects of WW-1. For that matter, neither had the rest of Europe. Hence, the necessity for Lend-Lease in the first place. Lend-Lease allowed the US to get rid of our outdated war-making materiel while updating our war-fighting capabilities to match or exceed those countries that were looking ahead instead of looking to repeat their past glories with the capabilities and tactics of the past.

            Hitler was smart enough to prepare to fight the next war, WW-2. The rest of Europe was only prepared to fight the last war, with the technologies and tactics of the last war. The Soviets learned quickly that they needed to be prepared to fight the same way the Germans were prepared. Their treaty with Germany allowed them to gain a military advantage, relatively unmolested by Germany. The Soviets knew that Russia was Germany’s primary target from the beginning. They knew the war making history of Europe. They also knew that if they could hold off any attack from Germany until the onset of winter, the Germans would looose. The Soviets had history on their side, and that was the war they were getting prepared for.

            Roosevelt’s mistake was his desperation. He was desperate to get involved in the European war. He needed something to distract the American people from his failure to end the Great Depression. He failed to learn from the history of the depression of 1920-21, he failed to learn from the history of our intervention in Europe in WW-1. Our government’s interventionism created the extended misery of our depression, like our intervention in WW-1 extended the misery that was “the war to end all wars”, and lead to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s.

            So, no you can’t fight socialism with more socialism. You can’t stop a war by fighting one. Roosevelt acted like the communists and the Nazis. Churchill acted like the communists and the Nazis. Europe divided up the Middle East after WW-1, the Americans, the Brits, and the Soviets divided up Europe after WW-2. It’s was just history repeating itself.

            Globally our politicians and bureaucrats today are acting like the communists and the Nazis, with the same disastrous results. The Russians have learned from history, They aren’t making the same mistakes they made in the past. I wish our government could also learn from history and quit making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

          2. It´s the classic prussian – german strategic Dilemma, win the war in the first round mybe the second or you´ve lost when the greater ressources of their enemies become the dominating factor

            The mistake of the western allies was the phony war, the munich Agreement without the t 38 the Tank divisions would be sorely lacking Punch and mostly the treaty of Versailles

            Men like Liddell Hart, Billy Mitchell and Guderian tried to bring their superiors to prepare for the next war
            Guderian was ordered to Transport flour, Lidell Hard was ignored and discharged, Billy Mitchell was IIRC court martialed.

            The onset of winter wasn´t THE Problem, the lack of fuel and Transport space for winter clothes were

            You can fight Manchester capitalism with social laws like Bismarck, with communism, or with social Democracy,

            Roosevelt tried to fight the Depression. Hoover didn´t., i can´t remeber the death camps Roosevelt and Churchill run, nor that they invaded Poland or China

            The survivors of Bergen Belsen etc. i believe would think different

            The russians repeating at the Moment exactly what Smedley Butler called a racket

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