The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Vices are simply overworked virtues, anyway. Economy and frugality are to be commended but follow them on in an increasing ratio and what do we find at the other end? A miser! If we overdo the using of spare moments we may find an invalid at the end, while perhaps if we allowed ourselves more idle time we would conserve our nervous strength and health to more than the value the work we could accomplish by emulating at all times the little busy bee.

I once knew a woman, not very strong, who to the wonder of her friends went through a time of extraordinary hard work without any ill effects.

I asked her for her secret and she told me that she was able to keep her health, under the strain, because she took 20 minutes, of each day in which to absolutely relax both mind and body. She did not even “set and think.” She lay at full length, every muscle and nerve relaxed and her mind as quiet as her body. This always relieved the strain and renewed her strength.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. Serviced generators last night. These were small EM500 Honda’s from the 1980’s. Price used, $100 ea. Performance, timeless. EMP resistant. Flooded lead acid batteries should not charged at a rate greater than 20% of capacity. Use small generators to charge small battery banks has it will not harm the batteries, or consume more fuel than necessary. For small boats and RV’s, two 6 volt batteries are adequate, but the rate of charge should typically be limited to 20 amps. Charge batteries until they reach 12.5 volts, and then top off the charging with solar panels weather permitting.

    AGM batteries, although expensive, can accept the highest rate of charging available in ‘heavy duty’ chargers. If one already has a large generator, use a high amperage charger and AGM batteries. This would be the most fuel efficient battery for generators that are higher than 2000 watts in rating as AGM’s can be charged quickly saving precious fuel, and greatly reducing generator run time. AGM’s do not last as long if charged at a low amperage rate, but need higher amperage to last longer. AGM batteries banks should not be used with small solar systems, but can be ‘topped off’ with solar.

    Conserving resources should be a concern. And…’a penny saved, is a penny earned’, especially if the penny is a copper penny.

  2. Tech Tip 2 (posted over at Matt Bracken’s Gab page):

    RE: 7.62 NATO, Reloading

    For longer barrel life, low recoil and improved accuracy, the old U.S. Navy match load consisted 39.1 grains of the neglected, and available IMR 3130 powder, and any 165 or 168 grain .308 bullet. 40.5 grains of IMR 3130 with 150 grain bullets, duplicates the NATO ball load. This load may not be suitable in your M1A. Check Horndy’s 6th edition, Service Rifle section. It is generally considered to be the fastest powder acceptable for use in M1A, and the M1 Garand. AR-10, or other rifles chamber in 7.62 NATO will likely not be damaged as they do not use the weak operating rod system in their actions. This is a low pressure load intended for 500 meter ranges. Of course, any load is only so good as you can hit with it. This one has been found to be accurate enough in most rifles.

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