Preparedness Notes for Sunday — July 14, 2019

July 14th is the birthday of Colonel Einar A. Malmstrom. He was born in 1907 and died August 21, 1954 near Great Falls, Montana, in the crash of a T-33 jet. He was a decorated Air Force pilot, a Luft Stalag POW survivor, and test pilot. Malmstrom AFB was one of the settings for JWR’s novel Founders. (The base was named in his honor.)


  1. These are some thoughts shared first elsewhere. In light of the Big Tech Internet censorship, new tactics are developing to compensate for the decreased ‘reach’. I’ve taken up the habit of posting accross platforms. I’ve been investigated these issues for many years, and listening to many experts in the field. this was post first on Matt “Bracken’s Gag page:

    Choosing a stable of experts is critical. It is best to stick with those with multi – decade levels of experience, those who have been hard at ,and have see it all, and have the accomplishments, in this case, great wealth. Bill Holter/Jim Sinclair are easily among those who are qualified to have an opinion.

    “It is the economy, stupid” back then, but now “it is the financial system, stupid’, today. Trump is losing several key battles, and may lose the election, yet there are multiple factors, many unrecognized that can surprise. War is one example . The financial system should have collapsed in 2008, but the rules were changed, so that it could become a managed system, rather than a free market system. The principle involved that held it together was MAFD (mutual assured financial destruction), my term and concept. No one wanted to be that ”guy’ who would pull the trigger that caused the cascade of counter party risk that implodes the global financial system that is based upon dollar denominated derivatives contracts. Call it enlightened self interest. Keep the music going while the big players, move to protect their massive wealth. It can take lots time for huge players to buy into a , say, tight gold market without driving up the suppressed price, or move into other tangibles. And to extract themselves from other markets. Size moves slowly. Yet everyday we draw closer to the date that the financial system could bare no more.

    Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair in a interview with Greg Hunter just 4 days ago, believe the first ‘reset’ is in motion:

    1. I appreciate your comments. I am kind of in a stupor after just watching the YouTube
      video you shared. I wish there was more time… Thank you so much for sharing!!! Krissy

      1. The timing is always difficult, but I wouldn’t bet against these guys. Yet there are other opinions. I would however, strengthen my resolve, and focus on the bare essentials, get those essentials taken care of, and leave the rest to God. If we do the best we can, He will make up for the rest and provide what we need. My life is a testament to His faithfulness. I have story after story I could share. He is faithful.

  2. Thanks! Just listened to first one. Yes, the Word always blesses. I have been washed whiter than snow and know His cleansing power. I believe Jesus calls us to show love and compassion to others; love, forgiveness and acceptance is what draws people to Jesus. I feel the Lord has called me to prepare to provide for others during the hard times that are coming. It is just me & God, & we’re working on the 1st group of supplies for 25 people, hopefully up to 100. Not sure who those people will be, but then I do not need to know. God knows. All depends on how much time is left; ha! Or whatever God has in store to provide by means that I don’t know about. Anyway, if for some reason I die, one of my sons & his wife have agreed to be stewards of the supplies… I’m also inspired by Oscar Schindler’s/ Liam Neeson movie quote,
    “I could have saved more.”
    So, with all that said, I appreciate your teaching comments, wisdom and inspiring words. Thank you. I learn so much on this blog. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” —Here’s one of my favorite inspiring devotions: Day & Night,
    Spurgeon PM of Jan. 13, “The iron did swim”
    God bless each of you, Krissy

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