The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“An earnest attempt to partition Washington state is a noble and proportional response to the progressives’ accelerating march to an ultimate tyranny. If the attempt fails, we will have the comfort of knowing we tried earnestly to preserve what we love by peaceful means. A comforting thought as you are left with no alternative but to lock and load.” – SurvivalBlog Reader S.V.M., commenting on the Liberty State Movement

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  1. SurvivalBlog Reader S.V.M, I hear you. I advocated secession for more than a decade. Like Bill Buppert said, “‘Secession is the only vote that ever mattered in history”.

    But honestly, at this point I say let the Left break the trail (Sanctuary State Movement for example). Let them fight to open the exit door from Washington. They can go left, we can follow and go right. One caveat is that conservatives absolutely must not abandon the principle of limited government and support Big Government stopping them.

    Another possibility is Balkanization. Look at how quickly the mighty USSR broke up and with relatively little violence. Ah, think of the possibilities to become free again!

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