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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters ande negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the New Zealand buy back gun grab.

NZ Government Refuses to Pay Full Price for Banned Guns

Gun Owners Outraged as New Zealand Government Refuses to Pay Full Price for Banned Firearms. JWR’s Comments:  The phrase “gun buy back” is preposterous, on its face. A government cannot “buy back” something that it never owned. I believe that the phrase “Tyranny Bribe Program” would be more accurate and fitting. This is true of all buy back gun grabs. And to argue about how much the government will pay to permanently deprive someone of guns that should rightfully be passed down to their progeny is also preposterous. The real crux of this is that New Zealanders are simply getting a few of their tax dollars back, in exchange for surrendering their birthright. Once they’ve acceded to the tyrants’ demands, then they are in no position to negotiate price. Don’t allow this to happen in America!

The Perfect Sound-Blocking Baffle

Reader G.P. sent this: Researchers Have Created A Shape That Can Block All Sound.

“When it comes to sound-proofing, there are materials out there that can help dampen sound and prevent it from leaking out of a room. However, it seems that thanks to the work by a group of researchers over at the Boston University, they have managed to create a shape that can apparently block out all sound.

This shape was designed using math where it was created in such a way that certain frequencies passing through the air will actually reflect back towards their source. This works differently compared to traditional sound absorption designs, where they will take sound and turn the vibrations into heat.

However, as you can see in the video above, what makes this particular design so special and unique is the fact that it is completely open, meaning that you would think that in theory sound could pass through it, but it can’t. So what does this discovery mean? Are there any practical uses for it?”

G.P. answered that astutely, with a question of his own:  “Is this the future of 3D-printed suppressors?”


Judge Rules Gun Shows a 1st Amendment Right

DSV sent us this good news: Judge sides with 1st Amendment after gun shows banned. Here is a snippet from the WND article:

“A federal judge has sided with the First Amendment in a lawsuit against a California fair board that banned gun show and other event organizers from its facilities, which otherwise are available to the public.

U.S. District Judge Cathy Bencivengo issued a temporary order to stop the Del Mar Fair Board from enforcing a recently enacted moratorium on gun shows at the fairgrounds.

Disputes over gun rights typically center on the Second Amendment, which grants Americans the right “to keep and bear arms.” This case, however, focuses on the First.

Alan M. Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, which filed the lawsuit, said he’s “delighted” with the ruling.”

AMA: 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination

A hat tip to DSV for spotting this:  AMA Says Mature 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination Without Parents.  Here is how the article opens:

“At the recently concluded annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago, AMA delegates adopted a doozy of a new policy. The powerful trade group agreed to develop model legislation that pressures state legislatures into allowing minors to “override refusenik parents on vaccination.”

In 2000, the Supreme Court reasserted the fundamental right of parents to oversee the care, custody and control of their children, a right recognized by states until children reach age 18. Where vaccines are concerned, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act—passed in 1986—legally requires health care providers to distribute vaccine information materials to the parent or legal guardian of any child to whom the provider intends to administer a vaccine “prior to the administration of such vaccine” [emphasis added].”

The Google Fascists

By way of the great news aggregation site, comes this piece by Jeffrey Lord: Project Veritas, Google whistleblower reveal plot for 2020 election.

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  1. AMA – 12 yr olds. Hmm, sounds a bit goofy to me, BUT? EX. MY son-in-law grew up in a hurry when his father died of heart attack in front of him ( age 11 ) on thanksgiving day and still is a great guy. but that being said I’ve known guys / people that still act like a 12 yr old when they were adults. So where is the line for being considered mature enough? Just wondering.

    1. It’s communist to apply a single age to all young adults, and especially to surrender that duty to the State. Mature enough, is by God at the hands of a competent father, yes, father.

      “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

      “Adolescence” is a communist fabrication of the 20th century to have you surrender your God given DUTY unto holy God.

    2. If 12 year olds can get an abortion without notifying their parents, I suppose they can decide about vaccinations. So why, then can’t they decide whether to smoke or drink ? Or sign a legal contract ? Oh, wait ! Our Almighty Government has so decreed it. All hail the Almighty Government !

  2. Here is another question that has made me wonder about life, the AMA says that 12 yrs olds are mature enough to decide on vaccinations and the democrats are saying that 16 yr olds are mature and responsible enough to be able to vote in the next election, and 17yr olds and older able run up debts and father / make babies and to go into the military and maybe ( heaven forbide ) die for for their country, but they are not mature and responsible enough to buy an alcoholic drink or purchase a firearm legally until they are 21 yrs old. Hmmm

  3. I think what the AMA is actually saying is that 12 YO’s can over ride their kook parent if the parent refuses vaccinations.

    In my state a religious family refused health care for a sick child and the child died. Nothing was done to the parents. Unbelievably their 2nd child also died from being denied health care. Finally the state prosecuted the parents and sent them to jail. Too bad that the two children couldn’t have been saved with a law that gave them the right to seek and receive health care.

  4. Hum…”The right to peaceably assemble….”
    The SAF is onto something here.
    Our Founding Fathers God inspired wisdom shines on.

    Happy Independence Day!

  5. Re: Vaccination

    I personally got all the childhood vaccines, military vaccines and continue to get flu and shingles vaccines. I had a poor reaction to the smallpox vaccine I was given in boot camp. No reaction at first (when scabbing and slight swelling were expected) then a severe reaction that looked similar to blood poisoning that was delayed. Healed up ok but did have the doctors a little concerned for a day or two. I never remember but either the yellow fever or tyhoid vaccine was always a bit tough on you but no permanent harm.

    I personally would get the vaccines again. I say this because I want to point out that I am not an “antivaccer”.

    I have some issues though with the current trend to force vaccines on people. It is tricky because you want herd immunity. But people’s basic rights are being trampled. And I think it is very difficult to be certain about medical statistics. The pharmaceutical companies will (sometimes) sell you rat poison aand tell you it is safe. The lawyers will tell you that everything has ruined you life and you need to sue over it all.

    Consequently I think that vaccines are safer than many “antivaccers” say and more dangerous than the government and drug companies say. And I question the public health threat of perhaps Orthodox Jews not being vaccinated especially when most people around them are.

    But in the mean time we let millions of illegals in without vaccination.

    I think vaccination should highly encouraged but not demanded at the expense of basic rights.

    1. You made a very reasonable argument but I’m not sure it holds up to common sense. Should we force a drivers license requirement to drive a car? Should ship’s captains require thousands of hours of experience to get that license? Should airline pilots be required to be full trained to fly planes? The list of what we are forced to do is very long. But the most innocuous is that we protect ourselves against preventable diseases. This is especially true because there is so much misinformation about vaccines that we owe it to children to save them from their idiot parents.

      1. Apples and oranges. You can choose not to fly a plane, captain a ship, or drive a car and hence not be “forced” to get the training. But forced vaccines would mean opting out of life. That’s a rule that is not acceptable.

      2. While I do get vaccines myself I am not sure all the misinformation you speak of is in fact misinformation.

        I was listening to a radio show on this very subject a few days ago and a lay person had a microbiologist back pedaling with hard information about the ineffectiveness of certain vaccines within about two minutes quoting hard data that the microbiologist had to acknowledge. Like many things in science these days the science is not quite as settled as some would have you believe.

        1. Misinformation. Before vaccines half of all children died before age 18 from diseases we now prevent with vaccines. What this has given us is about 2-3 generations who have never experienced the horror of these diseases and thus they are ignorant of these facts. Combine that with our first amendment right to say or write anything true or untrue, proven or unproven, total BS or scientific fact. And that is exactly what happens, fools and fakes write articles and books that “sound” authentic to scare people from getting vaccines. And sure enough fools, honest people, intelligent people and average people do indeed buy into the anti-vax mythology.

          What would you do? What would any intelligent and honest parent do given the misinformation floating around and the scientific facts that are there for all to see? Would you deny your own child the vaccine based on pure BS that some fool/fake wrote? Seriously! Which of these serious diseases would you want your child to get?

          IMHO this qualifies as someone who is a danger to themselves and others. Someone who cannot comprehend the seriousness of the situation and the value of the vaccines and would thus deny it to their own children is guilty of child abuse. They are (have proved that) mentally incompetent and a danger to their children.

          There are those who say; let them make their choices and suffer the consequences. But what about the pregnant woman exposed to a disease that kills or maims their unborn child? What about the medical and other costs that society must bear when these fools get sick? What about the others they infect? Does any of that matter, especially when it could be prevented?

          I am 75, just got my second booster pneumonia shot. A better vaccine than previous pneumonia shots in that it protects me from more than just pneumonia. The doctor recommended that I get the new shingles vaccine that is more effective than the prior one. I will get it even though there is a waiting list. Literally; nothing else makes any sense. There is no other choice that is logical or reasonable. And yet people who have been fed misinformation will in fact make the choice to not get the vaccine.

          I honestly believe that most, perhaps half or more, of the people who choose not to vaccinate their children do it as a protest or to get attention. THAT is child abuse.

          1. The World Health Organization estimates that 2 to 3 million deaths are prevented globally by vaccination yearly with the potential for 1.5 million more.

            While those are good numbers, they do not support you position that vaccine are responsible for the full reduction in childhood mortality. They likely play a role but a quick search of the history of childhood mortality quickly reveals much more important factors such as nutrition, antibiotics, sanitation, etc.

            Again I am not an anti vaccination person. Just skeptical that there is an argument to trump parents rights over the subject.

          2. WHO is a political group and not a good source. I have no idea why they would downplay vaccines but most likely it has a political reason. The simple fact is Vaccines in the last 70 years have saved billions of lives.

            Parent’s rights. I’m a believer in it. Should parents be able to deny their children good health care???

            The simple fact is vaccinations work. The herd immunity factor improves the benefit of vaccines and it alone saves lives and thus it should be supported. Should a handful of misinformed people be allowed to commit child abuse AND in the process negatively impact the health of children not under their care? That makes no sense.

          3. In my basic research of reading & watching information put out both pro & anti vaccine I have found only a smidgen of data referring to the biggest danger, and that is the administration of multiple vaccines at a time to infants & toddlers. Adults can decide for themselves which medicine is best, but to load up a tiny growing human with a bunch of meds all at once seems a bit lazy. How else can a parent monitor their child’s tolerance and reactions if they have no idea which of the cocktail is causing an issue should one arise?

          4. HJN
            The shots are given over a series of doctor visits. Sometimes there are multiple shots given. The doctors and scientists have made the best decision that they can on vaccination schedules. What else would you do? If you lengthen the vaccination schedule then you also lengthen the amount of time that the children are vulnerable. The current vaccination schedule works, why change it. But as a parent you can stretch it out if you prefer the risk that your child gets ill.

  6. Good Lord! I had not thought about the vaccination issue as it relates to immigrants. There is probably no way to verify who has been vaccinated.The children will be flooding the school system soon.Our government must enjoy shooting its self in the foot.

  7. No need to force vaccines on anyone, just do not let them mingle with the general population (they cannot go to school) let the parents figure out how to deal with it).

  8. The Perfect Sound-Blocking Baffle
    In response to the application question: Defense against Sonic weapons. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact, they exist.

    Judge Rules Gun Shows a 1st Amendment Right
    Dear WND, the 2A grants NOTHING.

  9. About the phrase: “gun buy back” and “JWR’s Comments: = The phrase “gun buy back” is preposterous, on its face. A government cannot “buy back” something that it never owned.” …

    Saul Alinsky supposedly said, “Control the Language, Control the Masses.” Wikipedia has two articles about Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis about Alinsky. … Left wingers employ Alinsky tactics today.
    ……. Many of the symbols in America are being destroyed and stigmatized. … It’s all by design, to destroy our common American heritage.

    +It started long before Alinsky. The 1st Amendment to our constitution contains: = “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”
    ,,,,,,, The Supreme Court decided ‘separation is a synonym for establishment.’ = it’s >NOT.
    ……. [The King/Queen of England was/is the Head of the official Church of England.] Other denominations were persecuted. = One of the reasons the people in other denominations left England and sailed for America.
    …… NO where in the US Constitution is the Supreme Court given the power to declare a law unconstitutional or to enact laws. … Judges, even down to the local county Judges, have taken for themselves, the powers of the Executive and Legislative branches in our Federal Government.

    Maybe, our votes and political struggles are just slowing down the eventual collapse, of America as we know it now. = SurvivalBlog has some good advice, if SHTF ever happens.

  10. I still maintain that “Follow the money” was the wisest phrase spoken in the last century. Of course the medical lobby wants 12-year-olds to be able to override their parents; they have a lot of money at stake.

    Personally, I don’t believe children at that age are competent to make such decisions. I taught seventh grade, where the children were 12 and 13, and was amazed at how they could change. One minute they showed amazing maturity in behavior and thought; the next minute they’d reverted to third grade behavior and thinking. It was difficult because we teachers never knew which side of their personality would appear.

    Why should the AMA be drafting legislation anyway? That’s the job of legislatures and citizens. Maybe we should ask how much pharmaceutical stock is owned by members of the group.

    Oh, gotta go. There’s a hundred dollar bill walking down the hall. Have to catch it.

  11. A 12 year old can decide if they want to be inoculated; but an unborn child is condemned to death with out the rights of due process of defense. Welcome to Amerika.

  12. Doesn’t surprise me they’d push for vaccination without parental consent. They think the same way about abortions for underage girls and that’s a surgical procedure.

  13. I don’t remember where I read this, but it is absolutely the way to respond to the forced vaccination issue. Turn the tables on the pro-choicers. It stumps them every time. It also stumps the pro-lifers that also support forced vaccinations.

    If ‘MY BODY – MY CHOICE’ is okay for abortions, why is it not okay for vaccinations?

  14. Problem is whats in vaccines now and dosages are way too high…for children and babies. On Wallbuilders live with David Barton and Rick Green vacines now have dna if babies in them. This dna is extracted from them while they are alive killing them in the process. That is disgusting! Never should be legal in USA.

  15. AMA supports doctors questioning patients regarding firearm ownership, licensing of abortionist and sales of a mountain of prescribed death; what’s surprising about their latest Shicago resolution?
    Fred, I like your idea of keeping the unwashed (unvaccinated) out of “our public schools. That way I could keep my children from being indoctrinated by being unvaccinated. If the Guberment didn’t require ALL children to be indoctrinated in the first place ~ that may work…

    1. Several years ago, the AMA went from being a medical association to being a doctors’ union, along with adopting all of the usual left-wing union attitudes. Look it up. I also suggest that we not allow the unvaccinated and undocumented into our country. It’s just a common sense law !

  16. Someone please explain this hypothetical situation to me. Say a classroom has 30 students. 25 of them have received all their “usual” vaccinations, and 5 have received none. If vaccinations are effective, what threat do the 5 unvaccinated students pose to the 25 vaccinated students? And if vaccinations are not effective, why force the 5 unvaccinated students to have them?

    1. If one of the students is pregnant or the teacher or anyone those 5 students come in contact with it can harm the unborn baby. If a new born or very young child comes in contact with them it can harm them also. And of course I know you are aware of the herd immunity factor and are choosing to ignore it because it destroys your argument.

      But more importantly in your effort to oppose vaccinations what diseases do you wish your children will catch? And Why is it worth it to you?

      1. Hey, Anon, no reason to get so hysterical. I only asked a legitimate question. As for myself, I and my 3 brothers all had the usual (for the era) childhood diseases, as did all our school classmates. I know of none who died or suffered permanent damage from them. Our 2 children had the childhood vaccinations that were available in the 70’s but did both get chicken pox. No permanent damage there either. Our son, a few years ago, got shingles, saw his doctor early, and had a very swift and complete recovery.

        I believe, as the Bible teaches, that children belong to their parents, not to the state, and parents have the right and the responsibility for raising them according to their own beliefs. I also believe that immigrants to our country should be quarantined for a time, as they were in the 19th and early 20th centuries, until it’s established that they have a clean bill of health.

        1. Yeah I had all the traditional diseases too but I am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that because you don’t know of any deaths or serious consequences to the traditional diseases that the stats are wrong?

          My daughter in law was opposed to vaccinations and so none of the grandchildren got them. But she wasn’t opposed to doing hard drugs and committing crimes so she went to jail for 4 years and we took care of the grandkids. Got their vaccinations, dental work, made sure they went to school, etc. She is out now and on probation. Drug free, I think, and doing better. She has the kids again. Now she is in some kind of religious cult or something and the kids can’t celebrate their birthdays or holidays. See a trend here? So yes indeed they are her children and I hope she doesn’t kill them with her right to raise them the way she wants to. I hope for the best and take consolation in the fact that their childhood vaccinations were taken care of.

    2. They could be a threat for People who couldn´t or shouldn´t be vaccinated for Health reasons.

      Some of These childhood diseases could be dangerous for adults and some of it for children

  17. The news about Google working to suppress/influence election results is HUGE but it is being completely ignored by the mainstream media.

    I recommend in the strongest possible terms that everyone get free of the Google monster no matter how inconvenient the process.

  18. Interesting discussion on vaccinations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and point of view. No doubt vaccinations have saved many millions of people throughout the world. In the US, vaccinations are a multi billion $ industry, so follow the money.

    1. “a multi billion $ industry”

      so! Apple is a multi billion $ industry too, why should I care? Would you prefer that the government do it? Then our health care would be run like the DMV or the VA (which is getting better under Trump). I want a health pharmaceutical industry and I don’t want it run by the government. Our modern medicines saves lives. The scientists and doctors who work there are well paid. The investors who put up the billions to develop new drugs get a reasonable return on their money. This is capitalism at it’s best. About the only better example we see everyday of good and effective capitalism is our super markets. I love capitalism and fully expect the workers and owners to profit.

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