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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at investing in vintage Airstream trailers. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

The recent breakout in the spot gold and silver prices show that they have not lost their “safe haven” status in the investing world.   When times get tough and when war drums sound, people all around the world shift to precious metals.  Gold recently crossed the $1,400 line, for the first time since 2013. This may mark the beginning of another bull market. One other observation: Seasonally, this is quite unexpected–since typically the precious metals prices go into Summer Doldrums.

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$1,400 Gold Will Breathe New Life Into Miners – Randy Smallwood

Economy & Finance:

At Zero Hedge: Global Negative Yielding Debt Hits Record $12.3 Trillion

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California Pension Fund Faces Crisis After Shunning Guns, Tobacco

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At Wolf Street: Who Bought the Nearly $1 Trillion of New US Government Debt over the Past 12 Months?


Oil Shoots Up As Iran Says ‘’It’s Ready For War’’

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“I Thought It Was A Meteor” – Massive Explosion, Fire Rocks South Philadelphia Oil Refinery. JWR’s Comment: Look for higher fuel prices, in the region.

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USDA To Allow Farmers To Harvest Prevent Plant Cover Crops Sept. 1


Clarice Feldman: When and Why Golden Geese Take Wing

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Get Second Residency and Pay No Tax in These 18 Tax-Free Countries

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Paul Caron: Low-Tax States Are Adding Jobs 80% Faster Than High-Tax States Due To GOP Tax Law


Bitcoin (BTC) hit a 2019 record value last week. Although when I last checked (Thursday afternoon, June 27th), the value in US Dollar terms was back down to $10,825. As I wrote a few weeks back, this is probably another bull market. But limit your risk. And don’t hesitate to cash out half of your Bitcoin, once it reaches twice your purchase cost. That way you can sit on the remainder with no worries, whatsoever. Effectively, it will then have cost you “zero.”

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At Seeking Alpha: Facebook’s Libra Vs. Bitcoin: 5 Key Differences. JWR’s Comment: Let me be the first to say: Because of its 100% attributed and permanent transaction tracking, Libra is a Crypto in Name Only.

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Riviera Beach City Council Agrees to Pay $600,000 in BTC to Ransomware Attackers

Tangibles Investing:

Buying a Vintage Airstream: What To Look For

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What’s So Great About Restoring A Vintage Airstream Trailer?

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This Couple Turns Decrepit Airstreams Into Dream Homes

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Are Airstreams Worth the Price?

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Before You Buy a Vintage Airstream Read This!


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  1. Air streams are not worth the price unless you can get it for under $1500 and you have the skills and time to refurbish it yourself

    1. The days of finding restorable Airstreams for under $2,000 are just about over. I recently saw a gutted mid-1960s 18-footer that had a hole in the top for a wood stove chimney sell for $4,000.

  2. I would be very leery of thinking that ANY older trailer would be a good investment or an easy fixer-upper! Subaru cars hold their value, too, just like Airstream trailers. The truth is that most restoration projects should be undertaken with an eye towards it being a labor of love rather than being able to flip it and make a few bucks.

  3. California does it again. Virtue signaling by the state pension fund cost retires dearly. Years ago they decided to invest 5% of the huge fund in green companies, net result was an almost immediate loss of 5 %. Doesn’t sound like a lot but consider the lack of compounding of these funds for ever, the loss adds up year after year until it is staggering. Their refusal to invest in lucrative investments for their members is criminal when based on virtue signaling and is certainly a violation of their fiduciary responsibilities to their members. I was on a board of directors and we had to maintain a large amount of insurance to cover this type of behavior.
    It is unfortunate that public employees have virtually no down side to their lack of stewardship of public funds. Just look at the Obama administrations investment in failed green companies, I give you Solyndra at a $530 million loss. They went under in less than 6 months after the impute of public money. Following the trail of that money resulted in the discovery that a bunch of it went to company executives and the DNC.
    It is no wonder that most public pension funds are under funded as there is little or no oversight of their operations.

  4. It was fascinating reading the who bought the US debt article. After looking at the accounting it appears that government entities, ( the cause of the debt) some how found funds to buy some of the debt. Huh? For those of you older folks like my self it brings back Ross Perot’s famous back scratcher Voodoo Economics description of how the government works. Contrary to the laws of physics they can now create something from nothing. This is rather diabolical.

  5. if the trailer shows no sign of water damage, then it is good enough if it’s at your price. Plan to immediately reseal the roof, and your are good for many years. Or immediately cover it with a heavy tarp or plastic. Trailers, garden sheds or any kind of shelter is viable in cold northern climates if a wood stove is installed. Even cast iron stoves can be used if the installation is correct. Use aluminum roof flashing, or even foil to reflect radiant heat. Aluminum works better than anything else, no contest. Experiment by placing wrapping stick of wood in aluminum foil and placing next to another stick of wood that is not wrapped, behind a wood stove. When the wood that is not protected begins to become scorched, unwrap the protected stick of wood and examine its condition. You will find it relatively cool and undamaged….

  6. USDA To Allow Farmers To Harvest Prevent Plant Cover Crops Sept. 1
    This is what communism looks like. Uh, ya know, markets sort all of this out themselves if allowed and the USDA just admitted it. From the article : “As the growing season marches on and farmers are expected to file prevent plant claims on a record number of acres, USDA is easing cover crop harvest rules to ensure livestock producers have adequate feed supplies. In 2019, farmers who planted cover crops on prevent plant acres will be permitted to hay, graze or chop those fields on Sept. 1 instead of Nov. 1”

    Paul Caron: Low-Tax States Are Adding Jobs 80% Faster Than High-Tax States Due To GOP Tax Law
    This was well underway long before any recent tax cut. Don’t let the Republicans fool you. They are commies too.

  7. It’s not just Air Streams. There are several brands of travel trailers and motor homes from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and even the 70’s that now have collector value. It is best if you can do the majority of the restorations yourself.

    I never considered this before until I watched several episodes of American Pickers where they bought Air Streams and at least looked at antique motor homes. The prices they paid seemed very high to me, but the end value put these in the realm of the cost of new equipment.

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