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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at the Liberty State movement that would partition eastern Washington from the counties west of the Cascades.

Liberty State Movement Ignored by MSM

The mainstream media (MSM) is paying just nugatory attention to the Liberty State Movement. This is the grassroots movement that would partition eastern Washington from the counties west of the Cascades. The new 51st state would be called Liberty. The MSM often soft-pedals the movement’s quiet, growing strength. There are frequent meetings, but these are often ignored or down-played by local ane regional media. And the grievances of those living on “The Dry Side” of Washington are rarely mentioned by the mass media–which is dominated by leftists. I encourage all SurvivalBlog readers living in central and eastern Washington to get involved. The first step is encouraging your County Commissioners to pass pro-Liberty State partition resolutions.

Hong Kong’s Protesters Versus the Surveillance State

Hong Kong’s protesters find ways to outwit the surveillance state.  Here is a brief quote:

“Protests that expanded over the past week against a bill allowing extraditions to mainland China were marked by something unprecedented: A coordinated effort by demonstrators to leave no trace for authorities and their enhanced tracking systems.

Protesters used only secure digital messaging apps such as Telegram, and otherwise went completely analogue in their movements: buying single ride subway tickets instead of prepaid stored value cards, forgoing credit cards and mobile payments in favor of cash, and taking no selfies or photos of the chaos.

They wore face masks to obscure themselves from CCTVs and in fear of facial recognition software, and bought fresh pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

And, unlike the pro-democracy movement in 2014, the latest demonstrations also have remained intentionally leaderless in another attempt to frustrate police, who have used tear gas and rubber bullets against the crowds.”

WHO to Declare Ebola International Emergency?

Reader G.P. suggested this Reuters news service article: WHO likely to declare Ebola an international emergency: experts.  A snippet:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) should and is likely to declare an international emergency over the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has now spread to Uganda, experts said as a WHO advisory panel met on Friday.

Congo’s epidemic is the second worst worldwide since West Africa’s Ebola outbreak in 2014-16, with 2,084 cases and 1,405 deaths since being declared in August. The WHO said on Thursday that two people had died in Uganda having arrived with the disease from Congo. “

Railbiking in Patagonia

Tim J. sent us the link to this video was fascinating 25-minute video: Railbiking in Retirement, a once in a lifetime adventure. And from the same adventurer, some clips of railbike touring on abandoned and dis-used rail lines in the United States:  Extreme Railbiking Part 2, Rail Bikes on Abandoned Railroads.

Toyota Cars: New Nanny Mode

Another from G.P.: New Toyota Vehicles Will Feature Auto-Engine Shut Off And Auto-Park G.P.’s Comment: “It is not hard to believe imagine remote code being used to stop the vehicle by motivated official or bad actors.”

More Details From the First Whistleblower at Pinterest

Even more details, showing concerted perfidy behind the scenes at Pinterest: Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as P*rn, “Bible Verses” Censored. It is noteworthy that this investigative report was deleted by the censorious YouTube, and now can only be viewed at the Project Veritas web site.

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  1. re:
    Hong Kong demonstrators

    As an example to folks holding the vaporous belief their particular government agents would never _______ [fill in the blank], could that last sentence read:
    “…and the government agents used poison gas and bullets against their fellow citizens, their friends and neighbors…”

    Do the actions of the government agents in Hong Kong look like the last-ditch efforts of a failing regime to prop-up their appearance of legitimacy? As always, follow the money… who benefits?

  2. Re: Ebola in the DRC. Aesop, over at raconteur report, is an MD who has been following this very closely for the past few weeks. I advise all to give him a read on this subject. This is being downplayed by all TPTB, MSM, etc. We may all want to consider adjusting preps for this one. If this breaks containment, things will be very bad for all.

    1. Here in Texas a group of Congolese (nearly 400 of them) arrived in one of our cities, San Antonio, after being bussed up from our border with Mexico. The leaders in San Antonio wanted to send those folks to Portland and Portland, another sanctuary city, refused because they are already swamped with “refugees”, er……invaders. [One unsubstantiated rumor deleted.] I suspect that George Soros has his hand in all of this. Those folks didn’t swim in order to get here.

  3. I live in Colbert, Wa. The Liberty Movement should rethink its map. Spokane County does not fit the description and has been corrupted by the left. To include Spokane would be like including Santa Ana, CA in the mix. Not Good!!! I see what is coming, and it can not be stopped. Drag Queen Story time has arrived!!! Coeur d’alene and Post Falls Idaho are right behind (no pun intended).

    1. James Hill,
      I also live in eastern Washington . I agree on the Spokane comments. Any large city appears to be leaning strongly to the socialist mindset. Spokane thru Coeur d’alene , Idaho is one mass of people. I don’t know how Spokane could be carved out of the Liberty state.

  4. Eastern Washington is not going to become the 51st state. California will not break up into 3 states. Northern California and Southern Oregon will not create another state. This is a silly pipe dream. The large areas of Western states with small populations are being screwed over by the few large cities within those states. This is true and a genuine problem. They are being “ruled” over and not represented. But approaching this problem with ideas like portioning off into a separate state is foolish and a diversion. What Eastern Washington needs to do is put up some good politicians who would honestly represent them and back them to the fullest. They need to form activist groups, perhaps along the line of Antifa or BLM but without the violence. They need to grow some balls and get in the face of the legislators not just one Saturday a year but everyday. They need to be such a pain in the butt to the legislators that the media cannot ignore them. AND they need to put their money where their mouth is and form non-profit groups that will push for changes they need. The problem is that most of the people who want this, i.e. changes in how low population areas are treated by their state governments, work full time jobs and have families and simply don’t have the time and money to do what would be effective. Well… they need to change that and find the time and find the money and organize or perish.

    1. I must respectfully disagree. The sheer population numbers west of the Cascades make fair representation of the conservative citizenry in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon all but impossible. Their only viable chance is in state partition. It CAN happen, and I believe that it is almost inevitable.

    2. I’m with JWR on this one. Almost every state has the same problem. Large population centers controlling the agenda in the state capitals. Usually the state capitals are also neoliberal in the extreme. Michigan just passed laws that will, over the next few years, make it like California, Oregon, and Washington.

      Partition needs to happen in many states. Our states are too big to be effective republics. There seems to be a point where the states become virtual leftist dictatorships because of the size of their populations. Even Texas is no longer monolithic in their conservatism and relative independence. Texas will have to subdivide, relatively soon, if the freedom loving areas are going to remain free.

      Radical change needs to happen in almost every state. Radical change needs to happen in DC. Radical change needs to happen in the minds of the American people. The status quo just is not working. If peaceful change is not allowed to happen, then the only option appears to be war.

      Pray for a peaceful solution that doesn’t end in submission.

        1. Hi Dlew and Tim,

          That would be the automatic voter registration upon application of drivers license. Then there is the law that will allow undocumented immigrants (make that illegals) to apply for drivers licenses. These two together will turn the relatively red state of Michigan a brilliant blue.

          The endgame is to make the low population areas of the state irrelevant in national and statewide elections. Michigan should be at least 4 states. Depending on voter turnout, anywhere from 9 to 13 counties control statewide races. With the perversion of allowing non citizens to vote, state reps and state senators races will eventually change hands. Then the dirty Dimms will run amok with new socialist legislation.

          I just looked up the word amok at “mad with murderous frenzy.” Where the dirty Dimms are concerned, this is so appropriate.

  5. An earnest attempt to partition Washington state is a noble and proportional response to the progressives’ accelerating march to an ultimate tyranny. If the attempt fails, we will have the comfort of knowing we tried earnestly to preserve what we love by peaceful means. A comforting thought as you are left with no alternative but to lock and load.

  6. How about the electoral college for the state. That gives each county the same number of votes. Then the over populated commie counties can’t force there will on free counties.

  7. WHO and ebola. With the wide open southern border and the influx of people from africa, wonder how long it will be before we have the ebola out break here and if so, I bet the dems will be more than willing to blame Trump as usual ( just saying ).

    1. There was a report just last week that people came here from the congo to Ecuador and points near there. All told nearly 500 showed up and the border and they had to find french speaking patrol to communicate. Some were left in texas and some moved to maine. They almost mentioned it takes approximately 21 days for ebola to show symptoms.

      1. Apparently, there is a large population of Congolese in Maine. Yes, they were trying to find French speaking interpreters both at the border and in Texas. It would not surprise me if the very presence of suspected Ebola carriers were absolutely intentional. The leftists are always seeking ways to rule over us. They are Marxists and will import anyone that can be bought to vote for them. And they will import anyone to ruin this country, even if that someone is an Ebola carrier.

  8. Separation? HORSEHOCKEY!
    These left wing Socialist/Communist leaders are nothing less that usurpers and infiltrators.

    This is OUR country, OUR NATION!



    There is no room for an “US” and a “THEM” in these UNITED STATES……

    …. either way.
    They cannot win by a fair and impartial election. That’s proven by their own actions in working every possible corruption of our election process.
    They certainly have no hope of winning an armed conflict with American Patriots.
    The heartblood of America is not going to let this happen… you can take that to the bank!
    If the Left gains control in an election it will be only by fraud. The Right will not accept it.

    If a civil conflict starts it will not end until the left is completely and permanently removed from political and financial power.

    Either way the Left loses.
    If we end up in a civil conflict it will utterly destroy the very interests that the Left and it’s foreign supporters seek to control and it will also spread around the world leaving every major nation in economic ruin.

    The only way the Left survives is if they back down and give this nation back to its people.


  9. Art,
    I wish I shared your optimism. But the Left will win by any means necessary…including election fraud. And the Right does nothing. Even Republican politicians will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…think spineless Romney.
    The Left is rapidly growing their numbers by decades of propaganda in the public schools and importing voters by illegal immigration…those illegals WILL vote in many areas.
    Even the American Revolution was only supported by a third or so of colonists and only 10-15% (fact check this but should be close) were willing to actively resist the British. And that was in an era when personal honor and Christian values were much more ingrained than today.
    I believe the Socialists are absolutely willing to overtly enslave us (they already have if you really look at taxation) and commit mass murder. But I do not hold great hope that they will be resisted in time. Numerous assaults on Liberty and our God given rights have occurred with no effective resistance…1934 Firearms Act, New Deal, Great Society, ObamaCare, ad nauseum
    But if lock and load followed by loudly unloading actually occurs it better be for keeps because they are very dangerous animals to only wound.

  10. Those railbiking videos touch a sweet and wild place inside me. There is enough civilization for a fella to survive and enough wilderness for a fella to get scared. Adventure.

    Don’t know how realistic such a contraption would be for fleeing a collapse situation. So, I’ll enjoy the images of escape and freedom.

    Carry on

  11. The rural areas that must live with laws and rules suitable for urban areas at the state level reminds me of how the the opposite is true at the national level. In congress rural states with a tiny portion of the national population make the laws and rules for the country because of the Senate. This forces liberal states to live by rules written by a minority of voters.

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