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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. Today, we focus on a recent bison birth, caught on camera. (See the Wyoming section.)


Officials say 243 Command Fire could become the new normal

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Case of Idaho woman killed in seed plant goes back to court

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Bonners Ferry: Double graduation for local student


Skyview grad builds hot rods and career in reality TV. You can see one of his rat rod projects in this video: The Iron Rod.  He divides his time between Las Vegas and his home state of Montana.
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I just heard about this holster maker, in Livingston, Montana: Paradise Valley Leather.

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Photos: Montana Mule Days 2019

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Video: Montana Glaciers Refusing To Cooperate. And reader C.M. wrote to mention a corresponding article, posted by Brandon Smith: Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its ‘Gone by 2020’ Signs.

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Malmstrom AFB no longer considered for temporary shelter

Eastern Oregon

New grad has head start on chosen career

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Bend, Redmond home sale prices hit records in May

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Crook County High School adds sawmill to students’ learning tools

Eastern Washington

As key deadline looms, gun sellers still in dark on I-1639. A pericope from the article:

“When I-1639 was approved by voters in 2018, it was widely lauded as a huge step in the right direction for practical, safe gun control. Months later, though, its implementation has left both gun sellers and buyers with more questions than answers.

“It was a bad idea from the get-go, but the way they’re implementing it? Yeah that’s brutal,” said Matt Cieslar, the owner of Talos Tactical, a gun shop in Richland, Washington.

Initially, I-1639 raised the age to purchase a semiautomatic weapon from 18 to 21 on Jan. 1, 2019. On July 1, enhanced background check provisions go into place, and as of now, no one seems entirely sure how the state plans to enforce them.

“The state is prepared theoretically to handle the transfers of some auto rifles and handguns. We do have the forms in place now,” noted Cieslar. “What they didn’t prepare for was the sheer volume. Right now, roughly 90 percent of our handguns are purchased by concealed carry permit holders, so we can handle the background check ourselves. We’re allowed to do it for them to take the burden off police. That’s going away on July 1st.”

So, the state handles it instead, and everything’s fine, right? Not quite.

The FBI — who typically lends a hand with background checks for the purchase and sale of firearms — is currently at odds with the state’s own process.”

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Bill Expanding Gun Confiscation Laws

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Yakima County coroner releases name of 5th shooting victim

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Colfax: Runaway crash on Canyon Street

Wyoming (Bison Birth)

Photographer Captures Birth of Bison in Yellowstone National Park. Here is how the article begins:

“Photos taken with a long-range lens capture an incredible view of a bison cow giving birth in Yellowstone National Park.

A registered nurse from Joplin, Missouri, captured the series of photos.

Robert Six said he was in Mammoth Hot Springs when he noticed the bison was in labor. He tells us he was in a safe location and has been saving up for a long-range lens.”

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Snake Causes Power Outage in Wyoming

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Prosecutors charge Casper man with 12 felonies in drug conspiracy case

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Proof that Even Hail Can’t Stop us From Fishing in Wyoming

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  1. Bought a chest rig from Paradise Valley Leather for my .44 mag Super Redhawk. Excellent workmanship. Excellent communication. Very comfortable. Very quick draw. Very secure thumb break snap.

    Feel much more secure about my upcoming family trip to Glacier National Park.

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