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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we further examine the possibility of Civil War 2.

Civil War 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

The latest Mark My Words video from John Mark: CIVIL WAR 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis. This video is 52 minutes long, but well worth watching.  A brief scan of the 2,600+ comments quickly shows the prevailing sentiment. (Thanks to Tim J. for the link.)

CRM Company Sales Force Pushes Gun Control

Locked And Loaded: Tech Company Skirts Congress To Make A Gun Control Vision A Reality. A pericope:

“SalesForce, a customer relationship management (CRM) technology company designed to help with commerce, recently updated their acceptable-use policy. The policy change essentially tells firearms manufacturers and gun store retailers that they’re no longer allowed to utilize the service to collect payments because of products and goods that they sell.

Specifically, they don’t want their product being used for transactions involving ‘high capacity’ magazines, unfinished lowers and firearms with a thumbhole or folding stock.”

Natural News Deplatformed by Facebook

The censorship war continues:  Facebook removes health site Natural News. JWR’s Comment:  None of the major social media services have any desire for pellucidity. They want to control the socio-poltical narrative. How? They diffuse and distort the flow of information. And now they outright censor, de-monetize, or deplatform anyone who doesn’t share their leftist-statist-globalist politics. The FCC should declare all the major social media platforms public utilities, and require them to create a level playing field with true freedom of speech. I’d much rather risk being offended than see people censored!  (A hat tip to DSV for the link.)

Conservative Women Marginalized

A Prager University video: Who Does the Media Most Want to Silence?

Two State Senators Shot to Death

Second GOP State Senator Discovered Shot To Death In Two Days. Here is a quote:

“Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found dead Friday, making him the second GOP state senator to be shot to death in the last two days.

Police reportedly found Nichols, 53, dead by a gunshot wound in Norman, Oklahoma, Wednesday night. His death comes two days after police reportedly discovered former Arkansas Republican state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith dead from a gunshot wound and wrapped in some kind of blanket.”

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office is working with police investigators to determine Nichols’ cause of death.”

More Women are Hunting Moose in Maine

Reader H.L. sent us this: More Women are Hunting Moose in Maine.

Tornado Safety Tips and Survival Advice

The latest video from Dr. Joe Alton: Tornado Safety Tips and Survival Advice. (A hat tip to Tim J. for the link.)

Police Can’t Just Arrest Someone for Swearing

8th Circuit: Police Can’t Just Arrest Someone for Swearing at Them. Here is an excerpt:

“The 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday upheld a US District Court decision that refused to throw out a civil lawsuit against an Arkansas police officer who arrested a man who yelled a curse word at the officer as he conducted a traffic stop on another citizen.

According to court documents, in 2015 Arkansas State Trooper Lagarian Cross was performing a traffic stop on a Fort Smith highway when he heard a passerby yell “f*ck you” out of the window of a moving car. The remark prompted Cross to end his traffic stop and pursue the car. After making the stop, Cross arrested Eric Roshaun Thurairajah on a charge of disorderly conduct, stating the profanity constituted “unreasonable or excessive noise.”

Thurairajah spent hours in jail for the utterance, court records say, before the charge was dropped and he was released under his own recognizance.”

Black Pigeon Speaks Deleted By Youtube

Vincent James:  A MAJOR Channel Was Just DELETED By Youtube. Dear Readers: If you are fed up with YouTube censorship, I recommend getting the LBRY app.

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  1. I had an interesting conversation with a friend this week. She believes that Jesus will rapture her out before the Great Tribulation, and so she won’t have to deal with avoiding taking the Mark of the Beast. This affects her world view. For example, she has followed the traditional medical route in her “healthcare”. If the doctor recommended surgery, she got it. She now has cancer, at just under 40 years of age. She has done nothing to be naturally healthy. Through the years, I have suggested many ways for her to get healthy, and she always has a reason why she can’t do that. As a result of this conversation, I have come to the conclusion that the pre-trib theology is strictly 20th century US created, and probably created by globalists that were seeking to remold society into a consumeristic, lazy, communist system. It was astounding how clueless she is.

    1. Pre-Tribulation Rapture is for the “First Fruits, the martyred Saints of the past , and the Dead in Christ”. The rest of us will be facing the AntiChrist and the Tribulation until the return of Jesus. Fear mongering by Christian preachers to bring money into the church is part of the Pre-Trib Rapture philosophy…as in the “Left Behind” series. Scripture says that God cleansed the world once by water and the second time will be by fire. It says that 1/3 of all living things will be consumed. Is that a nuke exchange? Or some natural calamity in civilization’s future? But prepare yourself in all ways: physically (get fit), psychologically (get mentally tough) and spiritually by “putting on the full armor of God”. Christians will be martyred during the Tribulation.

      1. I’m sure you know “Rapture” doesn’t appear in the Bible one time!!! It’s a creation of mid-ninetieth century ministers and nothing more.

        Also pulling scripture and combining it with scripture from other parts of the Bible, serves only to take the Bible out of context. You must read all the scripture before and after the quote to insure you have it in context. You do disservice to the Lord otherwise!!!

    2. Darby with his prophetic futurism and Schofield with his dispensational eschatology have done grave damage to the American Church. Along with these is the lie that a certain people will be saved by their lineage and that they therefore don’t need the salvation of Christ Jesus. That’s blaspheme and all who teach such things will have to account (Acts 13). The dispensationalism (yes, it’s an ism) is why nobody will fight for their rights or even cares about the future of this country, or family, state, or nation. It’s by design of the devil. I don’t have time to fully rebut these nonsensical extra-biblical philosophies right now, maybe sometime.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Fred. I believe Pastor Eli James puts it best in his definition of “Churchianity”:

        “Churchianity is the devolution of Christianity into a mutual admiration society, a social club, which stresses adapting to the modern world instead of purging the evils out of this world. Instead of being driven by the ideas of exposing and opposing sin and eradicating evil, Churchianity strives {to}make the pew occupants feel good about themselves while society self-destructs. Churchianity has abandoned the Ten Commandments in favor of promoting Self-Help, amplified with Bible verses. The Book of Revelation actually predicted this development, calling it the “Church of Laodecia,” the church of lukewarm people.”


  2. According to SalesForce’s website, you can get a customer list from them. However, I requested this over a week ago and have not been contacted by them. I think the 2nd Amendment supporting community should turn the tables on them, get hold of that customer list, and contact them, telling them that we will not be doing business with them as long as SalesForce continues this practice and they continue to use SalesForce. If anyone gets hold of that customer list, I would love to see a copy.

    This is probably pie in the sky, as many major retailers use them, but even if we can put pressure on some of them it might make a difference.

    1. Salesforce,

      A major university in FL is about to finalize the purchase of SalesForce. In the future, they could have a huge income stream from the taxpayers as local, state and high education purchase their products, kind of like what PeopleSoft did, Billions… For years now, the decision on the purchase of such products has been at the very top, with the users and implementors having very little say. If you are thinking that the conservatives would stop this kind of thing from happening, they are all in for it, as long as they get their cut…

      M&S Inc
      Uploaded: 06/02/2019


  3. I believe the “Civil War 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? ” video is way too simplistic. If there ever is a Civil War 2 in America then obviously no one would win. The guy in the vid talks about bringing the electric down- who wins if no one has power? No one wins and instead just millions of innocents die. Obviously if there was a war the first step is to cut all the supply lines, cut communications, and cut all electric power. Easy enough to do much of that and who wins from that when no one has food and everyone is starving? No one wins and instead innocent people die.
    After a few months of Civil War 2 in America with extreme loss of life other nations would come to our aid just like we did in Syria – who wins when foreign nations start bombing in the USA? Do you want the United Nations to come over here and help?
    No in a Civil War 2 there would be no winners but there would be a large loss of life. You would have a million fighters and other over three hundred million would be non-combatants. The non-combatants would be the ones who would be killed. The fighters would be the strong and they would seize supplies to keep themselves fit for fighting “the other side”.
    Yes you might be a fighter and you might have plenty of guns, ammo, med supplies, and food but what about your extended family? You will be gone fighting and they will be in their homes with no power and no food.
    What do you think will happen to all the people in rest homes when you bring down the power grid? What about the 74 million children in the USA? Are they all your enemy? They will be among the first to die in any war. Its always the innocent young and old who die first in a war.

    Before you smile thinking about a second civil war in America think about everyone who will die in that war even if you win and you live through it.

    1. Pete, I agree. The suffering could be of Biblical proportion.

      Balkanization might be the best chance for regaining liberty for those who want it. The USSR collapsed in 1991. Incidentally, it was preceded by 10 years of war in Afghanistan and one year of political chaos following the election of a new President. Sound familiar?

    2. Agreed on so many levels. I believe the numbers are extremely skewed, especially with the military. They have to fight and feed their family, many will stand down. As for former military, how many are out of shape, obese, on oxygen and/or lots of meds? How many of those fighting have larders to continue fighting. And the biggest point is that the longer it goes on, the more we all lose. Other points, but I think we all see. Any Nation coming in, and there would be a couple, would be to take territory and resources. JWR’s books have it right in this area.

  4. On the Facebook and other media attempts to control our behavior:
    1) Regulation by the FCC or any other agency is asking the leg to easy up the boot on our neck.
    2) I rather like the idea of them showing their hand so I can see their heart.
    3) Oppression never ends well for the oppressor. “Live by the sword – die by the sword” comes to mind. And what more appropriate example than today’s opening example of the Magna Carta.

  5. Pete…
    Gave that same response when a brother told me about a coming revolution years ago. He was way ahead of the curve and still is. You and I, while appalled with the misery of war, forget the inevitable fact of mans fallen state to blindly repeat history.
    Prepare to be on one side or the other. Innocence can be ignorance ~ we are all under the law, nature’s and God’s.

  6. Re. Civil War 2 and 2,600 comments

    Talk is cheap. Where were these testosterone-charged cowboys when the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights? Not one shot was fired. That was 8-1/2 years ago.

    ‘Holy Batman, did he say Republicans? But but but they are on our side! Montana Guy is a traitor.’

    Give the devil his due. Globalists are clever. Question, ‘Who do these commenters view as the enemy?’ Leftists!!! They have completely fallen for the old ‘Good Cop vs Bad Cop’, both controlled cops.

    Wake me up when Americans begin actually exercising liberty by thinking outside of two boxes.

  7. Natural News
    This deplatforming is likely as much about money as anything. Can’t have alternatives to the paid advertisers selling chemicals and poisons, and western medical systems now can we?

  8. The killing of the politicians has nothing to do with survival or preparedness and more to do with their personal lives.
    Not everything is a nefarious plot.

  9. Civil War II in America Who Would Win.
    I agreed that peaceful separation is far better than civil war. The only firefight that is won is the one that is avoided.
    I felt some things were left out and I disagreed with some things.
    Left out/ It will not be simply a matter of how long it will take.
    1. How much it will cost on both sides
    2. How much damage to both sides
    3. How many will die on both sides
    4. How ruthless will either side be.
    5. Who will swoop in from the outside to take power when US is weakened
    I disagreed with many of his suppositions;
    1. Other nations involvement.
    a. Most nations in the world are socialist. I consider it unlikely that they will take the side of the “right”.
    b. US imports more than it exports, making us more dependent on others than they on us economically.
    c. Other nations are likely to wait it out and swoop in when the US is weak and weary and in need because of a war.
    2. Danger of underestimating “rank and file” leftists
    a. Many fear people on the right because of their “racism.”
    b. Many hate the right because of “past wrongs that need atonement.”
    c. Many can be violent, and feel wholeheartedly that they are justified in this.
    d. This “platform of anger, hate, and fear” is up against people (on right) who mostly just want to be left alone.
    I. a single minded mob against a herd of cats has the advantage.
    ii. “An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” old Arab proverb quoted in An Enemy called Average by John Mason
    3. Underestimating the media and its influence
    a. Media is already in lockstep with the leaders of the left.
    b. The media has already brainwashed masses of people into believing the points under line 2 to the point of irrationality
    c. The “Minitru” has infrastructure and the trust and belief of all on the left
    d. Two applicable quotes from I’m No Hero by Charlie Plumb on his experiences as a pow in Viet Nam; Independence Press, Drawer HH, 1973
    i. “…I saw again and again the almost unbelievable influence Communist officials had over the Vietnamese people. At the snap of a finger, docile civilans could be turned into angry mobs, spitting and screaming and hitting me…” (p 56)
    ii. “…his [captor’s] truth was nothing more than a fool’s tale.No person with the slightest discernment could possibly miss the fallacies in the propaganda. Yet it happened all the time.” P 110
    4. Suppositions on leaders
    a. The decision makers on the left may not believe they will lose. Most believed their own echo chamber that Hillary was a sure thing and Trump couldn’t possibly win.
    b. They are willing to hurt their own to preserve their own power.
    i. An example is minimum wage increases that will leave people jobless instead of give them a higher income.
    ii. What’s to stop them hurting their opposition.
    c. Use of nukes really can’t be ruled out if they see themselves losing their power.

  10. Civil war II
    Ain’t gonna happen. I don’t see enough people who care. You will notice that gun rights are under attack in almost every state and what are all the big talkers doing about it? Nothing. I don’t think anyone will do much else but complain when the left wins in 2020 and implements their socialist agenda. Americans are being replaced. This is no secret it has been happening for decades and has gotten much worse in the recent years. Your vote won’t be needed to keep the left in power but your taxes will AND they want your guns too.

    I don’t want to see anything even resembling civil war II but understand this isn’t and won’t be about armies of young boys fighting it out on a battlefield. The only possible way America can “win” civil war II is to kill every prominent far lefty. Not to fight the good fight with uniforms and flags but to assassinate, dry gulch, poison, disappear every (or most) far lefty. And I don’t think we are ready and willing to do that. So they will win. They will continue to take over our institutions and our government. In case you weren’t paying attention they have been moving your replacement voters to red states. They are playing to win and we are grumbling about it and nothing more.

  11. The only people who are innocent are the children. They dont know what is going on. The rest of us are NOT innocent. Yes there will be suffering coming. We are all guilty of causing this. The left or the right are equally selling our blood to the highest bidder. The District of criminals that our nation has, dont forget the capitols in each state has also done to help the destruction of our nation. I dont care who you are, we are guilty no matter what. It makes me sick that our little ones and our elderly will suffer the most. We vote or dont vote based what we want not what really matters. We have proxy wars, we are taxed WAY to much. Our forefathers would have fell over themselves with the taxation, wars, corruption, baby murder in the pursuit of woe is me. Of dont forget that the district of criminals are watching China and waiting to use that tech on us here. Oh wait they are, my bad. What was I thinking. So there is nothing to see here, move along no suffering here.

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