The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

Ironically, however, the question [of soil conditioning] is mostly academic. The cure for heavy clay soil is to add organic matter to break up the clay and improve drainage. The cure for sandy, dry soil is to add organic matter to retain water. The cure for acid soil is to add organic matter, particularly bird manure, to bring the pH up and make more nutrients available. The cure for alkaline soil is to add organic matter to buffer it. The cure for hardpan [soil] is to add organic matter to feed earthworms.” – Linda Woodrow 1996, Permaculture Home Garden


  1. Very interesting. As implied in the quote, not all organic material is created equal.
    We were fortunate to find “that guy” in our rural community. Every rural community has at least one.
    The farm where we get our garden soil from is owned by another old guy (like me) except he is a lot smarter than I am.
    He actually took college level courses covering agriculture with an emphasis on soil chemistry.
    He cautioned me against making arbitrary changes to our garden soil. I can get carried away sometimes.
    This quote implies that you need to know what you are changing and why before you mix in additives.
    Nothing boring about garden soil. I can dig it.

  2. Where is this image from on the quote of the day. It is the picture of the house and farm. I’ve see it before and can’t remember where?

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