Preparedness Notes for Sunday — June 9, 2019

On June 9, 1940 Norway surrendered to the invading German army, during World War II. The citizenry was then quickly disarmed by the Nazis, so resistance was limited. (The invaders had access to the Norwegian police gun registration lists.) To avoid many reprisals by the Germans, King Haakon the 7th also ordered that only uniformed Norwegian troops operating from offshore should overtly resist the Nazis.  The “H7” logo (pictured) became the ubiquitous symbol of resistance in occupied Norway.

Today we present a short article on using and maintaining Imco brand cigarette lighters. Because it is so brief, this article will not be part of the writing contest judging.


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  1. On Netflix or Prime, we watched a newer movie, The Kings Choice, the first 3 days of Germany’s invasion of Norge. It had some good perspective, and inspired preppers with a Committee of Safety mindset.

    In Norwegian, German, a little English, with English subtitles. Originally published as Koenig’s Nei ( Kings ‘No’). Recommended.

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