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    1. And don’t for get the “Friends of the library” stores where they sell off library books or ones that are donated to them. They have a wide array of very useful books for 1 to 2 dollars a piece. I have bought a huge amount of NKJV Bibles and hymnals for distribution in a disaster from there for a very low cost compared to what it would have cost me anywhere else. All the money that we spend at the store, at least ours locally, goes to funding new programs and books for the county library.

      1. Jim,

        Our “friends of the library” doesn’t have a store, they do a week long sale every year. Last day is a bag of books for a dollar. I stopped going to “keep the peace” at home. [If my] wife doesn’t buy so many shoes, I don’t go to the book sale. Seems fair. I’m surprised that they sell Bibles. I know our local Salvation Army offers Bibles for free.

        1. Lol i hear you on keeping the peace. Thankfully they sell books my wife is interested in too. Its the gunstore trips that cause the issues in my house . I will definitely have to look into the salvation army though!

      2. I don’t ever use “Friends of Anything” due to Liberals calling themselves Friends of the [British] Government during the Revolution. Benjamin Franklin is the reason we have public libraries–however you’d never hear his name brought up as a Christian Founder of the greatest country in world history. Liberal’s hijack the public libraries to turn it into a cesspool of LEFTwing bias and then take all the credit for being “Its friend”

        1. I thought they were going to be a left leaning organization as well, however I was pleasently suprised when i went there. The people had more of a libertarian bent than anything else. Which makes sense since they are looking for a market solution to help the library as opposed to begging for more money. Granted I live in a deep red county in a bible belt state; so my experience could be different.

    2. Dan,

      I’m jealous. I had a few lessons in leather crafting in High School many moons ago. I think preppers sell the utility of leather short for survival. When the Chinese trail of cheap plastic stops flowing, people will wish they had more equipment, skill and experience working with leather. When you think about it leather is the old plastic, in a sense. My son laughs at my 10 minute leather projects that are very utilitarian but I will admit won’t win any prizes at the fair. Point is, I have leather and awl and can use it! Maybe, I’ll suggest leather crafting at our library.

  1. A couple more: your State Guard or Defense Force will likely include a significant percentage of like minded people.

    The local Ham Radio club will include not only like minded folks, but those with significant skills they can transfer.

    1. Old Paratrooper,

      I wish our state had this. I believe they do but I think it only has one unit on the other side of the state.

      I am amazed at the “amateur” radio capabilities some people have. I have an aversion to keying up a mic. Had it drilled into me too much about talking on the radio being a risk for drawing Soviet artillery fire. Some lessons die hard.

      1. Which state? Twenty-one (used to be 22, but Washington State’s governor failed to sign the re-authorization last year, so they are in limbo) states have a State Guard. See http://www.sgaus.org for more info. The tab on Commanders includes most of the 21.

  2. 3ADScout–Excellent pointers. I love estate sales. I will head for the garage and the basement where the “working items” are, ie, not china, glassware, furniture, or fancy clothing. I have come home with intact tarps, axes, splitting mauls, bow saws and a “few” nuts and bolts.

    At one sale, I was looking through the refuse pile–mostly cardboard boxes and the like, and found a new Columbia rain jacket. Used it just yesterday.

    I will sometimes meet a fellow “forward thinker” and keep a pen and paper handy to get contact information.

    At any rate, pen and paper come in handy for many things.

    Carry on

    1. Once a Marine,

      I hear ya! Who cares about China and little crystal figurines. I love seeing baby food jars hanging from the ceiling full of hardware. I’m picking I look for jars that are one item and size verses the proverbial catch all jar with one of these and two of that.

  3. Very good information! I also pick up good stuff from resale shops. Cast iron fry pans,dutch ovens and canning supplies among other things. Also our local sportsman club allows the public in to participate in their venues and to read their bulletin board. Bought a large supply of 22 cal ammo from a member.(Legally) And some of the members are a wealth of knowledge! Listening to like minded people’s experiences without tipping your hat should be the first place to start.
    Thanks for the great read and God Bless.

  4. 3ADScout, I feel you glossed over Auctions. With on-site estate auctions, especially farm auctions, you can almost be assured that what you are buying works since it was probably used when needed. I have picked up garden tools and equipment at bargain prices. The same goes for small animal supplies and equipment such as chicken feeders, pig feeders and such. Tractors and their equipment can also be had at reasonable prices. Another auction you overlooked is Defaulted Storage Auctions. Forget about the TV show. I have attended many and almost every Saturday in Anchorage I conduct them. Over the years I have sold several units that I would call “Prepper” units. One that comes to mind held over 100 boxes of books that no-one would bid on and my son got it for $50.00. It was fill with all sorts of prepper books such as the SAS survival book, Sniper books, all kinds of plant and animal books, how to build cabins & other things and some had more than 1 of the same books. If you are persistent and go every weekend you will find a lot of things to use. I became an auctioneer because I liked going to auctions.

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