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  1. My Sportsmen association requires NRA membership. I am a member of FOAC and just took your advice and donated to GOA and FPC. I never liked the way the NRA has abandoned sportsmen and became a vile political organization. If we took the NRA membership requirement in our charter to a vote to remove it, I think it would would pass.

  2. As I once served the Marine Corps and proud of it, Oliver North should of never been pardon. His pardon should be revoked and sent to prison. He is disgrace to the United States and the Marine Corps.

    I saw this coming with NRA years ago and never was a member. Please do support other organizations such as GOA as I do.

    I’d be careful using ideas on public videos where to hide your firearms and other valuable things, this give criminals and government such as the BATF ideas where to look. Use your imagination on where to hide stuff. Think like a criminal and the government.

    1. My sentiments exactly on LTC North. He was probably a good platoon leader but I’ve never been a fan after he went rogue in his White House role. I did read the book he wrote. Both he and Fawn Hall should have been jailed.

  3. Regretfully, I am a Life Member of the NRA. I forked over $330 before I woke up. Just Google images of the NRA Headquarters building. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Think of how many empty suits with 6-digits salaries work there.

    Today my $20 check to GOA is one of the easiest check to write all year.

  4. RE: $30,000 in fines for not mowing the lawn. Did Mr. Ficken not know his neighbors? I cant imagine any of my neighbors not questioning why my grass was overgrown, and on finding I was out of town, mowing my grass. Heck, we do that for each other anyway.

  5. It sounds to me like the ‘code enforcement officers’ and city councilmen of Dunedin Florida should be corrected MOST SEVERELY. Most severely indeed.

    1. Yes, with extreme prejudice, if you know what I mean. Code enforcement officers deserve the hottest place in hell, IMO, for committing mala in se acts to enforce mala prohibita laws.

  6. Hmm, furniture with hidden compartments, all well and good. but all or most of the LEO’s ( both fed and local ) are looking at these videos and publications and will know where to look, as well as the criminal element. these are nice , but lets’ use our imagination

  7. Don’t give up on the NRA yet! Let them clean house and give them another chance, as they have done much good for our 2nd Amendment right! Without that right, ALL of our God given rights are gone!!!!!!!!!

    1. The NRA is going thru a rough period. But don’t forget the org that the dems call out as their biggest obstacle to gun control. It’s the NRA! I don’t hear the GOA or other orgs being mentioned on the news as defenders of gun rights, only the NRA. These other orgs maybe good and maybe we should support all of them, but I believe that the NRA does more good that all the others combined.

      1. NRA has been behind every single act of [Federal] gun control.

        They always have been against the second amendment and never will stop.

  8. IF you think that one organization can protect your gun rights you are mistaken. You need to be members of multiple organizations, NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, JPFO. I put my money where my mouth is. 100 million gun owners and 6 million NRA members? Maybe if the 94 million gun owning freeloaders would join the NRA and other organizations we could make some progress securing 2A once and for all. NRA is the ONLY organization in the anti-gun crosshairs. Sniping from the sidelines by fair weather patriots does the cause no good. Stop whining! We have enough enemies without our own working against us. If this is too frank, tough.

    1. It would be a lot more productive to have 20 million GOA members, than 100 million NRA fence-sitters. Remember–NRA approved and supported our most obnoxious Federal laws. NRA does NOT uphold our unalienable right to keep and bear military-grade weapons of war, as required by the Constitution.

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