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  1. Hate Speech: Add something like this to the Red Flag Laws, and I can easily see how peaceful gun owners will be disarmed, if not put in jail. I am glad I don’t own a single, stinkin, eeevvviiilll gun out there! (Got that NSA?)

  2. Federal gun license? A Right doesn’t require licensing. Support your local 80% store and remember to avoid the “card purchase dozier”, pay cash!

    1. NJ and CA have outlawed “incomplete receivers.” It will be interesting to see them define such in court. Though of course, a biased court can readily claim “intent” over a block of unmilled steel.

    1. Federal Gun License: So typical of politicians to find new ways to create criminals where none existed before. Alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition, now gun licensing leading to effective prohibition, got to pass the test and the stated and unstated government qualifications after all.

      Hate speech smart phone app: Maybe the folks who use the app should be arrested for engaging in hateful acts against their fellow citizens. I like it, use the app, get arrested for hate speech, and the use of the app provides the irrefutable evidence of the crime.

  3. I didn’t read the article as I didn’t want to get pissed off and slam my mug full of good coffee up against the wall. What comes out of Booker’s soup coolers is a non-issue.

    1. I may be able to get him and Col Kratman (again) for a followup project. We’ll see. It’s not just about writers, it’s about specific writers. The pedigree for this includes 3 Academy grads, a half dozen combat vets, a professional IT security expert, a SEAL officer, two disaster consultants and several others.

  4. I agree that the time for civil discourse is well past over, loons on the left will accept nothing but adherence to their beliefs and ideals. I believe JWR’s comment on the rest of the idiots running will soon jump on that bandwagon will soon come to fruition. But since when did making laws contrary to the Constitution stop any of them! All it seems to do is give them more fuel to try and burn it down with. Instead of a “feral” license for guns, how bout we institute a license, mandatory, to hold any position for any govmynt agency, even the local town council. 90% of the positions now filled are gained with mere lip service to actually serve the citizens, only getting in to profit on the public dole. The time for the great fire is coming so a land near you……. soon!

  5. I would like to recommend a book series by Terri Blackstock: the Restoration Collection. This is a 4 book series about: “In the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to a time before electricity, the Branning family faces a choice. Will they hoard their possessions in order to survive–or trust God to provide as they share their resources with those around them? Yesterday’s world is gone. Family and community are all that remain, and the outage is bringing out the worst in some.”
    This is Christian Fiction. This came out about the same time as Bill Forstchen’s great series and while it is not packed with the same level of military action, it is an excelled SHTF series.

  6. “This should be entertaining to watch, as these socialist bufffoons gyrate on unconstitutional policies and gradually disaffect even non-gun owners.” I’m less amused.

    Sir, does Williamson cuss God in his writings? I ask not as judge but while deciding what I read personally.

    1. I personally attack many positions. As far as the book in question, I don’t recall anyone has written any particularly anti-religious sentiment.

      However, I have always supported an absolute right to belief and faith. As well as speech. Obviously, that means there will be “hate speech” by some about others’ beliefs.

  7. Cory Booker: Federal License for All Gun Owners

    Why does Spartacus always have such a crazy wide-eyed look? Look, Senator, the right to keep and bear arms is an enumerated constitutional right. Driving a car isn’t. You can froth at the mouth all you want, but you can’t make a federal law that supercedes the US Constitution. Go change your diapers already; you’re a poor substitute for a man.

  8. So Cory Booker thinks it is a good idea to put the FBI in charge of deciding who gets to buy/own guns … the agency that has become so blatantly politicized that they initiated surveillance on a Presidential candidate’s campaign, knowing full well that the “evidence” they were basing their warrants on was just a bunch of nonsense dreamed up by the opposition, and when that candidate won, much to their amazement and chagrin, they kept up the masquerade to the tune of $28 Million (?) and over two years of investigation, obstruction and obfuscation.

    The man (Booker) is an idiot who failed to actually improve conditions in his own city. I am amazed he can dress himself in the morning, let alone tie his own shoes. Why do all these city mayors think they are qualified to hold the office of President? They can’t even get their cities in order. Heaven only knows what they will do with an entire nation to muck up. And Hickenlooper, after messing up his city (Denver), proceeded to mess up the State of Colorado. I spent 28 years, dreaming and working to move there, finally managed to do so in 2001. Now, 18 years later, I am moving out because the Liberals have taken over the asylum and are running it into the ground. It used to be a nice “Live and Let Live” kind of place. Now, it has become the epitome of the “Nanny State” with the addition of “Pot Tourism.” How lovely…NOT!

    Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump was the darling of NYC when he stepped in and restored/refurbished the Central Park ice skating rink on time and under budget, but now, those same New York City elites who used to love him are out to get him, looking for blood, because he is making good on his campaign promises, as much as he can, in spite of the opposition and obstruction. They just don’t seem able to handle a non-politician running the country. They think they have the right to pry into Trump’s business dealings from before he became President but they don’t seem to be the least bit bothered by how the Clintons, Obamas and Pelosis made their millions AFTER they got into office. Hmmmm……

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