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  1. I don’t use drugs and never have…..but it is useless for the government to attempt to ban anything that the people think they want. Prohibition simply raises the price and makes criminals. People should be judged by their actions, not by what they possess or use. The “War on Drugs” has generated a huge militarized domestic police force which has become dangerous in itself.

    1. Ken, you are singing my song. The War on Drugs has taken many casualties among the innocent.

      And, industrial hemp…that is a crop for preppers. Now that it is legal, I plan to seek seeds. The many uses of the plant are legion.

      Carry on

    1. That’s a great idea, s.lynn! The usual objection is that “2 new senators (etc)” would be created for the ‘other’ side. Your solution obviates that objection.

      1. While we’re at it, Idaho could take in eastern Oregon, too. OR…divide oregon/washington inhalf via a north/south border line since it seems the coast is liberal and the east is conservative.

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