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  1. 72 Trillion in debt.
    I owe no man. Any attempt to make me pay ‘my share’ which is in fact zero, will be considered an act of theft regardless of who takes it.

    Health care premiums.
    The original communism in American health care was the employer mandate shortly after WWII. The government, in the classic fashion of power brokers throughout history, has been promising to fix what they broke for 3 generations now. You’ve been had, again. I pay cash for health care and regularly get 30% to 70% discounts off of the communist government rates. chministries dot org

  2. I couldn’t agree more that gold and silver are certainly a must have, but silver is primed for a major boost at some point I believe since it is currently artificially devalued by the international banking cartels, and most of the silver that has ever been mined has already been consumed by industrial processes.

    Its time for folks get away from dependence on the damned plutocracy and get back to producing their own food, power, energy, medicine, and sustainability.

    Thats why I really believe and recommend a way to produce power at home, and on the farm, that is very scalable and doesn’t rely on whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and runs essentially on autopilot.

    Makes an awesome DIY project, this generator: that a person feels good about, producing more than we use, and putting money back in the hands of real individual Americans instead of the energy cartel. It also has many benefits that cannot be said of solar, even geothermal in some respects. You can find out more here.


    This man knows what he talking about.

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