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  1. Most of this should already be in your vehicles.

    I keep a cold weather pack with a change of clothes, wool mittens, sweater, scarf, blanket, poncho, tarp/emergency blanket combo, mora knife, alcohol stove, etc. I also keep my hiking day pack in the truck, which has a first aid kit, tarp, paracord, and lifestraw.

    I also keep a short one-piece shovel and a hatchet. At one time I used folding shovels, but eventually the hinge failed. I also keep a personal hygiene kit, toothbrush, wipes, all that.

    Point being, I keep enough supplies in my trunk that I can easily create a camp if I get stuck beside the road, stuck in a storm, traffic jam, etc. The side benefit, of course, is that in a short bugout almost all of my boxes are already checked.

    I wanted to second the authors recommendation of a secondary transport. Even with a sedan, I have a bike rack and am working on a moped conversion for an old bicycle. Combining the two I have a backup vehicle and greatly extend my range if gas is limited and I have to abandon my primary vehicle.

  2. That’s why our BOV is a pickup truck (4×4). We have a 50-gallon truck gas/diesel installed in the bed. We usually fill that at the time of the tanks. With that we are in range of everything we drive to and back to our property.

  3. Camouflaging this displacement might be worth more attention. Years ago I bought a restored VW Camper Vanagon for a bug-out vehicle; propane stove, big water tank, boxy room inside, etc.
    What I failed to appreciate is how much positive, widespread attention this ‘bus’ is getting from people who remember them, maybe had one. People are continually honking, waving, coming up to talk to me about my vehicle, full of compliments. Fun for sure, and the last thing I need if a bug-out vehicle is needed.

  4. if traveling by road you need to have a second vehicle either in front or way behind, nothing harshes your buzz like coming around a curve and seeing two vehicles nose to nose blocking the road, then another vehicle pulls across the road behind you and you are penned in..

  5. I believe we are beyond the point of “don’t cache anything that can get you in trouble.” I mean in the People’s Republic of California it is illegal to have a drinking straw and illegal to have tobacco products in Laguna Beach. We are a sanctuary Prepper family and cache what we want and when we want. PERIOD! We don’t care about the law and what is changing every 15 minutes from some Liberal lawmaker taking more God given freedoms.

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