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  1. JWR said, “I really hope that this socialist buffoon gets the Democrat Party nomination. With policies like these, he will be unelectable.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure, should Bernie get the nomination, that he’d be unelectable. This is the former USA we are talking about where ANYTHING could happen.

    Just sayin…..

  2. I agree. Don’t kid yourself about Sanders being unelectable. 1/2 of the country votes for the democratic nominee no matter who it is and no matter how crazy or corrupt they are.

    1. Agreed.

      We are fighting the current crop of (Socialist) Democrats but we are also (IMO) still fighting a nearly 100 year old, highly successful propaganda machine launched early in the 20th Century which painted the Republican Party as ruthless, greedy top hat wearing businessmen (think the little Monopoly character).

      As a silly little example, what party did greedy Thurston Howell, III of the old TV show Gilligan’s Island belong to?

      On a more serious note, Amity Shleas, records in her book “The Forgotten Man” that although the Schechter Brothers fought the FDR administration all the way to the Supreme Court and won to beat back the devastating price controls being pushed on them and other businesses, to the best knowledge of the Schechter family, the Brothers voted for FDR every time he ran for President.

      And of course I was taught as virtual fact in school (I am 57) that the Republican Hoover sat on his hands and did nothing substantial to fight the Great Depression but Democrat FDR saved us all both from poverty and the Nazis.

      I could go on and on but this indoctrination was deep and strong and started occurring far before we entered what we now view as a hyper partisan world. It occurred when we thought Walter Cronkite and others like him were unbiased. It occurred in “The Good Old Days” and became part of our cultural DNA. It is only in the last 10 or 20 years that any serious challenges to this narrative have been broadly presented.

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