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  1. @ climate chaos… Consider this….

    “So over the last five years, as the company watched the demand for incident response skyrocket, it began to pour resources into building three data-and-information-gathering centers: one each in Seattle and The Hague, which focus mainly on crunching big data to predict crime trends worldwide, and a “Global Intelligence Center” in Mexico City, which is geared more toward the operational response to those trends.”

    The above quote in relation to the recent discussion on Sblog about data mining. These process are certainly connected. While some of you may have a wide variety of understanding on climate change, make no mistake, the real disaster here is the destruction of civil and constitutional rights as to “secure” the system. For those of you who read this article, pay attention to how many times the author is attempting to associate you, the American citizen, to a corporation. This is a narrative that says insecurity is in the future, so let us walk all over your individual constitutional rights, right now.

    Regardless of whether you believe in man-made climate change or not, the entire security apparatus of most states (including the US military), public and private, are using climate change as a narrative to increase government surveillance.

  2. Climate Chaos – The Pinkertons Are Ready

    Best sentence in the whole article is “You aren’t prepared enough, and the government is too clumsy to save you.” Read the article. Very interesting, funny and informative.

  3. I do not have a lot love for the ACLU but this case with the students is certainly a just cause. What a person, “student” does when not on the campus is of no concern to a capricious school administration. Their authority ends when a student steps off of the school property. I hope they win a very large settlement that sends a message to other schools that what a student does when not on campus is their parents responsibility not
    the responsibility or the right of some politically correct power hungry administration jerk.

  4. Re: Stress Inoculation Gun Training.

    Excellent advice. If I may add a few points:

    The highest level of stress is experienced during kill or be killed situations. Each individual may process this stress differently, but many experience a loss of fine motor skills, auditory exclusion, tunnel vision, mentally and/or physically “freezing up”, etc. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman covers these occurrences (and others) in his books “On Combat” and “On Killing”.

    The ultimate goal is to train as close to the edge of real-world situations as possible, while maintaining a high degree of safety (proper medical supplies on-site, people who know how to use them correctly under stress, hospital location map/routes, and so on). This is why force-on-force training is a must (ideally using Simunition/UTM rounds, to include medical – GSW treatment, proper tourniquet use – and all under low-light conditions), but must be built up to properly, as Mr. Rawles wrote.

    The inclusion of physical exertion and a timer add stress to body and mind, but one must strive to maintain a calm mind in the midst of chaos, and that comes from constant work on that two-way range. These are all perishable skills, and they must be honed constantly.

    To paraphrase Archilochus: “We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training.”

  5. My firearm training has almost always been outside on my own property. I’m retirement age but I’ve only been to a gun range about two times in my life because I’ve always lived in the country where I can shoot when and what I want. Shooting down in the back forty is a bit more real world shooting in my opinion, at least for me. When it’s windy and dirty with insects buzzing around my eyes and ears and with the sun in my eyes as I lay on the ground with sweat dripping down my face…..well it doesn’t get more real life than that. As far as shooting competition goes I certainly see the advantages of it but it’s not for me. However I have been in a life or death situation twice in my life where it looked like I would surely be killed and I instantly focused everything in me and saved my own life. I believe I would do the same again in a kill or be killed situation concerning firearms. I pray I never find out.

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