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  1. JWR, I currently have four articles that range from 2k to 6k words that I wrote specifically for this blog. I have never submitted them because of your copyright policy.

    “All writings must be original works and the copyright will become the property of SurvivalBlog.”

    While I can understand this approach, it also serves as a way to limit, at least for me, my interest in spending a bunch of time on a particular piece to just give it to you for free. Food for thought.

  2. JWR needs clear lines of ownership for legal reasons. Shared ownership and use rights really muddys the waters. In the end it’s his rules and his business to run. We simply need to make the decision on if we want to donate content with a chance at a prize, and keep the community engaged… or seek a more sure form of compensation for our work via other channels.

    I suspect it’s a hard decision for people writing a lot of content vs. someone who might submit a few articles annually. That’s the boat I’m in. I’ve written several articles that I’ve long been tempted to submit to Survivalblog but have held off. They remain stored on my hard drive. I’m at the point in life where I want a sure thing (income, even if it’s very modest) instead of a chance for a prize.

    Bottom line – I still visit SurvivalBlog almost daily. I find value in it, love the articles submitted by some very knowledgeable people and I regularly visit advertisers sites when I need to make a purchase.

    JWR – have you thought of adding video content? That could offer a chance for additional growth. I know you’ve done a masterful job on this blog but the world has been moving to video content for the past 10-15 years as a preferred channel.

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