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  1. Concerning Venezuela, we live in Florida and our church does a “food share” every other Saturday for those in need. I have had the opportunity to speak with a number of Refugees from there and what they tell us is much worse than anything reported by the MSM. Pretty much criminal “Red gangs” are running the streets there and have for awhile, taking whatever they want/need for “The Revolution”.

    May God Bless them and our Republic

    1. It is my understanding those gangs have the blessings of the government and are in fact the unofficial police force, somewhat similar, on a small scale, of what you see in Portland and Seattle.

      1. That’s correct. The gangs and “collectivos” are trained and funded by the Venezuelan government to attack resistance groups and anyone else the gvmt tells them to. They’re on camera from numerous sources saying as much so it’s not just hearsay.

      2. It’s interesting that in the Capital city of Florida, when Andrew (Kill’m) Gillum (A devote Marxist) was elected mayor, the gangs ran wild there as well. As I understand the murder/ robbery/rape rates went sky high. Must be a side effect of Socialism ?

        1. Anonymous: increased gang activity and sanctioned gang activity occurring under socialist administrations are two different circumstances. The former being due to the invitation of criminal elements under the guise of fairness, security, justice, equality. The latter being a tyrannical method of control.

  2. US Army Orders 9mm PDWs from B&T

    Yes that cost is very high but these contracts almost always include several years of maintenance support, parts replacement, and minor parts/upgrades/cleaning kits. That said, they will make good money anyway, certainly. The global weapons trade is very lucrative and current players don’t like interlopers. Somebody obviously knows somebody.

    One thing is certain; the Army did not select a smaller more nimble supplier to meet the swiftly changing needs of the global tactical small arms users on active duty in order that they be made more effective and adaptable. That would be, well, just silly to presume when it comes to the DoD, Army in particular.

  3. If the U.S would stop hacking Venezuela’s power grid sanctioning the country and trying to overthrow government to install deepstate puppet maybe the people wouldn’t be in such straights.

      1. The US government has a long history of taking out regimes. The bannana wars in Central America, installing the shah in Iran, the attacks on Serbia and the Iraq war to name just a few. It is extremely naive to believe the US government is not behind the power outages.

      2. It’s not made up. Like it or not, the US has been meddling in central and south American governments and elections for more than 100 years. You really need to read Major General Smedley Butler. His book is “War is a Racket”. I’ve read it, you should too. Nothing has changed. We are staging a regime change in Venezuela. We can’t have all that oil being controlled by China and Russia, now can we. Pay attention to the NeoCons, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and what they have said and are doing about control of Venezuelan oil. Pay attention to history. In particular, pay attention to the history of our deep state regime change operations all over the world. Pay attention to the continuing regime change operation that has been ongoing within the United States TODAY. The ongoing coup d’etat to end the Trump administration and install a President that is willing to cooperate in the expansion of the American empire. You don’t really think there should be 800 plus military bases in 170 countries throughout the world, do you? Our government is better than most, maybe, but the people in control, and who have been in control for a very long time are little better than Nicolas Maduro.

        Is Maduro a good guy, not only no, but hell no. On the other hand, Juan Guaido is an American puppet, not elected to be the new president of Venezuela, instead he has been selected by the US government. If another country tried to do this to the people of the United States, we’d be demanding a declaration of WAR. No, Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election, that honor goes to the DNC and Hillary Clinton and MI6 (there is no such thing as a retired MI6 operative).

        Just wait, the 2020 election in the US is going to be the most corrupt election in American history. The NeoCons and the NeoLibs have it in the bag. After all, they are all progressives, all progressives are socialists, as is our deep state. All that is missing is the Roman salute and the goose stepping troops down main street.

  4. Socialism requires an outside force be blamed for its inherent defects, so that its vassals plod along subserviently. Such as the U.S. attacks on the power grid and sanctioning. In denial much?

  5. What’s going on in Venezuela is just a foretaste of what will happen here. How prepared are we? Will we be able to handle a month or three or even a year or two without a grocery store or pharmacy or electricity? How many are prepared to purify water on a long-term basis? Survivalblog archives are great. Other resources like foodstoragemoms.com and thesurvivalmom.com work for general information on basic food storage and basic first aid. prepschooldaily.blogspot.com has more detailed info on specific topics without annoying pop-ups or pictures that get in the way of a simple copy and paste to print for your own use.

  6. What do you think the Russians are doing?, they’re the ones responsible for training the red gangs. Their attacks are anything but random, show any compassion or strength and you are systematically attacked. History repeats itself. This is just like a mini Bolshevic revolution.

  7. On a side note from the 9mm PDW’s, my son on Apr 5, at 10 am used a plasma cutter to cut / destroy 14 Breatta M9’s hand guns on the orders of the head of the VA admin SFSD. About 3 yrs ago the security was issued new Sig’s ( I think ) and the M9’s were put into storage until they could be resold to another federal agency ( it didn’t happen ) and every year the Local VA got zinged by the yearly audit for having them on hand. He had 9 people watching him do the work and verify that yes this the hand gun to be destroyed and yes this the serial numbered handgun that has been destroyed and he had to sign 14 individual certificates that he did in fact destroy these weapons according to protocol. Your tax money at work, just wondering, couldn’t they have sent them to a federal arsenal for reissue?

  8. TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Florida Voters Upset People in NY Voting in Their Name – Faces Of Voter Fraud #2
    (YouTube Video)
    Project Veritas
    Published on Mar 27, 2019

    Faces Of Voter Fraud #2: The Victims

    “In today’s investigation, we meet three voters in Florida who used to live in New York. Voting records indicated that these three men were voting illegally in both states. But our reporting lead to another more sinister conclusion… in each case it looks like someone is voting in New York state in their name without their knowledge.”

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