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  1. Interesting read on the schools, but what percentage of school kids there have ADD ? or any other mental issue that Teachers have to deal with. Or do they separate the problem child from the General population of kids that are there to learn.

  2. Wow, what a great, succinct article! I am really looking forward to reading everything else you have to say. We are too old to move, but what you have done was so wise.

  3. Let me ask a simple question: I believe that within 20 years China will invade or otherwise take Australia and New Zealand. What is your backup plan. Did you choose to keep your American citizenship and passport?

  4. Wife and I visited NZ in 1993 on our honeymoon (wife worked for airline, flew free).
    I loved NZ, noted that sheep outnumber people, drive on left side of roads and the people are, as you say, very nice. Took a few days to adjust to sun in “wrong” place in the sky though! We drove to Queenstown, passing Mt Cook (>15K ft) in winter (August). Looked like great skiing. Wonderful country. Thank you for the great article!
    Looking forward to reading the whole series. Really getting sick and tired of the socialist revolution in America and the constant sniping at the President who I think is doing a great job in the face of constant warfare being waged against him.

  5. Well this is an article I was looking for for sometime. My wife is Chinese and we’ve been thinking about leaving America [as a backup plan], but still keep out BOL as you have in America – in the American Redoubt.

    There are many many benefits to the American Way of life. We listed them…

    1) Gun ownership [as many and much ammunition stored], Interstate highways and road cleaning in inclinate weather. Most countries do not have Interstate highways. Yes, I was in New Zealand and Australia when I was single, there are many farm roads outside the major cities but still nice scenery.
    2) Constitution – so far theDEMS have not been able to recall it, but sure are trying unless Good People stand united and removed these politicians who only pass laws to obtain voters votes from their “groups” [women, gays, blanks, illegals]. Out Constitution still states our Human Rights are doled out by our Creator in Heaven and all world governments must keep their “mits off” them. I been to Africa many times and there are many revolutions and no Constitutional awareness of human rights.
    3) Economy – it is the best and biggest in the world. Let’s face it, us American citizens get the best nigh vision, sporting gear, military hardware [right from the US government] on those websites when they upgrade their equipment. We also have an excellent distribution system.
    4) We have the greatest military/ protection in the world. We even protect many other countries out there militarily.
    5) we have the best healthcare with no waiting lines for months as you see in socialist countries.
    6) Our education system at the collegate level is the best in the world. POTUS Trump just issued a warning to Chinese students to not spy for their government. What college kids learn in the classroom is state of the art, their chemistry labs and biology are second to none, and also the access to information.
    7) We have the greatest Patent office in the world and have developed almost every new “thing” in the world.
    8) Our political system allows for the election of representatives which are supposed to be “For, By, Of the people.” Those would be Republicans / Libertarians.
    9) Some of the most scenic areas of the world are right in America – Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon Utah, Hawaii, Alaska, and not to rule out The American Redoubt or Yellowstone were the Feds have confiscated so much land becuase it is so precious.
    10) We have Christian roots, God, and also a large homeschooled population which are taught not about having sex at age 13 or getting abortions without parents consent [public schools/universities], but about God their loving father.

    So our top picks we have listed in order to relocate to a foreign country are [we have been to all of these]…

    1) Israel
    2) Finland
    3) Russia
    4) New Zealand – not Australia – no guns anymore
    5) Switzerland

  6. Interesting. Like a lot of Americans when I think of New Zealand or Australia thoughts of Crocodile Dundee come to mind. The reality is quite different. The brown horde along with the invading Muslims took the appeal out of that part of the world.

    Granted this is happening everywhere sadly. The globalists are hell-bent on ruining every white country in the world. Perhaps New Zealand is different ?

    America is a big country and if you’re willing to drive a little bit you can always find some privacy.

    Still looking forward to the rest of your essay. Thank you for contributing.

  7. I am not leaving, this place is mine. The scum will have to assume some serious risk to take what is mine. That said, my kids are grown, my wife is right there with me on what we will fight over, and I am not worried about what comes after life, as long as I am in the right while I am here. I can understand why other wish to leave. But I love this country. By that I mean the land. Some of the people. And the older parts of the culture. I love it to the core of my being. There is nothing more beautiful in the world to me than a sunrise spent below the Tetons, watching the sun paint the mountains while the Snake River flows by below. I love things like that completely. And I hate the enemies of that equally as much. Best thing they can do is cease and desist, and go wreck some other place, because I intend to make their world a supremely dangerous and miserable place if I am forced into it. I am not leaving. This is my home. Mess with that at your peril.

    For those who wish to leave, I bear you no illl will. Someday, once the evil has been purged from this place, should you wish to return and be a productive part of this society, I will welcome you with open arms. If the evil wins, and those of us who fought it are gone, perhaps something of America will remain in the descendants of those who got out while the getting was good. What lies ahead no man knows, and God orders the steps of men. We all must do what falls to us. Far be it from me to judge the path of others, as if I were the Creator, rather than the creation. Indeed, I often find myself too busy praying for mercy upon myself, to have any time to concern myself with the paths of others. And I am too busy hating the evil creeping upon this nation to bother with being hateful to friends who follow a different path. Go in peace, and may there always be a good America to return to whenever you wish.

    1. Thank you, Old Gray Wolf. It gives me peace to know that folks like you are still out there. I will think of your words as I go to sleep tonight, keep praying, and may God Bless You..!

  8. I really enjoyed part one. It will be interesting to see the costs in vehicles, ability to obtain guns and it’s healthcare.

    I also agree with many on this thread that the US is the best nation for freedom, cost of living, and ability to worship Jesus Christ without any government interference.

  9. NZ may be far from potential man made SHTF epic centers. However, NZ is on the volcanic ring of fire. Natural disasters e.g. Earthquakes, tsunami etc would prevail

    Made in China migrants have also landed there in droves – pushing up property prices, living costs and very soon a deterioration of the good NZ culture and way of life.

    If you think about it there is no place on earth one can really bug out to. Best to do what you can at your current location and leave the unknown in God’s hands.

  10. Thank you for this informative article. It interests me because I like to stay in tune with lifestyles in the rest of the English speaking world. Whenever I travel on vacation I like to go to English speaking countries and New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list. Being a conservative Jew I am very interested in human rights for freedom to practice religion and the separation of church and state. Yes Saudi Arabia is NOT on my travel bucket list! Over my 62 years of life I have lived in many parts of America (NJ, PA, CA) and now Colorado. Slowly I am zooming into the American Redoubt where I intend to travel this summer. I would not trade life in America for a blink of the eye in another country. I feel safe here, my 5 children live a free life here, and some aspects of our government even supports my ideology. But it it will be fun to travel on vacation to New Zealand some day, and the insight you offer us in this article will be good background knowledge before my day comes to visit there.

    1. @not so free
      Your points drop considerably with age. So if you are over the max age, your points for the age category would be “0”. Thus, you need to rely on other categories to make up the points. As there is a limit on each category, you might find yourselft relying on the “English IELTS test scores”. The higher the score, the higher the points. However, its virtually impossible to get a high score (e.g. 5/6) even if English is utilised daily.

      However, if you are wealthy and willing to deposit large sums in an “investment (not property)” or a ‘business” you would be exempted from various requirements. The same with migration to Aus. That is how the wealthy made in China migrants got their papers even without the need to do the IELTS.

  11. Thanks for the many comments. I will post this in all four parts of the article. It was the editors option to split the article up the way he did.

    1. I moved to NZ for my children’s primary education years. I did not plan to stay as long as I have. My son started in school year 1 (age 5), now in year 8 (age 11/12).

    2. We never gave up our U.S. citizenship as we always planned to return to the states for high school and university years. We picked up NZ citizenship and a passport as a bonus. We can use it or forget it, but we have it and that may mean something someday. Believe it or not, there are some places in the world you don’t want to have a U.S. passport on you.

    3. I agree the costs are high here and I tried to give you an idea of what some costs are. If you want to relocate, you better have some cash reserves or a highly sought after skill. All in all, you can have a good life here. Everyone will be different.

    4. The medical is a two level system. One side is all public and you wait your turn. The other is private. You pay for the ability to be seen quicker and by private doctors/surgeons. That’s why the taxes are high.

    5. It is not the U.S. and can never have the infrastructure that we have in the states. You are moving down the ladder to a more rural and simpler system. Yes, they do things different here in the way the government tackles problems. It is far less stressful living here and can be much slower. Time to enjoy life instead of buying that next big screen TV or another new car. It’s what you make of it.

    6. Yes, China is having great influence in NZ and Australia. If China wanted to take over, it probably would not be too difficult, aside from a few arguments, then World War X would start. If that were to happen? Well that’s what all of the ‘doom and gloom’ books are about.

    7. One person questioned the idea that the schools have a program where the kids go away from home on increasingly difficult outdoor trips. Yes, it’s a risk to let your children leave home, but they have to learn. It’s something I probably wouldn’t do in the states, but they do learn responsibility and how to get through a hard hike. I am very impressed with the strength and determination the children learn by the age of 12.

    8. Another person made a comment about kids in school with ADD and how they handle them. Well, in the U.S. I think that is mostly a result of kids sitting in front of the TV/video game all day and eating bags of snacks. The playgrounds in NZ would be an ambulance chasers dream come true. You see quite a few kids each year with broken arms and legs. Guess what, they learned that sometimes you fall down and get a boo-boo’. But these same kids are usually running right along side their friends playing, cast and all.
    The kids in class are monitored at the start of the school year as to their abilities in math, spelling, reading… and placed in groups that ‘push’ them to do better. The slowest kid does not slow down the rest of the class. They realize some kids are dumb and will most likely learn how to operate a shovel someday.

    I know I didn’t reply to everyone’s comments. I would be happy to answer if you want to email me through my web site.
    In closing, I tried to give you a sense of what it is like here. I am sure the same problems would be found for where ever you want to go. Again, my primary purpose was education for my children and a chance to run through a park barefoot.
    My next challenge will be to try and teach them to live in America with all of the problems in the states, but also all of the benefits which make the U.S. great.

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