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  1. Re: China’s Travel Ban for Christians

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin addressed this. Summarizing as I best remember:
    God works in strange ways. One of the countries where Christianity is growing the fastest is China where Christians are suffering severe persecution. Throughout history persecution of Christians has actually had the opposite effect of what was intended. It actually increased Christianity. Christians are forced to go ‘underground’ and thrives underground.

  2. Leaving New Jersey and other states. My experience with people leaving a blue state has been the people that have money or are in a business that doesn’t need more regulation/taxation are the ones to leave and are replaced by parasites. I believe the numbers stated are far from accurate, but time will tell. If wealth and jobs leave for greener pastures it will eventually have a negative effect on a states financial condition . As Margaret Thatcher has been accredited with “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.” The exodus of money from a state will hasten the demise of their corrupt government, as more and more will become fed up with over regulation and taxation. If this continues I feel sorry for my grandkids as they will have been born as slaves.

  3. re: Pr. Baldwin’s comment:
    The growth in numbers is just one aspect of the effect of persecution on faith. It is also a fact that the faith so tested and refined is deeper and more enduring. When one gets to the end of his rope, most everyone will look up; when darkness strands the climber on the rock face, the wisest will seek a cleft in the rock. We learn from extreme situations.
    cf. Romans 5:3-5

  4. The “Learn Hog Butchering in Georgia” classes is for last year (2018) and not this year. This years classes have been “cancelled” but they mentioned it would be on again next year.

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