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  1. Precious metals buyers should ignore all the talk of where prices are going in the nex days, months, or for 2019. You don’t buy gold as a short term investment, folks. You buy it to protect your wealth during a financial crisis, when all other assets (temporarily or permanently) have no value. If the crisis is one that will end (2008, for example), then you want to sell your metals in the depths of the crisis and buy assets that will go back up afterwards. Metals will spike back down as the crisis ends, and owners may well have been only temporarily wealthy. Knowing when the depth has arrived — well, that won’t be easy, but the classic statement “wait for blood in the streets” should be a guideline. What to buy: stocks, land, rental property, businesses.

    And, as we move out of the crisis, and metals prices spike back down, start accumulating again.

    Of course, if the crisis has a long term dimension — EMP, civil war, etc. — then the above would not hold and using your metals for long term survival would be the preferred approach.

  2. The QE unwind means that the Fed is selling the securities it bought from banks and investment houses during and after the 2008 crisis. By increasing the market supply, the prices of these and similar securities drop to some extent. When the prices of these securities drop, their interest rates go up. Thus, the Fed is both raising rates directly and pushing them up by its sales.

    The effect is like driving your car with the emergency brake partially engaged. The economy is doing fine at the present moment, but the Fed seems bent on screwing it up. Remember that they’re only selling this stuff so they can buy it back in another crisis — which they may create by their sales!

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