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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. This column’s featured photo is of the Grand Tetons.  The emphasis this week is on Wyoming Car Trunk Captives. (See the Wyoming section.)



First, this comes as a relief to citizens of several northwestern states: Washington regulators shut down $5.3 billion Avista sale to Ontario’s Hydro One

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2018-2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Intermountain West



Boise: Planned Parenthood Affiliate Ends Basic Healthcare, Continues AbortionsJWR’s Comment: This certainly makes it clear where there priority is! (Namely, murdering babies.)

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Robber who used caution tape to hide identity sentenced

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Boise TSA spots 3 loaded firearms in carry-ons in 3 days



ACLU sues Montana sheriff for denying illegal alien bond and honoring ICE detainer. JWR’s Comment: Kudos to Sheriff Bowe for standing firm!

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Report on impact of declining timber harvest on Bitterroot economy released

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Hearing to determine if man charged in Montana deputy’s death can be medicated for trial


Eastern Oregon

USGS ranks Newberry, Three Sisters as ‘very high’ threat

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Federal government moves forward on sage grouse plans friendly to grazing


Eastern Washington

Draft reduces eligible wilderness areas in Washington. JWR’s Comment: Most Redoubters feel that the Obama Administration over-did it with adding Wilderness Area designations. Our National Forests and BLM-managed areas are lands of limited use, but a Federal Wilderness is essentially LAND OF NO USE.  It is ironic that the “caring” leftists who champion the rights of disabled people are putting so much land beyond the reach of the disabled in totally roadless Wilderness areas.

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File under: Perps from Outside the Redoubt Correlation (PORC). Kent man arrested, charged with multiple counts of attempted murder in Zip’s shooting.


Wyoming (Car Trunk Captives)

And another Perps from Outside the Redoubt Correlation (PORC) news story: Two Admit Driving With Children in Trunk During Trip to Casper

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And coincidentally, also in a Wyoming car trunk:  Wyoming man gets 75 years for kidnapping elderly woman



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  1. Well… Mr. Rawles,
    (wilderness) I do not believe in rewilding. I do think there are checks and balances that are necessary with all the due diligence to pay attention of anti-human agendas painting themselves as stewardship. We have issues with the “new man” being indifferent to their behavior and its impact on our environment. For example we have a new ATV that is called a RZR (Razor) (fitting) and these are going off trail in the National Forest and ripping meadows and streams up in a rapid way. It is unlawful to go off trail and they don’t care anymore. If you mention anything to them they get violently angry and do it more… I can go on and on about enforcement, grievances, trash, feces, plants, noise, wildlife, and not everyone outside in gratitude is looking for an adreneline Baha race thrill ride. There are places for it such as BLM. Not high alpine pristine meadows in the Rocky Mountains. So… Wilderness has its place and it is not designated (yet) as no human traffic. It is designated as no mechanized vehicles. Just you and what God gave you when you came into this world and your horse and rifle. There is a place for everything and everything has a place. There are many with lots of money for mechanized vehicles. There are few places and fewer people who are willing to endure hardship to enjoy and reflect what God has gifted us with. The ability to find tranquility and experience what the rest of Gods creation lives like is a gift. Just look at high tourist areas you can drive to, and their problems. Yellowstone, Grand Canyon,Yosemite. Just to name a few and you will find public servants battling a programmed by T.V., childish, immature, fat, lazy, entitled, selfish, lack of boundaries populous who believes they have money so they have freedom and screw everyone else. Is it everyone? No… but we see it get worse and worse every year here in the Rockies. This does not mean we rip up BLM as fast as the petal will take us off trail either. When man loses his conscience and accountability before God of his free will… then he loses his freedom to make those choices and God has perfect justice by putting them under fallible man and force. Others like us ending up losing when that populous out numbers us. Here we are. Whether we like it or not other peoples wickedness does effect us. Sad.

  2. I Agree with Mr. Burnett. Save some wild land for people who like it wild. It’s true that wilderness designation makes life difficult for the disabled who want to experience it…but even if it were possible to construct paved wheelchair accessible trails into the wilderness, how far could that person get? It couldn’t be called wilderness anymore. There is tremendous joy and spiritual solace in the experience of simply hiking with a pack, or horseback, with bow or rifle in hand and experiencing nature as did the mountain man and indigenous people. UTV/ATV use has just about ruined good hunting as well as the bio-environment in the National Forests. Numerous studies show the modification of use by elk and mule deer with the accessibility of UTV/ATV. They are driven further and further into isolated and nearly inaccessible pockets for their survival. In wilderness is a special type of freedom not found in other environments.

    1. It’s too bad some crippled people can’t do the things that others can. And it’s nice that, when feasible, we can try to accommodate their disabilities, as well as showing sympathy and respect for them as people.

      But there are some things that the crippled just can’t do, no matter how warm and fuzzy it would make us feel.
      Tearing up and destroying wild habitats to accommodate the “special needs” crowd is a shortedsighted and misguided.

  3. The American Legion Magazine had an article some time back about veterans of various levels of handicap participating in horse trips, way of road.

    I see no hypocrisy in leftists wanting unpaved wilderness. Amputees, those with MS, and blind people routinely explore wilderness with caring and expert guides.

    “Whatever you unto the least of these, you do unto me.”

    Carry on.

  4. Looking at these comments I can see how elites will use even people that are Conservative Christians to accomplish their goals…I really wish people would wake up and see before they are in the chute for slaughter…So sad to see so many led astray by their own desires…

  5. A Sheriff who refuses to honor bond set by a Judge is a serious matter that is a criminal offence. The ICE detainer is just a notification for them to come pick up the person,if they refuse the person should go free(like any other unenforced warrant-that has real legal force). This is a real violation of the principles of our sovereignty and laws.

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