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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the new $1 million CNC mill at Lone Wolf Distributors.


I’m repeating a link to a must-watch video. Please send this to any of your conservative friends who feel the need to move away from the liberal coastal states, but can’t decide where to go: What is the American Redoubt?

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UPDATED: Inland NW Winter Outlook. El Niño promises warmer than average weather. JWR Adds:  That is, warmer west of the Continental Divide. On the east side, they’re expecting colder than usual temperatures.

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Economists predict good financial future for Inland Northwest in 2019



Lone Wolf Distributors in Priest River is a company that is already familiar to many Glock owners. They are one of SurvivalBlog’s affiliate advertisers. The Newport Miner newspaper recently reported that it took two semi-trailers to bring in a new automated horizontal mill to Lone Wolf Distributors. Their latest CNC mill cost in the vicinity of $1 million USD. With that specialized high-volume equipment now available, it is safe to assume that Lone Wolf will branch out into a variety of new milled products. A wider variety of pistol slides? Or registered suppressors, perhaps? They’re not saying yet. Buy knowing the high quality of their existing products, their new CNC offerings should be great.

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The gun vloggers of America had great fun last week, making humorous videos about the limited edition Seekins Precision Thunder Buddy AR-15. They are made in Idaho, of course.

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The Gideons distributed Bibles at an Idaho school. Some parents, residents are upset.



Montana woman reported missing arrested in South Dakota

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Be careful out there on the highways! Family reported missing in Montana found dead in crash

Eastern Oregon

Revenue soars for this year’s Pendleton Round-Up

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Oregon seeks $11K from mother whose son died in prison shooting

Eastern Washington

Army Sgt. from Washington killed in combat Saturday

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Spokane City Council aims to crack down on fake service animals

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Spokane’s two medical schools draw more new docs to Eastern Washington



Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Wyoming Deer

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Wyoming Man: Killing Pregnant Woman Not Two Murders

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Wyoming Man Steals $2,200 Worth of Zip Ties


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  1. Sad that a young family is dead in an terrible accident. That could have been prevented. The car (70’s Corolla) plus the trailer is too much weight for the 4 runner. I don’t care what the manufacturer says it can tow. Also loaded backwards, so less tongue weight. Quite likely they got into a fast braking situation where the trailer took over (fishtailing) and pushed them off the road.
    Towed many hundreds of cars with pickups and had a few scary moments, but those you live through you learn from.

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