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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. JWR discovers a great sale from Palmetto State Armory on their Black Friday list. You might want to get in on this one given the current political atmosphere in congress.

Your CPAP is a Spy

Reader DSV sent in this article. Driven mostly by Insurance mandates, your CPAP machine is spying on you and reporting to the manufacturer. I can kind of understand the Insurance rules I guess. Many people who are prescribed a CPAP can’t get used to wearing the device for a number of reasons and it gets relegated to the closet. Insurance companies are now mandating that patient rent the machine for the first few months and only when the machine verifies that they are using it will the company pay for it. The problem comes in how that data is collected. Rather than have your doctor verify usage, the machine reports to the manufacturer who then shares that data with your doctor, the insurance company and often marketing companies since you have to have supplies for it.

It’s not a comforting thought as I believe the only one that should have that data is you and your doctor. I have a CPAP and had these same rules applied. Once the compliance was certified, I yanked the reporting module from the machine. Sadly, some newer machines can’t be disabled like that. Actually, once you understand how they work, you can manage your own CPAP very effectively. I recommend The Apnea Board for programming manuals and help with your machine.

Light without Power

Reader G.S. sent in this article on 11 ways to light your home when the power goes out. There are no astounding insights in this article and all of these methods are most likely familiar to most of our readers, but it’s a good primer for beginners. They pretty much cover everything from flashlights to glow sticks. Some methods are more useful than others and the intended use is also important. Having light to read by is different that having enough light to not bump into furniture in the darkness.

Personally, I value kerosene/oil lamps (and propane lamps) near the bottom of the list. They put out plenty of light, but the hassle of using them just isn’t worth it for me. I tend to favor LED flashlights and area lamps with rechargeable batteries. I’ve never been caught without a flashlight because I think we literally have a hundred of them in one form or another around here, but in a pinch Mrs. Latimer’s solar garden lamps would be enough for just about anything except reading.

Hurricane Voters

Reader J.G. sent in this article on how volunteers helped people get out and vote in hurricane ravaged Florida this year. Many voters were unable to get to the polling places by themselves so the authors drove vehicles with large yellow signs offering free rides to anyone who wanted to vote. The mainstream news media largely ignored the herculean effort put out by the canvassing operation. It’s interesting to note that the operation was open to anyone, but 60.7% of those who took the ride were registered republicans. With over 26,000 voters involved, this operation may very well have been one of the contributing factors to the narrow victories of Florida senator and governor. It is a very interesting read.

Lethal Force at the Border

Reader M.J. sent in this article showing where the military has been authorized to use lethal force at the border allowing troops to act in a law enforcement capacity if necessary. This contradicts a Los Angeles Times article that claimed the military was drawing down the troops at the border. It would appear that the only troops being drawn down were the engineering troops because their work is basically done. The original deployment is authorized until December 15th unless the DHS requests an extension. It also appears that the language in the executive order is carefully worded so as not to run afoul of the legal limitations set in Posse Comitatus.

Absurdity in Law

Michigan had several Muslim doctors brought up on charges relating to female genital mutilation on underage girls. However, on Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the law banning the procedure was unconstitutional and dismissed charges against those doctors. In his ruling, the judge said that despite the despicable nature of the procedure, Congress had no authority to enact the law. The law has been on the books for 22 years, but hadn’t been used until 2017 when a doctor had been arrested and charged. The defendants still face charges on conspiracy and obstruction of justice though. Thanks to reader P. for the link.

Non-Incendiary Tracer Rounds

Reader T.P. wrote in to ask if anyone was familiar with Streak Visual Ammunition. The ammunition is supposed to be a non-incendiary tracer round designed for indoor range usage. If you’ve used it, please leave a comment about your thoughts on this ammunition.

Awesome Deal

JWR discovered a great deal from Palmetto State Armory. They have a 10.5” 5.56 NATO 1/7 twist classic shockwave pistol kit for only $269.99 as part of their Black Friday sales. This kit contains an arm brace, complete upper and complete lower parts kit. The only thing you need to complete it is a lower. This is almost 50% off of the normal price for this kit and is a great entry price. Given the makeup of the 2018 congress, this may be a fantastic investment!

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  1. The FGM case is an example of Congress passing laws without regard to the Constitution. This case did not declare FGM is Constitutional it declared the authority claimed for the passage was not Constitutional. When you treat the Constitution as a living document subject to whatever whim takes Congress at the moment you get this type result.

    1. Michigan (and ALL States) need to start acting like States.

      It’s pretty sad that the Commie State of California has taken the boldest action toward reasserting ‘State’s Rights’ by becoming a ‘Sanctuary State’’; effectively a step toward secession.

      Today is Black Friday. I love it for its clarity. Clearly we need to divorce these people and the cities and states they fester in.

  2. Muslim doctors in Michigan: Preforming these operations on minors who are way younger than the age of consent is criminal and these alleged doctors need to be stopped. Loss of license and deportation are minimum after a 20 yr sentence in a woman’s prison would not be an overkill. If they want to practice Sharia law sending them to a country where this is legal is in order. And yes folks many of the precepts legal under Sharia law are completely illegal in this country and those who will not conform to our laws must be punished. This horrendous mutilation of minors must stop. The parents allowing this are also culpable and punishment needs to be equal to what the Doctors get. Allowing this to continue sets back a civilized society to the stone age.

  3. The military IS authorized to protect our borders from invasions. This caravan IS an invasion.
    It is going to get dicey before it gets all over. If we do not stop this caravan, by whatever means it takes, there will be more, and more, and more.

  4. Re: Lethal force at the border.

    Posse Comitatus is NOT a legal issue on the border. I don’t know why this site keeps bringing this up.
    The President and Congress have every right to station troops on the border to prevent an invasion. For that matter, we could, and should have armed troops on all of our borders at all times.
    Posse Comitatus applies to internal conflict. This is not an internal conflict.

  5. The troops now being sent to the border may defend themselves. While on the surface this might seem right or even sound good, it is neither. This order fully comports with the United Nations ( UN ) Rules of Engagement, the Geneva Conventions, and the Oslo Accords.

    The duty of the US military is to defend The Nation. The duty of the individual Soldier/Marine/Airman/Sailor is to, if necessary, die in defense of his nation, not to be sent into harm’s way so that he might follow some inch thick Riddle Book of field morality rules. These rules are why we have lost every war since WWII, and these same rules are why we will lose at the border.

    That the US Active Military can’t operate in and around our nation’s borders is a falsehood and a travesty. Posse Comitatus does NOT amend Article 4 Section 4. It can’t. A law is NOT an amendment to the constitution. The DoD has the DUTY to repel invasion. Posse Comitatus is there to remind us that the military oughtn’t to round up US citizens in Topeka, it has ZERO to do with the Defense of the Nation under Art 4, Sec 4.

    The US borders have been handed over to be UN controlled neutral zones years ago. You’ve been had. Our military is a puppet, has been since the post WWII new world order was agreed upon. And before anybody gets all uppity at me, yes, I’m a veteran.

    1. Futher:

      The Holy Bible has much to say about being delivered from the heathen. Will America heed His holy word, or learn the lessons the hard way? Either way, the lesson will be taught, and you will learn it.

      “Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is their God? let him be known among the heathen in our sight by the revenging of the blood of thy servants which is shed. Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die; And render unto our neighbours sevenfold into their bosom their reproach, wherewith they have reproached thee, O Lord. So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.”

      It is the UN treaty that defines an army as uniformed and flagged or otherwise of a Nation State. Neither a foreign or international treaty can modify the Constitution. That the invaders are not uniformed and armed with little more than rocks and fists and teeth matters not to the LORD’s Natural Law, the Holy Bible’s Laws of Nations, nor Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution. The invaders presence on our border is NOT a law enforcement matter, strictly speaking. Your government is a captured, foreign operated, international corporate consortium and from what I can see, 90 percent of Americans are its willing accomplices and traitors, one and all.

      Happy Thanksgiving. Tick Tock.

  6. As far as light is concerned and oil lamps, I’m hoping to repurpose my old vacuum pump oil from the harvest right when all my other oils run out. If I would be so bold after a grid down scenario used motor oil, Transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid might work in a pinch for outside lighting among other things.

  7. Thanks for posting the note about the cpap spying. It was for this same reason that I turned down my insurance com offer of a free electronic blood glucose meter that would send my blood sugar levels directly to them. Electronic surveillance is spreading into more & more areas of life. Beware of offers for free electronics that have wifi built in.

    1. You forgot about those gizmos that fit into your car computer under your steering wheel whereby they profess to take GOBS of money of your annual rate if you just plug that do-dad in and then let them monitor everything from your speed, turning ratios, GPS locations, conversations, et al.

      God bless and don’t let them into your home/family!

  8. I also want to wish a great Thanksgiving to everyone here at SB! Hope you can look back at this year & thank God for your blessings. Thank also those who love you, family & friends. When one has family & friends who love you inspite of your faults & shortcomings, it’s a genuine blessing!

  9. Awesome Deal … I’ve made several hgh dollar purchases from Palmetto State and have never been let down with the quality of product, fast service, and from time to time, great price breaks. This is a company that supports its products and offers great customer service. Good to see it mentioned here …

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