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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Pocket NC, a small, innovative company in Bozeman, Montana.



Here is a must-watch video to send to any of your conservative friends who feel the need to get out of the liberal coastal states, but can’t decide where to go: What is the American Redoubt?

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On Yellowstone Grizzly Hunting, Politics and Making Sure to Use Enough Gun

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Over at The Inlander tabloid’s web site: Growing Communities: Where the next booms are about to blow up, plus housing and transportation in 2018

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At another quaint little leftist tabloid: Montana Grizzly Bears Roaming Far Afield: Grizzlies from the Cabinet-Yaak and Selkirk ranges spotted in Washington and Idaho.



Idahoans have cheapest average utility bill in U.S.. JWR’s Comment: Thanks to abundant hydroelectric power, the other American Redoubt states have rates that are nearly as low.

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Idaho transportation workers find two explosives under bridge


Montana (Pocket NC)

Pocket NC is a small company in Bozeman, Montana that has been getting some press. Leveraging off of developments in 3D printing, they’ve developed a five-axis desktop milling machine that allows amazing milling flexibility without the traditional shifting of a workpiece. From their web site: “Upon launch of the campaign, the $70,000 goal was met within the first hour and was sold out within the first week raising a total of $355,000 from 280 backers making it the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Montana history. ”

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Montana Hunter Attacked by Bear Northwest of Columbia Falls


Eastern Oregon

Radian Weapons of Redmond, Oregon is best known for their Raptor line of AR charging handles. They have now expanded their line of custom AR rifles and rifle uppers. It is noteworthy that they’ve wisely standardized with Wylde-chambered barrels. These can safely shoot .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO interchangeably.

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Man burning weeds catches self on fire

Eastern Washington

Washington Police Chief Says He Won’t Enforce Stricter Gun Laws That ‘Infringe’ On Citizens’ Rights.  Like most of eastern Washington, the town of Republic has a very conservative , freedom-loving populace.

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Mysterious purple glow lights up Eastern Washington night sky.

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Another “feel good” measure. Instead of generating revenue, this will cost Washington taxpayers money: Spokane ends gun sales by police



Cracking rock buttress finally falls above Hidden Falls

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Yellowstone officials investigate drone photo


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  1. Noise and nuisance complaints about drones in the parks? How about crying babies and screaming small children? With parents screaming at their misbehaving kids? People riding Harleys? Apparently there is the usual hypocrisy from the powers at be. Lighten up, cannot you people stop being so self centered and realize that we all enjoy different things and the world dose not revolve around you.

    1. The article did mention that someone had crashed a drone into one of the thermal pools in ’14, but I agree that they are not as annoying as some other things. At the least they could try to limit the number of busloads of Asians (sarcasm, kinda).

  2. Viewed video of “artillery shell” noted many irregularities that drew doubt on the identification;shape is off for arty projectile(they are more”aerodynamic” like a high velocity rifle bullet not a low velocity round nosed pistol bullet,no fuse or fuse cavity on nose,”dent” on side had what appears to be a mounting “hole” like it was to be attached to something,arty shells are cast and filled with explosives or submunitions and would be very hard to”dent” it more likely to split if impacted that hard,next are the holes or ports around the circumference of the base and the base that appear to be for the shell to be for a rocket or booster or aerodynamic stabilty(the M549A1 Rocket Assisted Projectile has a booster it is a single port in the base of the projectile). These characteristics lead me to believe this was not artillery projectile but a wing mounted munition/accessory for a aircraft(rocket booster,electronic pod?). I would ask any Airwing or AirForce vets to examine the video to identify this object and prevent unnecessary concern

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