The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“People must understand that the funding for so much of what goes on today comes, at least in the United States, from our great tax-exempt foundations, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and the Pew Foundation. They have fabulous amounts of money – hundreds of billions of dollars – which they then disseminate to religious, political and cultural organizations. Their priority is to change the message of the Christian churches. They’ve certainly infiltrated the Catholic Church and her seminaries; indeed their agents are working at the highest levels of the Catholic Church today, which is why that Church has protected the pedophile priests who have been molesting boys here in America. In the Protestant churches they’ve done similar things; they’ve changed the message there too. People who want to be ministers go to seminaries, and there they learn what they think is the truth. But they don’t understand this: If you want to change the message of the Protestant faith, you must infiltrate the seminaries with people who will subtly change the message while merely professing to believe in Christianity.” – Dr. Stan Monteith, author of Brotherhood of Darkness




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  1. Scary stuff. I’m weird in that I’m not particularly religious, though, I do believe in God, tradition, etc..
    I met a guy through my wife who is heavily involved in the Catholic Church. He was straight out of the infiltrated Central American, Communist wing of the Catholic Church. It was odd to argue with a very religious guy in that I was arguing/debating from a standpoint of right and wrong against a guy who claimed to be very Catholic/religious. However, my arguments were FAR more conservative and pro-Catholicism than his. The guy, for example, is pro-abortion and pro-Communism.

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