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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The UK proves yet again the futility of banning weapons. Even after their recent knife bans, the knife violence continues to escalate.

.22 Long Rifle vs .223 and .40

Reader W.W. sent in this article on a domestic dispute that escalated to a gunfight. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything extraordinary. One guy doesn’t like his girlfriend hanging out with the other guy’s wife. He finds his girlfriend over there and brings a rifle to take her home. The scene escalates and he ends up killing the other guy. Of course Alcohol is involved. But then you start getting into the details. The first guy shows up with a single shot .22LR rifle.

In the firefight, he gets off that single round and kills the other guy. However, the other guy has an AR-15 and and a .40 pistol. He gets of at least 15 rounds from the rifle and 12 rounds from the pistol and never touches the first guy. While the first guy is held 55 days on a $500,000 bond, the grand jury rules it self defense. The comments are as interesting to read as the article too.

Change Your Default Password!

Yet again, we have a story of a family that didn’t change their default password on their video home monitoring system and it got hacked. Apparently, the five year old son came running out of his room to the mother stating that someone was talking to him and it wasn’t his daddy. The hacker then addressed her when she entered the room. She called the police, but of course they couldn’t do anything. The mother is now left with that sinking feeling of violation and wondering how long her family had been monitored. It’s a good reminder for everyone else. Change that default password to your web cams and security system! Thanks to DSV for the link.


As more Americans wake up to the reality that public school is nothing more than a socialist/communist re-education camp, they are flocking to homeschooling as an alternative. As one of our astute commenters noted a couple of weeks ago: Would you trust the government to pick up your rifle every day, then clean it and test it, returning it to you that evening? Why do we trust them with our most prized possession – our children? Reader J.C. sent in this article giving six reasons you should be homeschooling your child. Yes, every parent can do it. There is curriculum already available for those who don’t think they can teach or plan. You have been brainwashed by that same government to think that you are incapable of doing exactly what parents have done for thousands of years.

Russian Buildup

Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large, sent in this article on a possible Russian buildup in the Baltic. The article details an account of Finnish authorities raiding a private island between Finland and Sweden. This was one of seventeen raids that were coducted, ostensibly under the guise of a crackdown on money laundering and cheating on tax and pension payments. However, few of the nearby residents are convinced of that reason. Russia has a history of aggression in the region and denies everything. Most locals believe that the raids are related to a Russian buildup in the area and also believe that Finland is deliberately being quite about the real reasons because they share a border with Russia.

Escalating Knife Violence

Even after the ridiculous “knife bans” that have been taking place across the pond, knife related violence is escalating. SurvivalBlog reader P. sent in this article that states over 69,000 “children” have been wounded, an increase of 4,000 from the year before. Of course one has to wonder if these statistics are fudged the same way firearms incidents are fudged on this side of the pond. Nobody is suggesting that the number is inflated, but the reality here is that the largest portion of “children” involved in these violent incidents are actually gang related. Very seldom are the statistics about “innocent” people as the imagery is conjured up in our heads by the use of the word “children”.

Stabbing at Sony HQ

As an example of the knife violence, the Sony headquarters in London had an incident where two people were injured in a knife fight between kitchen staff. According to witnesses, the two men worked for a catering company and were running chasing each other and slashing each other up. Armed police stormed the building and one person was arrested and led away in handcuffs (apparently not injured), the other was taken to a nearby trauma center. In one of the pictures shared by a witness, I can count nine police vehicles in addition to the ambulance. The building was also evacuated.

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  1. Hard wired is the only way to go. It’s more trouble for installing but worth the piece of mind. Government storage facility’s use only hardwired everything for this exact reason

  2. The 22LR winning the Gun Fight isn’t a surprise. In well over 99% percent of citizen vs citizen, untrained to marginally trained to moderately trained, in these encounters the first shot landed wins REGARDLESS OF CALIBER. These are the facts of the statistics. Why is this? Humans are very averse to suffering injury. It takes serious discipline to get shot and stay in the fight. So, whats the application?
    1. Time To Muzzle On Target is the single most important Gun Fight skill.
    2. Carry the weapon that YOU like, that YOU can hit with, that fits YOU, which YOU are comfortable with. Ignore the stupid caliber “wars”. (proximity to apex predators aside)
    3. Shot placement matters but is LESS IMPORTANT than hitting the bad guy first, anywhere.

    A trained, disciplined, and organized assailant is very rare, less than 1%. Even rarer are multiple disciplined assailants.

    Conclusion: Most Gun Fights happen at less than 7 meters. Go practice your draw, it could save your life. Start slow. Get the mechanics right. Hit the paper plate at 7 yrds every time while gradually increasing the rate at which you draw but demanding that you hit the plate every time. If you need training on drawing your weapon, get it.

  3. people have net connected cameras in their houses? are they retarded? are they from a parallel universe?? how could they be so stupid and still breath un-aided?

  4. Hmm, .22lr vs .223.40. I used to work in the packing house industry where we would use a .22 cal single shot handgun and or a single shot 22 rifle to put down sick and crippled animals. Distances ranged from a few inches to sometimes maybe 10 to 15 ft for a beef. I you knew where to aim or put the muzzle, then no problem. one shot, maybe two at the most. One time my father shot at a dog at a 1/4 of a mile to scare it, instead the dog moved the wrong way and it died 3 days later ( my Mom then asked my Dad if he was happy now, it was her favorite dog ). A retired Secret Service agent once told me that 50% of the people killed by guns in the U.S are killed with a .23lr. I worked with a few people though the yrs who bragged about using a spot light and a .22 to get deer at night. So yeah, .22’s are very dangerous and diedly

  5. Congratulations to the grand jury for finding it was self defense. One thing not mentioned in the article but seems obvious is that it is far more likely that the 22 rifle is in the truck all the time and it was simply coincidental that he had a weapon. The story by twisting words seemed to imply “he took the rife to the fight”, kind of typical for the MSM fake news. When I was young I had a .22 rifle in my truck all the time and unlike the gang youth of today shooting someone with it was the furthest thing from my mind. I might add that it seems to me based on what happened that the young man was 100% correct to dislike his girlfriend hanging out with this other family.

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