Pepper Ball LifeLite, by Pat Cascio

Not all threats need to be met with lethal force, because sometimes a threat can be handled by less force. Today, we check out the Pepper Ball LifeLite.


No matter what type or where threats come from, they are always a dangerous thing. My own wife works as an elementary grade school teacher. Though in a rural area, danger can spring up at any time. Don’t believe for one moment that “it can’t happen here” or that it can’t happen. It does all the time, no matter where you live or work. We’ve all heard the former saying when there is another school or workplace shooting. It does happen all the time. Don’t kid yourself that you are safe any place, not even in your own home.

Not Everyone Wants To Carry a Firearm

Not everyone wants to carry a firearm. Furthermore, not everyone is legally able to carry a firearm, because of rules and regulations at their place of business or due to state and/or local laws prohibiting it. Plus, even if you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, it doesn’t mean you can carry it into every situation. Sometimes, your hands are tied by stupid laws and rules at a workplace. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go unarmed. There are alternatives.

I Remember the First Pepper Spray

I remember when the first pepper spray came out. It was, I believe, when I was in 5th grade. One of my uncles was a Chicago police officer, and he was selling pepper spray by the case full. Being the smart kid that I was, I bought case after case of pepper spray from my uncle and even sold many cases to the teachers at the school I attended. These days, there are still some locations where you can’t even legally carry pepper spray, Mace, or any other similar types of self-defense products.

First Writer to Sample LifeLite Self-Defense Product

A few months back, I was contacted by the PR firm that is responsible for informing the public about LifeLite, which is a new product that showed promise, in my opinion. I was the first writer to get a sample of the LifeLite self-defense product.

There have been pepper sprays that come in cans, and even pepper ball “guns” that shot paintball-like balls that have pepper products inside of them for self-defense use. I’ve always had a problem with the sprays, even when I was a kid, if there was any wind. The odds were really good that if you sprayed someone with this pepper spray, it could blow back into your own eyes. I’ve had it happen. Many law enforcement agencies no longer carry pepper spray or Mace for this reason. Many switched to tasers instead.

LifeLite Appearance

The all-new Pepper Ball LifeLite, with a casual appearance, looks to be a large flashlight to the untrained eye, and that’s a good thing. The LifeLite does have a powerful LED flashlight in it, and it alone is blinding when flashed into someone’s eyes. The light is that powerful. When used at night time, say when you are walking your dog or out for a stroll with your sweetheart, the LifeLite just looks like a flashlight that you are shining on the walk ahead of you.

Hidden Features

However, in addition to the powerful flashlight, there are some hidden features that other competing products don’t have. There is also a built-in laser that operates at the touch of a switch. You just slide it forward, and it activates the laser. Then, if you press down on the hidden button under the laser safety, you can fire up to five pepper balls as fast as you can press down on the trigger. It is all very simple to operate and takes very little practice at all.

Closer Look At LifeLite Features

Let’s take a closer look at the LifeLite features. As already mentioned, the LifeLite looks like a large police type flashlight, which is a good thing. You have a weapon that doesn’t appear to be a weapon. In the front of the LifeLite, you have the hidden red laser and the powerful LED flashlight that operate off of two CR123 batteries. You can also purchase a rechargeable battery pack, which is highly recommended. There is also the loading chamber for the C02 cartridge. Simply unscrew the door and insert your CO2 cartridge. Make sure you tighten the door down as tight as it will go. Then there is the chamber on the front, from where the pepper balls will fire. You load five pepper balls into the back of the LifeLite and once again screw down the door tightly.

Safety Pin

There is a safety pin on the top of the device, much like pulling a pin on a military grenade. Once that is pulled, you can slide the safety door forward, and it operates the laser. To fire, you press down hard on the hidden switch under the safety door, and wherever the laser is pointed is where the pepper balls will strike. It is accurate out to 60 feet or so.

There is a button on the side of the LaserLite that activates the flashlight. That’s it. It’s all easy to operate and takes longer to describe the operation than it does to do it. There is also an included lanyard on the rear of the device that you can wrap around your wrist, so you won’t drop it or have the device taken away from you.

Inert Balls For Practice

Each LifeLite comes with three CO2 cartridges and five pepper balls. It also comes with 10 inert balls, which are used for practice, and it doesn’t take much practice to get this thing into operation. Simply load the CO2 cartridge into the proper chamber, then insert your pepper balls or inert balls, and you are ready to go.

Our Practice Experience

We received extra inert balls and a supply of CO2 cartridges for plenty of practice. It wasn’t needed but served as a lot of fun. Even during bright sunlight, the red laser was easily seen. We practiced shooting the inert balls into the side of our well pump house, which was easy to hit, very easy, with no practice. Just turn on the laser and press down on the trigger, and you hit where the laser was placed. It’s just that simple and easy.

If you go to the website,, you will see how easy it is to load and operate the LaserLite. It doesn’t really take any special skills. You should replace the CO2 cartridge once you have discharged one, two, or all five pepper balls. Of course, you want to always have plenty of CO2 compressed air loaded at all times.

School District Use

As I mentioned, my own wife is a teacher, and I would love to see school districts purchase the LifeLite for every single classroom, where a teacher can keep it locked up in their desk and ready for use if a threat presents itself. Honestly, it beats throwing books or chairs at an attacker and is more effective. The school secretary and principal should also have access to the LifeLite, too. If someone is posing a threat, you simply get the LifeLite out, put that laser center mass, and fire. Once that pepper ball hits them, it instantly “explodes”, releasing the pepper. It will hit them in the face, making it difficult for them to pose a further threat if they can’t see what they are doing.

A Small Investment For Potential Life-Saving Capabilities

The LifeLite doesn’t come cheap. It retails for $299. However, given the potential life-saving capabilities of it, it is a small investment to be made. Many school districts have rules against teachers carrying firearms, even if they have a concealed weapon permit. Here in Oregon, this isn’t a problem. Only state law can stop teachers from being armed in the classroom. However, if you are in a state or school district that doesn’t allow teachers to be armed, the LifeLite is a great alternative and it will save lives.

Holster for Security and Police Officer Use

Many security officers go unarmed for some strange reason. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you need security, you need armed security officers who are trained in the use of firearms. There is nothing wrong with arming police officers with the LifeLite. They sell a holster for carrying them, and this is outstanding!

I’m absolutely sold on the LifeLite. It’s a great alternative to using deadly force, where deadly force isn’t always called for. Check out their website for more information.


  1. I agree completely – when i first started to carry, i ran into a situation where a large obnoxious drunk was trying to pick a fight with me; I realized if it came to a physical confrontation I had two choices – get my a** beat or kill a man. I was able to defuse the situation, but after that incident I resolved to always carry pepper spray as a third alternative whenever I carried my pistol.

  2. In Portland, Seattle, and for trips into other towns and cities, these will be fantastic. Our group was just discussing the current need for a strong non-lethal defense weapon. At $299 it is cheap compared to getting beat up or having a family member hurt, raped or killed. And crime is spreading. Thanks for posting this Pat. I’m ordering.

  3. While I was a Police Officer, a cohort of mine wanted to show me how effective the Pepper Spray was. (He was known to eat insanely hot stuff that would burn your nose hair at a distant whiff) He took the spray and did two quick shots into his mouth, took a couple of smacks and said he had tasted hotter stuff.

    1. @Dan,
      I get that. I personally don’t like sprays, preferring more potentially lethal means, but your cohort’s test is irrelevant. The goal isn’t to spray it into someone’s mouth, but to get it in their eyes and lungs.
      I was driving on a freeway one time eating chili flavored pistachio nuts. I made the mistake of rubbing the corner of my eye when it was itching and really struggled to get off the freeway without having an accident. Eating and seeing are definitely two different things 🙂
      I think the downfall of pepper spray is that those who are perpetuating crime are most likely hyped up on some form of stimulant which may render the spray irrelevant.

      1. I’ve done all type of stimulants, and also gone through the tear gas chamber when in the Army. I don’t see how doing meth or coke would make tear gas or pepper spray ineffective.

        1. As an EMT, I’ve personally seen a case of drug enhancement where the perp needed a dozen officers to take him down. He swatted tasers aside like they were flies and pepper spray had zero effect. I think that one was “bath salts”, but I’ve also seen people hyped up on meth that were pretty close to that. They felt no pain and seemed to have super strength for a short time. Granted, they were in severe medical (respiratory) stress within minutes, but they did significant damage in just a short while. Not much coke/crack in this area.

  4. Being a former LEO and Corrections Officer I have seen many instances where pepper spray had absolutely no effect on people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Still it may give you a temporary edge to make a decision about fight or flight, which LEO’s don’t have the option…

  5. It should be noted that what helps set this apart from traditional peppersprays besides the covert nature of it looking like a flashlight, is the standoff distance and the impact energy. The impact energy alone is potentially be enough to scare off any threats. It’s not until one fires the unit and hears the smack of a projectile hitting the target that it becomes apparent how potent the unit is. It’s something that almost needs to be experienced to understand. The impact is strong enough that most threats will be temporarily confused as to what just happened. Combine that with the effects of the powder, and it’s a very effective one – two punch.

  6. I just read about this unit the other day and am glad now it’s recommended on Survival Blog.

    The $299 is cheap when one counts the cost of a an Attorney on a justifiable use of your weapon.

    Also, the lightb and laser of the unit are also powerful deterrences.
    And if things really start to get out of hand one can always draw their firearm.

    Thanks for the review

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