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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Israel is under attack yet again by Hamas.

Israel Under Attack

Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Field Gear Editor, sent in this article showing yet another attack on Israel from Gaza. There are several videos in the article that show the Iron Dome defense system being deployed against multiple inbound rockets. Witnesses claim that there were tens of dozens of rockets launched in an attempt to overwhelm the Iron Dome defense system. Some rockets landed successfully while ten were intercepted. Sadly, even the intercepted rockets can do damage as there is debris falling from every collision. The Israeli Air Force struck 80 Hamas targets in retaliation and the government is asking citizens not to gather in groups larger than 100 in open areas or larger than 500 in closed areas.

Group Think Guide

Reader D.B. showed just how far the PC culture has gone. This is a group think guide for using “inclusive language” and vocabulary in startups and tech companies. This is the level of speech policing now happening in Silicon Valley/San Francisco. This, by the way, is the end result of public school indoctrination that the country has suffered under for years.

Deep Fake Videos

Reader G.P. sent in this YouTube video that shows just how good the deep fake videos are getting. If you pay close attention, you can still tell that the video has issues, but a casual glance or a lower resolution would pretty much hide the flaws. The improvements in this realm of computer animations have come so far and so fast that I doubt it will be long before you won’t be able to tell. Video evidence will no longer be able to be trusted without a forensic study of the source. Given the current fast trigger finger in politics today, the damage will already have been done when the video is proven to be false.

Smart City Nightmare

Google is struggling with privacy issues in Quayside, a conceptual smart neighborhood located in Toronto. They’ve lost their lead expert and consultant over a disagreement with the current plan. The plan would give the trust power to approve data collection that hasn’t been anonymized or “de-identified”. Google claims that they are following the consultants advice and that they plan to post signs near every camera and add their locations to a registry. Google also promises to destroy collected data on a rolling seven day schedule. Right. Do you trust them to do that considering how many times they have been found to violate your privacy (or allow others to do it) through their phone and browser platforms?

Safety First

Reader T.J. sent in this video from Active Self Protection. This particular video gives an example of why you should always follow the firearm rules of safety. There isn’t alot of data given on where this incident occurs, but what is clear is that the person ignores safety. He picks up a firearm, and without checking it, proceeds to wipe it down cleaning it. At one point, he has the firearm pointed at his own gut and he wipes down the trigger. You can imagine what happens next. We don’t know whether he made it or not, but it is clearly a preventable self-inflicted wound. The other person in the video calls for help on his cell phone, but doesn’t seem to offer any sort of first aid. Remember, safety comes first!

Public School Indoctrination

Reader DSV sent in this article showing how public school is the time-honored, primary indoctrination tool of governments around the world. Especially when the school attendance is mandatory, Teachers have a captive audience for a significant portion of the day. They haven’t yet figured out how to make those students smart or productive, but they sure know how to make them submissive and obedient. As one commentor on SurvivalBlog previously stated – Would you trust the government to pick up your rifle at your door, clean it, tune it and then return it to you every day? Or any other of your precious possessions? Yet we allow them to take our children and indoctrinate them against the very core of our ideals.

Netflix Endorses Kiddie Porn

The media does a pretty good job of group indoctrination as well. Reader H.L. sent in this article showing how Netflix has introduced a new cartoon targeting children. This new show has two obviously demonic characters that teach pre-pubescent children to engage in perverse sexual and homosexual activity of all kinds. Called “Big Mouth”, the show has a average age viewership of about 11 and features repeated animated genitals of young children. You would think that the language used in the show would suggest an older target audience, but the portrayal of young children make it unsuitable for adults. Actually, it’s unsuitable for all but the most depraved minds.

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  1. Re. Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’

    This once-great, not God-forsaken nation is closer to its end than I realized.

    One of our greatest hopes for the future is our homeschool families. I never thought I would live where they are the norm. It’s like living in a completely different world.

  2. I already felt that Netflix blew it with their Netflix Original show that promotes and glorifies teen suicide. I didn’t think they could get much worse than that. Apparently they can.

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