The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings instantly devolved into hen house histrionics, mutual mooning and feces flinging. As intended. No news story or commentary was complete without recapping “Our Story Thus Far” in tedious nanodetail and blather about a turning point in American history fully equal to the Battle of Gettysburg. No. It wasn’t. It was a job interview for the Star Chamber. In the end he was hired, after much signaling in Senateese that the Constitution will remain captive in the high court’s cellar, bound and gagged and beaten at intervals.” – Ol’ Remus, in his Yer ‘Ol Woodpile Report blog


  1. What if freedom was temporary? – Andrew Napolitano

    What if Kavanaugh was a liberal who supported stare decisis in Roe v Wade, the Surveillance State, the Common Use test for firearms ownership under Heller, the abolishment of the 4th amendment, and a host of other progressive wins over the last century and is a disciple of Justice Stevens? And what if the Left and the Right put on a big show just to keep the dems agitated and to get the Right to support a Neo-liberal/con? What if it was all Cakes and Circuses?

    What if?

  2. And Kavanaugh, like Republicans, will not save one unborn child. But his sponsor had an ‘R’ after his name. That’s as deep as we so-called conservative think today.

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