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Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on future collector cars–that is, current production models that are likely to become collectible. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)


Precious Metals:

Video: Gold Speculators Are Least Bullish In Years

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Over at Kitco: First Digital Gold, Now Silver To Be Added To Blockchain Platform



The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) just set a record for the longest bull market in its history.  Just short of 10 years with no reversals of more than 20%.  The MSNBC Cheering Section will tell you “it is a great time to buy”, but pleas e be objective, folks. There are now a lot of stocks that are overbought. P/E ratios haven’t been this out of whack since just before the 2008 debacle. And similar P/E ratios were seen just before the 2000 crash. So this is probably a good time to do some profit taking and diversify your holdings.

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Speaking of P/E ratios, let’s discuss a company that doesn’t have one. It has never turned a profit. When I last checked, Tesla Motors (TSLA)–which trades on the NASDAQ–was down again, to $321.23 per share.  It is hard to believe that Wallet Investor’s long range forecast presently shows the stock at $589.53 in five years.  I’m not much on stock predictions, but my gut is telling me that it will be priced under $50 a share, by then. I can foresee that much more lean small companies will steal most of their market share. And a lot of Tesla’s high valuation and hype was built on government subsidies.  Time will tell…


Economy & Finance:

An interesting article about the defunct DDR currency, over at CoinWorld: A wall falls and a nation disappears, but its notes live on

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Target CEO raves about the state of the economy: This is the best consumer environment ‘I’ve seen in my career’



Why Did the SEC Reject All Derivative-Backed Bitcoin ETFs?

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China Tightens the Noose on 124 Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Tangibles Investing: (Future Collector Cars)

20 Late-Model Cars Destined to Become Classics

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The 10 hottest future collectibles of 2018



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  1. Well, I figured there would be more movement in the stock market downward than what we’ve seen recently. Yet the shaving cream just keeps piling up underneath the paper, so not surprised that PM values have fallen so much. Until the stock market starts its inevitable slide, I would not expect Gold, Silver, or Platinum to recover any sort of value. However, I doubt their values can fall too much more. Now and anytime up till Wall Street signals bear market would be a really good time to get all the precious metals you can stand, and only physical possession is worth buying. Certs and deposits will be worthless once the market reverses. You better have it in your hands, or it isn’t really yours at all.

    I am going all in on Platinum. It stands to recover the most value over the next few years, and should overtake gold by about double. But really, anyone who gets into any PM now will come out a winner, or at least gain enough from that to offset other losses a little. Remember, PM is never a strong earning investment and should never be treated as such, it is a hedge against more risky investments, and you can’t eat gold.

  2. Stocks:
    “And a lot of Tesla’s high valuation and hype was built on government subsidies. ”

    Which is why I never bought any, or want to buy any.

  3. Tesla can afford to lose all the money they want to, it’s not their money. OTOH, if they ever make a penny it will still be your money they are getting. P.T. Barnum was an armature. And the stock price then? $1000.00 or more because any company that print free money is ‘worth’ plenty in paper.

    “Why Did the SEC Reject All Derivative-Backed Bitcoin ETFs?” You ask?
    Because the Banksters are caught out of position and will not allow anything to replace their gravy train. Once the Major Money Center Banks are in a position to at least profit from, if not control, the trading of Crypto no common trading vehicles will be allowed. It’s probably better to buy the actual coins yourself anyway. Of course, what was meant for a global decentralized fee free transfer of value will, very likely, become the NWO global cashless currency.

    On a side note, well not really a side note, the way to defeat evil is in the Holy Bible. Just a random FYI that may or may not pertain.

  4. I would personally go with precious metals and future collectible cars! Great list of possible collectible cars there. I’m looking at a 2014 Raptor SVT special edition and might take it home soon. It needs some protection like new bed liner and bed cover and been looking at a good list here( Thinking of adding a protective coat as well to preserve the color well.

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