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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. You might be surprised at who is behind your Real ID.

Strategic Relocation

Kit Perez has started a new series on relocation, over at the American Partisan blog. It is titled: Strategic Relocation: Are You Missing Out?


The latest numbers of Venezuelans fleeing because of lack of food and shortages of medicine are placed around 2.3 million according to the U.N. Of those interviewed, lack of food seems to be the primary reason they are leaving, but the U.N. is emphasizing that the severe shortages of medicine and medical supplies is a factor as well. They note that over 100,000 Venezuelans are living with HIV/AIDS and are at risk. Meanwhile, it appears that a number of Venezuelans have found refuge in Scotland. Apparently Aberdeen along with several other communities have become a tiny oasis for refugees fleeing the social and economic strife. Thanks to G.P. and H.L. for the links.

New Zealand

If you were planning to expatriate to New Zealand (or just wanting a vacation home there), things just got a bit complicated. It appears that you weren’t alone. Foreigners buying homes in New Zealand have caused the same problems as Californians in the rest of the United States. Wealthy foreigners (primarily from Silicon Valley and China apparently) have been buying homes at a such a rate that they have driven up the price beyond what most New Zealanders can afford. As a result, New Zealand just passed a law banning foreigners from purchasing home. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn’t believe that the foreigners are responsible for the rise in costs despite the fact that three to five percent of all homes are selling to them. However, the liberal-led government is fulfilling a campaign promise by implementing the ban. Thanks to G.P. for the link.


We reported earlier that Cody Wilson had been kicked of Shopify in violation of his contract with them and it would appear that Shopify’s anti-gun campaign is just getting started. Franklin Armory has announced that they also have been kicked off of Shopify, again, in violation of the contract. The changes are due to Shopify changing their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to include firearms related paraphernalia such as pistol grips, barrels, and magazines larger than 10 rounds in their “Restricted items” category. Shopify has joined the financial institutions in making it difficult to do business with companies that make your Second Amendment possible. It’s time to leave Shopify altogether.

Real ID

Who is processing your state’s Real ID? Chances are good that it is IDemia, a global corporation that runs the biometric programs for billions of citizens worldwide, including the Real ID programs in at least 42 states. Reader GNO sent in this link to this document that explains who they are and what they do. This is starting to get a bit worrisome.

Florida School Shooter

A couple of bombshells were dropped concerning the Parkland shooter this last week. It would appear that the shooter was using five round magazines (or possible 10 round magazines with a limiter). This is half of the capacity that the federal Assault Weapon Ban wants us limited to. Think about that for a moment. The 9th worst modern mass shooting in which 19 victims died was perpetuated with five round magazines. Surely this is proof that magazine limits are not worth the paper they are printed on. Magazine capacity only matters when your target is shooting back at you. Second, because the shooter had to reload so many times, it’s clear that an armed teacher could have intervened in the shooting (while Broward County Deputies coward outside). Thanks to D.S. for the link.

Justifying SkyNet

Reader G.P. sent in this article that attempts to justify your robotic overlord. Apparently, humans who are overseen by a humanoid robot manage to complete the work better and faster when the robot is seen as a “bad” robot. The researchers claim that the humans have a raised sense of alertness that improves their focus. This is nothing new though. We all know that an overbearing boss standing behind your desk accomplishes the same thing. It’s just that most bosses don’t have the time to do that.

NM Terrorist

In an amazing example of judicial stupidity, a New Mexico judge has released the Muslim terrorist who trained children to perform school shootings with only an ankle bracelet and a bond that is identical to that given to a shop lifter. The liberal judge also ordered supervised visits with their children. The primary suspect has not been released though as he is also being held on a separate Georia warrant for the kidnapping and possible murder of his own child. Thanks to W.W. for the link.

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  1. Maybe this whole series of shenanigans in Venezuela is actually a brilliantly executed socialist plan by Maduro and the government. What do you do when all the free giveaway programs to the poor/lazy cost more than the income of taxing the productive citizens? Either tax the productive citizens more, which only works to a point, or get rid of the poor/lazy. In a food and medical shortage, the poor/lazy are the first to go since the productive citizens have the means to subsist. These are the immigrants you are bringing into your country, the ones that have no ambition to work or be productive. So the government limits food, water, and medical shipments reaching the people, mimicking the grid down transportation disaster we all talk about here. Probably stockpiling it all in warehouses somewhere for easy distribution later. The emigration begins when conditions get bad enough. Meanwhile, Venezuela is trimming their expenditures. This will have a quick turnaround when enough of the freeloaders have exited. Don’t be surprised if they are somehow not allowed to return. It is a Socialist reset.

    1. It isn’t a socialist reset. It is a socialist catastrophe. By using the word brilliant in the same sentence as the word socialist you are creating an expectation that is nearly impossible to reach. As far as I know there has never been an example of those two things existing in the same time at the same place. What is happening is the inevitable, the unraveling of an unsustainable Society. They are not the first nor will they be the last.

    2. Vlad the Impaler took care of his poor and homeless problem by inviting them all to a great feast. Once inside the hall he had the doors barred and burned it to the ground. Problem was solved. Now CA has chosen the other route and are providing them with every thing they desire and all they are getting is more homeless.

      1. Vlad held a “stake” party to stop the Mongols who saw what he was capable of and turned around and left. Words have meanings and those who attended wished they had known the difference.

  2. Real ID is a really bad idea, much like tracking chips for your pets, for your livestock (I can’t believe ranchers/farmers are falling for this crap). Next it will be your kids, (it’s for their safety you know). Exactly the same with all “gun control”. Resist as much and as long as possible, then simply drop out of the population figures. It’s all about control and being able to track where each and every one of us is, who we talk to, what we are doing. It’s not rocket science, just engage your brain in it’s logical thinking mode.

    As far as these commie companies that limit their use by firearms/ammo/ related equipment. Where is it written anyone has to use them. Are there not enough people in this country that have the moxie to develop an alternate? Perhaps encouraging firearms/ammo sellers to use their services and lets say limiting or outright banning use by the libtard/antifa/sjw/politically correct (an oxymoron term if I ever heard one) crowd…

    It all boils down to telling the “state”, in all it’s forms, to quit acting in the manner of that Georgie boy character our founders told to bugger off back in 1776. By our apathy we have allowed the country to come full circle and are now back to (or worse) the times of having to ask permission practically before we can wipe our backside.

    We will have our “Country” back, one way or another….
    And I know the hosts and visitors of this site know of what I speak…. R U Ready?

  3. Re: New Zealand and foreign ownership of homes. I do not understand why WE allow foriegn ownership of homes/land/businesses. Our country should be run for the benefit and safety of the citizens not for foreigners. Why should a Russian oligarch be allowed to by a Florida mansion? Why should rich foreigners be allowed to buy American farms. It makes no sense.

  4. SkyNet, read bad boss. this happened to me some years ago. You said most bosses won’t stand behind you, but if a overbearing boss has animus toward you, watch out. I experienced this a number of years ago, he wanted to fire me to bring the rest of the gang into line, but I got tired of the BS and retired before he could do anything and to this day I don’t know what I did or didn’t do piss him off.

  5. REAL ID- I remember reading the warnings on more than a few blogs, Way back when AOL 3.1 was gouging us by the hr. I have come to the conclusion that there is no stopping the advancement of Government intrusion. Even the lip service that our elected congress critters give it amounts to nothing but phony concern. I like Lamars comment…Basically saying its fine so lone as we have a debate over it. Getting around by horseback and using the local vet instead of a medical doctor is looking better and better.

  6. There was an article a couple years ago in an UK newspaper about a couple wanting to emigrate to NZ. The husband was accepted but the wife wasn’t. They said she was to fat and would be a burden on their healthcare system. So she had to lose the weight to move there. Amazing the border laws some countries have while all we have is a welcome mat and it’s not even in english.

  7. re; Florida School Shooter

    This is a point I always try to make to non-gun or anti-gun people… these mass shooting situations always involve large groups of people trapped in small spaces they can’t escape.

    Recall the Sandy Hook shooting: Adam Lanza broke into an elementary school and methodically killed 20 small kids and 6 adults. Of course, the issue became the gun, not the nut case … an “assault weapon” with large capacity magazines was to blame…
    Truth be told, he could have done the exact same thing with a single shot rifle, because those kids were trapped in a classroom with no where to go… and 6 year olds can’t fight back.

    In a situation like the Florida high school, the same attack could have been accomplished with a lever action rifle… shooting into a crowd doesn’t require a careful aim.

    The “military weapon” and “large capacity magazine” arguments are just a canard meant to sway people who know nothing about firearms.

  8. re:
    Comment by Heisenberg

    We live near the outskirts of goofball central == Eugene, Oregon. Just like Californians, we see the results of making it too easy for folks. The idea of reverse communism has merit… establish some roadblocks, and the goofballs will flow downhill to an easier place to exist.

    L. Neil Smith discusses this in his novels, FORGE OF THE ELDERS and PALLAS and others.

    Face the forge, temper your steel.

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