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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Eastern Oregon Data Centers. (See the Eastern Oregon section.)



I heard that Seekins Precision (in Lewiston, Idaho) has just added some great .224 Valkyrie uppers and complete rifles to their product line. Note: When I last checked, their web site had not yet been updated to show their new .224 Valkyrie products. So call them for details.

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Final plan for central Idaho wilderness area approved

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Two Idaho men to stay free after time served in Bundy standoff

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Good Growth or Good Grief?

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Bank robberies are a real rarity for North Idaho: Shots fired at CDA bank, suspect died at the scene (But good marksmanship is hardly a rarity, in the Redoubt.)



Service from the Saddle. Forty-five years after the first Back Country Horsemen chapter formed in Columbia Falls, members across the nation remain faithful to the founding principle of prioritizing service to the resource

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Road Kill and Recovery: Record grizzly bear mortalities and removals tallied this year in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem

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Kootenai Forest Fire Grows 1,200 Acres Overnight

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There’s Bitcoin Gold in Them Thar Hills–Cryptocurrency miners reveal the site selection process that led them to Montana.

Eastern Oregon (Eastern Oregon Data Centers)

Inexpensive hydroelectric power, low land costs, and low labor costs are encouraging may tech giants to establish server farms operations in the Inland Northwest. The crypto miners are following, for the same reasons. This article is indicative of the trend:

Big data: Amazon’s footprint expands in Eastern Oregon

The article begins:  “Though the tech giant has been firmly planted in the area since 2010, it was a while before anyone said the name “Amazon” out loud.

The electronic commerce enterprise operates several data centers at the ports of Umatilla and Morrow under the name Vadata, Inc., and is constructing others in Umatilla County. But it has been mum on most of the details of its operations in the area, even as its footprint continues to expand.

In nearly a decade since the company came to Eastern Oregon, it has established data centers at two sites in Morrow County and two in Umatilla County. Two others are under construction — one in each county.”

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FBI assisting in case of missing couple

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Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision enters home stretch


Eastern Washington

Growing Spokane, Washington, sheds its sleepy city image

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10-time convicted felon back in jail

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At the western edge of the Redoubt: Grass Valley Fire grows to nearly 75,000 acres



Wyoming changing to new temporary vehicle tags

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BLM wild horse plan concerns Mustang Center


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  1. Those data centers are a ripoff. They were given property tax “deals” so they pay little in property tax. They hire foreign workers so the local population gains nothing. The make/create nothing there so there is no “profit” to tax. All they do is suck up the available electricity which will make all electricity prices go up for everyone. They are no better than parasites.

  2. Actually data centers hire almost no one, locals or foreigners. The server farms are designed to work mostly unstaffed. Idiotic people in government think ‘oh, big facility, lots of jobs.’ Nope, but a big drain on power and water resources.

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