Preparedness Notes for Tuesday – August 07, 2018

August 7th, 1933 The birthday of the late Jerry Pournelle. He, along with Larry Niven authored the survivalist classic Lucifer’s Hammer. Pournelle passed away on September 8, 2017.


  1. Love that book. I need to find another copy to put back into my library.
    Including that it either sinks Kalifornia or makes it into an island.
    “Hot fudge Sundae arrives on a Tuesday”

  2. Great author and great book.
    Lucifer’s Hammer is among my all time favorites
    Others are:
    On the Beach by Neville Shute
    Alas Babylon by Pat Frank
    Earth Abides by George R Stewart

  3. Thank you for the recommendations. I learned with Lucifer’s Hammer (which I loved) to listen to the audio-book while exercising AND get the print book for those spots on the CD which are scratched and the player won’t read. I get them from the library so no $$$ outlay.

    My twenty-something nephew read Lucifer’s Hammer on my recommendation. Now I have more for him.

    I now am in the middle of Alas Babylon. Appreciating it greatly and amazed at the history that I was too young to know then. It was written in 1959 and is so similar to 2018. The more things change…

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