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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Thommy Robinson gives a powerful interview with Tucker Carlson today.

Call for Biological Attacks

A pro ISIS media group is publicly calling for biological attacks against Western targets. The group has published a series of posters that encourage the attacks and the city shown in at least one of the posters is clearly San Francisco. The article also contains an English transcript where a narrator explicitly gives directions on what types of bacteria and virus are effective and how they should be collected, processed and used. Of course, you won’t find this report in the mainstream media. Note that the campaign explicitly claims that the European Union is developing biological attacks for use against the Muslims to humiliate them, but in actuality, it is Muslims using biological and chemical weapons against themselves. Thanks to reader P. for the link.

Tommy Robinson Interview

Tucker Carlson had an exclusive interview with Tommy Robinson this week. In the interview, Tommy details how the legal system was used against him and how the pro-Islamic justice system kept shuttling him around to limit his access to his lawyers. For two months, the courts played this game with him and when he was finally able to see a judge, there were so many illegal discrepancies in how his case was handled that the Judge had to free him. While in prison, he was given very limited rations and he ended up losing nearly 40 pounds in just a little over two months. Even in a system without our 1st Amendment rights, this was a travesty of justice.

911 Call Centers

When you need them the most within the next few seconds, they are only minutes away…or not. In this report by the Wall Street Journal, the author details how call centers are having a tough time staffing. The call centers need workers who are willing to work nights, weekends and holidays but typically for very low pay. You would think that since this is the link between those who desperately need help and those who can give the necessary aid that cities and counties would treat the job accordingly, but you would be wrong. As the job market heats up, the problem will only continue to get worse.

I know in our county, the unified dispatching service is considered a low level job and they pay accordingly. As a result, even the EMS, Fire, and police get frustrated with the level of incompetence often shown when being dispatched. Note that you may need a login to read the full article. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Bugs of War

The Patriot nurse released a video on the alcohol resistant bacteria that is starting to appear. This is a very problematic development as these bacteria can cause severe health problems. The issue is similar to the problem where overuse of antibiotics has caused the emergence of bacteria that is resistant to medication. Here, the issue is the fact that most hand sanitizers commonly used are alcohol based. These are the sanitizers that you find at the entrance to grocery stores, in our own bathrooms and that people commonly carry with them. Even hospitals have these sanitizer dispensers nearly everywhere. The Patriot Nurse makes a very compelling argument against trying to make the entire world sanitary.

Unclog Drains

Reader DSV sent in this article on ways to unclog your drain naturally. You normally don’t pay much attention to your drains until they stop working. I know this last week our tub/shower stopped draining well. By the time you finished your shower, you were standing in a partially filled tub of soapy water. Being on a septic tank system rather than a sewer makes you very sensitive to what you put down your drains and we were reluctant to use strong chemicals. In our case, it turned out that the dog gets bathed once a week in this shower and much of her hair had escaped the drain filter. Fishing the clumps out of the drain with a wire hook took care of our issue. That little tidbit along with several others are included in this article and present great alternatives to Drano or other chemicals.

Lessons Learned

In this video sent in by reader T.J., Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge goes over the footage of the recent police shooting in Los Angeles where a hostage was shot. Using video footage released from the police body cameras, Reid shows how the situation unfolded, which police officer was in a position to shoot the bad guy and which police officers should not have fired. When the first officer who had a clear shot of the bad guy fired, the others fired sympathetically, but since their margin for error was so small, the hostage took fire and was killed. This is a good evaluation of the shooting and has some good lessons for both police and those who carry. (Warning: contains extreme violence)

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  1. Strange that the MSM has released a flurry of articles about Ebola and superbugs as of late. There’s few stories that are published by the MSM without some agenda being pushed forward.

  2. You got to appreciate the irony of ISIS targeting cities where the people in those cities are the first to defend them. It reminds me on how the press sides with the socialist/dictators, but when they take over, one of first group they target is the press.
    A friend of mine’s family cleans out septic fields. She told me that if you put in leaven every six months or so in it, it will eat up a lot of the yuk. After 25 years at her house, she has never had her field emptied. She said not to spread the word, since it is the family business. Oh well.
    My daughter was a 911 operator in Flint Michigan area. Pay was so bad she became a EMT. Their pay was not much better so she became a paramedic. That pay was only a little better, so now she is a semester away from being a nurse. She will make two to three times more money and have a lot less responsibility. It is hard to understand why this is so. You would think that people who have the responsibility to treat you in emergency situation would get paid more, especially in Flint. She helped train special forces medics from all over the world there. They would come to Flint because it had the most war like situations in the United States. She was shot at more than my Special Forces son. Crazy.

      1. It is just the leaven you use to make bread. She never told me how much. I put in a cup every six months. So far it seems to work. We had our field cleaned, mostly because my husbands parents are living with us and they have alzheimer’s disease and tend to put things in the toilet that they shouldn’t. Our field was pretty clean except for a lot of hair. When the world falls apart we will all keep our hair very short.

        1. You are confusing “leaven” baking soda/baking powder with yeast which can be used to restore the necessary bacterial activity for a septic system to function. It is necessary to have the tank cleaned(pumped out) at minimum every 5 years(normal family use) to prevent solids from filling the ditribution boxes and field lines,if they do it is doubtful the system can be saved and a new field installed or the property can be condemned(have seen it happen).

    1. @Sandy,

      Regarding septic pumping…

      Having used a septic tank & field for the better part of my life, I’m very familiar with their management. Yes, putting yeast in your septic tank will help eat organic material that can fill and clog the system. At issue is if your tank gets too full of solids, they can drift into your drain field and clog it. That usually means ripping the old one out and putting in a new one. However, a properly maintained septic tank will develop all the yeast and bacteria it needs to self maintain as long as you don’t flush stuff down that you shouldn’t. Bleach (chlorine) and other harsh chemicals should never be sent to the septic tank. That means if you use a bleach or harsh chemical to clean your sink or toilet, you have to keep it from going down the drain. The reason you would put yeast (leaven) in your tank is to restart the colonies because you’ve used things like that (by accident or on purpose.)
      But that is not the only reason you pump the tank. There are always things that end up in the septic tank that cannot be eaten by bacteria. Baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, dirt, inorganic lint, etc… If you don’t regularly pump this stuff out, it becomes almost like concrete on the bottom of the tank. You can only get that out if you drain the tank and use some sort of impact tool to break it up which stands a good chance of damaging the tank (especially if it is concrete) After 25 years, the capacity of the tank will be significantly reduced. A reduced capacity spells trouble again for the drain field. The tank must have enough capacity for the solids to settle out or they float into the field and cause the same problems that a tank full of solids causes.

      Septic tanks require regular maintenance to operate well.

    2. I don’t believe anyone in Flint MI is/was shot at more than our special forces in service. Let’s give credit to our young men fighting for our freedoms. There’s a reason the DOD doesn’t place women in combat as they state it’s a threat to national security. After serving both in Afghanistan and Iraq I tend to agree with their limitations on the battlefield.

  3. Sandy and Hugh,
    Thanks for the replies. I have a septic system. I use RidX and have it pumped about every five years. I didn’t recognize leaven as referring to yeast.
    Good tips!

  4. At my brother-in-law’s house they use RidX once a month. In 40 years they have never had to get it pumped out, NEVER. I don’t know for a fact, but I suspect the septic and drain field are sized for a 3 or 4 bedroom house, theirs is 2 bedroom with one bath.

  5. Hmm, a few yrs ago, I had our septic system pumped after noticing the tank cover was broken and rusted away. The guy doing the pumping looked into the collector tank ( I guess that is what it is called ) and said that it was pretty clean for not having been pumped for 15 yrs, To which I said that we have been using Ridex on regular schedule and he laughed and said that was like giving candy to a baby. End of story, I paid for a 2 and a half gallons of special bacteria. It is or was suppose to to be good for 2 to 3 yrs. Is it ? good question, but then again no problems so far.

    1. It’s like they say in Conservative circles in europe. “Last century they fought to take away our right to bear arms —guns (2A) and this century they lock us up having taken away our freedom of speech (1A).”

      Don’t ever relinquish your guns folks! Never ever!

    2. You know, we fought two wars to get the Brits off our backs and out of our lives. But, like the battered wife, we keep coming back for more abuse. The “ten miles square” has a really nasty habit of selecting really lousy friends and allies for the good ole USA. When do we finally realize that the denizens of the swamp, no matter which party, are just not the kind of folks you bring home the meet the parents.

      Republicans and Democrats, working together, have caused every problem we have in this country. Just think of any problem, put the phrase “Republicans and Democrats have caused….” in front of it, and it clearly points to the reason there are so many unresolved, lingering, problems in this country.

      The same goes for the really cr**py friends they choose for us.

  6. Drain clogs; the garbage disposal; I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people do it. they run the debris into the disposal until the drain starts backing up. Then they quickly turn the disposal on, then off. this ENSURES a clog, as half-chewed debris has now clogged the small holes leaving the disposal. When you use the disposal, RUN the disposal until it runs clean. You’ll know when it’s clear, as it’ll just run quiet and smooth. Then, LEAVE the water running a bit, so that the debris will thin out as it goes down the drain line. Shutting the water off right away causes the debris to pile up at the first little whoop-de-doo in the drain line. For those if us in drought-prone areas, this is even more important, as nanny state-mandated “low flow faucets” don’t provide enough water to flush the drain line. When you run the water, run it HOT, as this will also keep grease buildup to a minimum.

    Bathroom sink/shower; most of the clogs in these are hair clogs, and they’re usually right there below the drain, in the trap. I swear by the cheap plastic “hair snares” sold at hardware and home improvement stores. The one I use is marketed as “Zip-It.” I have yet to need more than that in the bathroom, and it beats the heck out of using a coat hanger!

  7. Our plumber friend who owns his own business swears that if you dump 2gallons of boiling water waterdown your drain once a month you ll eliminated most of your drainage problems. It keeps the pipes clean. After 13 years we had our old septic system pumped. The man who pumped it said we could go even longer if the females didn’t flush tampons down it. We had 3 to 5 people living there during that time.

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