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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Check out Wranglerstar’s new firefighting tractor setup!

Firefighting Tractor

With this years fire season devastating much of the American west coast, this video from Wranglerstar comes in at a critical time. He has basically taken his fire-skid and strapped it down to the forklift attachment of his tractor, giving him the ability to put firefighting gear where it is needed quickly. While he spends time detailing the features of this particular rig, he also talks about fire evacuation orders. Many a home has been lost because of the lack of a man with a shovel. When the order to evacuate comes, you have to remember that even though it is “mandatory”, only you can really make that decision. If you have prepared your property in advance, all that may be necessary to save your home is the fast-attack capability of a shovel. This profiled kit is more advanced, placing a foam system with 150 gallons of water at your disposal. With something like this and proper planning, there is no reason to lose your home to fire. Thanks to T.J. for the link.

NRA in Trouble

According to this article sent in by reader KAA, the NRA is in financial trouble. The root problem is the pressure that is being placed on companies that do business with the NRA. Many insurance companies and financial institutions are refusing to do business with the organization due to the false claims by anti-gun stooges that the NRA is in the business of selling guns. This is governmental and corporate blackmail at it’s worst. The NRA has filed suit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state’s financial regulators asking for the court to block the state from blacklisting them. Note that this report is from Rolling Stone who gleefully reports that the NRA is going out of business and links them to the ever popular Russian agents.

Corporate Zampolit

The Soviet military often had Zampolit in addition to the regular officers. These were political commissars who’s job was to ensure that the crews and companies held to the policies and politics of the party line. One example of this can be seen in Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October” where the captain of the sub had to kill the political officer to defect. While that depiction is somewhat romanticized, the function of the Zampolit was pretty boring. Sadly, American corporations have now instigated this same sort of officer under the name of their corporate Diversity directors or other HR relevant staff. This article shows just how powerful these positions have become in modern corporations. Thanks to T.J. for the link.

The Diary of Anne Frank Production

Reader DSV sent this article in of an L.A. production of “The Diary of Anne Frank”. While the original story is not without some controversy, it is a heart rending story that captivates your attention and helps you empathize with the plight of the Jews persecuted under the Nazi regime. There’s just one problem with this production. The Nazis have been replaced by ICE and Anne Frank is now a Latin illegal alien. I really hate it when producers attempt to modernize historical productions and introduce SJW nonsense and political lies into the storyline.

Don’t Give Your Child a Phone

When raising my children, I refused to give them phones when they were young. The pressure that they received from their friends was, at times, overwhelming. It seemed that every child had a phone. Even the dumb phones were at best a distraction and at worst a tool for cheating, spying, and other nefarious things in school. But I held my ground and they could only get a phone when they were willing to pay for it. There is even some evidence that this early addiction to electronic devices is detrimental to the a child’s development. Finally, one British psychiatrist is giving parents some help in combating this peer pressure to supply their child with these devices. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Cast Your Beer Cans

Reader TZ sent in this video of a guy who melted down his used beer cans and cast them into an AR-15 lower receiver. While not of the same quality as one that you might purchase, it is a good homemade version. You can see some physical imperfections in the body of the receiver, but none that hurt the function. This video shows the casting process that he used. It would appear that all of his foundry equipment is homemade. The video walks the viewer through the whole process of casting, showing the problems that he encountered. This is a multi-part video and is fascinating to watch.

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  1. OK, I’m a Luddite who hates cell phones (and all frivolous gadgets and frivolous pursuits). But be honest, can you imagine your parents or grandparents needing common sense advice such as this?

  2. “NRA in Trouble”

    I, along with Rolling Stone, am gleeful at this news. The NRA has done as much harm to America’s Civil Rights as anybody. Maybe, just maybe if they go bankrupt the American people will stop outsourcing their rights to a UN registered NGO and actually stand up and fight the globalist beast of empire. I pray for its destruction and that gun owners would stop going along to get along. The confiscations have already started in 14 states and it’s all NRA approved under color of law through Donald “I like taking the guns first.” Trumps Red Flag program.

    That its members can’t or won’t see the damage it has done and continues to do means only one thing, they have made themselves the enemies of liberty.

    1. While I always take anything that Rolling Stone has to say with a shaker full of salt, I take no pleasure at all in any problems that the NRA has faced or is facing. We need every voice speaking in protection of our 2nd Amendment Rights, even if you do not personally agree with all of their positions.

  3. re:
    Them dang Rooskies

    My expat Russian neighbor Serg grins at every mention of the nefarious cartoon characters Natasha and Boris Badenov. With a twinkle in his eyes, he offers his evaluation of that team:

    Political Ossifer?
    “Incompetents. Of no value. Tricking them was so easy, it became boring.”

    Vlad Putin?
    “I wish I was that beautiful!”

    Howling with laughing, wiping tears from our eyes, the dogs lazing around exchange looks of exasperation… I swear I see them shaking their heads at those foolish humans. Then we get back to shooting off the back porch.

  4. The NRA has made their own bed; let them sleep in it.
    They have turned into a top heavy bureaucracy, with huge salaries and little accomplishment.
    They have also not listened to gun owners for decades, attempting compromise at every turn instead of standing ground.

    You’re much better off supporting pro-second amendment candidates than sending money to the NRA.

  5. The NRA in trouble: We all share some of the blame. Every financial institution and every business bowing to this far left wing pressure should be targeted by we consumers. It should be relentless. Cancel your credit cards, move your accounts and make sure they know why you are doing this. Because, first they came for the NRA and we did nothing…

  6. NRA in Trouble. The Rolling Stone article appears to stretch the potential impacts of the new New York regulations and casts them as current problems. Would the New York rules cause financial woes, sure. Will they stand? Doubtful. Anyway, the NRA is in Fairfax VA, and would look for banking support in more friendly states than New York.

  7. It is the forerunner of the mark of the beast system. You cannot buy, sell, or trade without the mark. By taking the mark you agree to worship the BEAST system. These Marxists are using forerunner systems to destroy their enemies.

    It is the same principal the West is using against Iran. They are organizing a global boycott against Iran. Iran cannot get insurance for its tankers and exports, they cannot access the global banking system and it is killing their small businesses in their country. China refuses to comply. It appears they are planning this for Russia as well.

    By doing this stuff the West may implode their own system of dollar and banking control as other countries build alternatives. It is something to watch unfold.

    It appears to me the BEAST system will be easier to implement in other nations at first. India is now scanning every one of their citizens bio metrics. Indian Christians went to their Supreme Court to get an exemption but they lost. India has vowed to stamp out Christianity in their country by 2025.

    The technology is exploding and 5G offers to move the data from your body, house, and vehicle to the Borg in massive swaths at massive speeds. Many nations are far more technologically advance in this area than US but 5G is coming. People will love it. They will be crawling all over themselves to get a chip implant.

    When it comes down to it the NRA embargo is just a forerunner to what is coming for all who want to live in some semblance of free society. Has the NRA failed in its mission? Maybe, but with a Trump court they should be more aggressive in asserting our rights.

  8. I have never been a fan of the NRA, they are just another political group looking to cash in on whatever the dumbed down public will pay for. I’ve always felt that the GOA – Gun Owners of America – was at least a little more interested in supporting the second amendment. The NRA reminds me of the ‘Judenrat’, the jews in WW2 ghettos that had decided the cause was lost, and said ” hey, if we have to go to the gas chamber, lets at least go orderly!”

    I don’t think the cause is lost, and I refuse to compromise. Compromisation is what we have with those knuckleheads at the NRA. I believe the second amendment was very clearly written, and the only compromisation I will consent to is only to be considered after every Government agency, and every police force, and every military member has de-armed. Until then, the butt kissing NRA can continue to do just that! Keep kissing butt, and start the day with mine!

    I hope they go bankrupt, and cease to exist, it will serve them right for cowing down to the gubmint. They owe every american an apology for being the wishy washy group of politicians they are, but claim to be fighting against.

    In Liberty,

    Murkan Mike

  9. Something that many people may not have considered. The NRA furnishes affordable insurance to many public shooting ranges. Some of us do not have any other place to practice with our firearms other than public ranges. Without insurance many of these ranges will be unable to stay open. There are few insurance companies that are willing to insure shooting ranges.

  10. I have no love for the NRA. Nothing but a lot of blowhards long on talk and short on principals. Constantly begging it members for more money under the guise that that donation is the only thing standing in the way of the nefarious gun-grabbers! If this is true then we’d all be better off saving that money and buying another gun, bc there record as defenders of the 2nd Amendment absolutely sucks. Not a dime from me, and personally, I hope they do go under and are replaced by an organization who focuses more n defending the 2A and less on paying their CEO 1 million + annually.

  11. The NRA isn’t perfect but we cannot let it fail. Its a target and if the crazy left brings it down they will be emboldened to go after every other group, range and gun club they can find. I agree they should be much harder and hope they will with new leadership. If you’re a member do you Vote? are you working with the organization at all or just leaving them to do the heavy lifting. The NRA is a big target and the left wants it to fail. Its not going to fail over the issue noted in the article but bashing on them because they aren’t perfect or worse hoping for their demise is counter productive to the preservation of the second amendment. How much money do you think liberal politicians would raise with the defeat of the NRA. WAKE UP!!!!!

  12. Have mixed feelings about the NRA’s recent troubles. It is a target for the left-wing Loonies, but their incessant money begging has left me cold.

    We have two local organizations, G.O.A.L. ( gun owners action league ) and Comm2A. These two groups are far more aggressive defending gun owners.

    Sadly the NRA seems to be compromised like anyone else doing business in DC.

  13. It seem that the NRA is not only a target of the Left, but many so-called Conservatives and Patriots on this site. If you think the NRA is a sell out just wait until you see where many of these so called Conservative Politicians will stand on the 2nd Amendment when they don’t have the NRA to hold their feet to the fire when another school shooting takes place. The NRA ain’t perfect but without it most all of the States would be like California they would be burdened down with gun control laws. Trekker Out

  14. If you wish to cast your own AR lower or upper do not use empty beer or pop cans as they have the wrong metallurgy. Rather use an aluminum head off of an Japanese import. Strip off all steel parts remove all grease and oil and do not over heat.

  15. The math does not add up with the NRA. It was right after the Florida shooting and the bashing by the media that a huge wave of new members signed up to be an NRA member.

    And many were the lifetime at a cost of $500. But even at $25 or $35 for one year with just one million new members you are looking at $25 to $35 million in the last 18 months or less.

    If the NRA’s operating cost exceed their revenue than they will go out of business due to incompetence not lack of funding.

  16. The NRA,
    I find that there is a lot more the NRA does that people are mis-informed about. They organize a lot of ‘official’ shooting sports and structured events that keep shooting responsible, educated and commercially responsible in the public eye. These events are professional and respectable and that takes money. This is besides the ‘Political’ arena. Commercials and the spot light on cable T.V. are expensive and those commercials and exposure keep the second amendment dignified and respectable in the public eye as much as possible when the media machine makes gun owners a outdated, ragtag, fringe criminal element. We need a white collar business forefront to take the hits economicaly and politicaly and wage that war there on the steps of a respectable NRA building and financial institution rather than on our respectable land and house and savings account steps. (one by one). Just think of the slide and fracture of our constitutional side of this info war if the delusionals got to wear the downfall of the NRA on their lapel. If ANY lawful second amendment organization, program, range, business, family defending their person, land, effects goes down for unlawful discrimination, we lose holding ground and the wicked celebrate and use that momentum to keep coming to our doorstep to take our children our homes, land and our private property and give them to whom they chose.
    For me, I chose that battle via proxy on the steps of the NRA as long as possible where the publicity is. A million Waco’s people. On the wicked delusionist’s timeline. They will not allow us to unite. They are not attacking at the front. Lets unite at the doorsteps of the NRA now, rather than alone labelled a child…..? Trafficking ring? They are already controlling information, communication at the flick of a switch. God’s Word is true and every man a liar. “He gives power unto the beast to make war against the saints and prevail against them”

    trafficing ring

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