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Helmet Mounted FLIR

I just noticed that both SurvivalBlog advertisers Ready Made Resources and JRH Enterprises recently started carrying the FLIR Breach PTQ136. This is an ultra compact thermal monocular that is capable of being helmet mounted just like a PVS 14. This device uses FLIR’s new Boson core and is actually designed and built for Law Enforcement. It only weighs 7.4 oz and can easily be carried in a pocket. It is also capable of on-board recording. it can be powered with an on-board CR123 battery or through a USB-C connector making it possible to use “N power” devices that you can get at Walmart for about $7.

Death by Bulldozer

Pennsylvania State Troopers literally bulldozed a man to death in this story sent in by reader H.L. Apparently two men were suspects in a recently discovered Marijuana growing operation. The Game Commission found the site and notified local police who then contacted the PA State Police. Investigators were sent to the site, which was on state owned land. When troopers found a vehicle nearby with two people in, the attempted questioning. One person turned himself in, but the other ran into the thick underbrush which was literally too thick to walk in.

Troopers then got the idea to use commandeer a nearby bulldozer to clear the brush. Of course, since the brush couldn’t be walked in, they literally ran over the suspect, killing him. I guess we can now add bulldozing to the ways that police can serve as prosecutor, judge and jury delivery verdicts and death sentences to people.

Sporting Goods Manager Fired, then Re-Hired

I actually understand why stores have policies that prevent employees from confronting would-be thieves. If the employee gets hurt during the confrontation, the store shares some liability and in today’s litigation oriented society, that can be costly. That being said, it seems a shame when a company rewards an employee with the honor of being fired when they heroically intervene in some crime.

The manager of Tallahassee Academy Sports recently experienced this when he stopped a thief at the door carrying a stolen firearm. The thief was arrested by police and then Academy Sports suspended the manager, firing him a week later. In this particular case, it turned out OK as on review (read that as “under public pressure”) Academy Sports has rehired the manager less than a week later. Thanks to T.P. for the links.


Larry Murphree was fined for flying a 17 inch American flag in a flower pot on his front porch. He received a warning letter that notified him that he would be fined $100 every day if he didn’t remove it. JAlthough he fought it, he ended up having to sell his house to deal with the fees and liens placed on his home by the HOA. He has recently been granted a court date, but based on past history, he stands little chance of recovering. The problem with HOAs is that they can often start benign. They start out with “reasonable” agreements on exterior rules that just seem like it makes sense. But once they are accepted, often those on the HOA board start acting like bureaucrats and little dictators. Before you know it, you have a whole new set of rules in place that you didn’t agree to. H.L. notes:

Thankfully, there are still places left in America where one can have gardens, flags, treehouses (no permits needed), et cetera. For those residing in a subdivision, there are often town rules on how high a fence can be. However, planting a hedge about 10 feet inside the property line, and letting it grow to 8 ft. or so, can give a lot of privacy. Having it inside the property line allows one to trim the back side so it does not invade the neighbor’s yard. Personally, I would use a multi-floral rose, or some non-invasive (not Japanese Barberry as they are invasive and ticks love them).

Make sure that the fence & roses are inside property line so that view of street and traffic is not obstructed when exiting in your vehicle. Personally, I would try and find a property in a no zoning area, away from any close neighbors. A country road with a few good folks on it suffices for me.

Israel Relaxes Firearms Licensing

Israel has announced that it will significantly relax its regulations governing gun licenses. This will allow hundreds of thousands of Israelis to acquire a firearm. An Israeli who underwent level 07 rifle training in the IDF will be able to apply for a license in addition to all combat squad commanders and the majority of IDF officers. The police have announced that they do not appose the rule change, but are requesting the training be increased to four and a half hours rather than the current two. This move has been intended to allow the Israeli citizens to protect themselves from the increasingly common terrorist attacks. Thanks to G.G. for the link.

Court Gives Clearance for TSA Abuses

According to this article sent in by reader DSV, a Philadelphia Appeals Court has ruled that TSA agents can not be sued for molesting or falsely arresting air travelers. The government has basically granted immunity to DHS employees for any wrongdoing and has basically placed them above the law. The court claimed to be sympathetic to American’s civil rights, yet ruled against them anyways. When you add this disturbing news to the fact that the TSA is creating its own secret watch lists that consists of anyone who complains about being groped, it becomes exceedingly disturbing.

I would remind readers that if people just quit using public transportation that uses the TSA, things would change within just a few months, possibly even weeks. The pressure the airlines would bring to bear to reign in the TSA would be incredible. Stop being sheep!

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. Regarding the bulldozer death, police should tattoo tears under their eyes for every unarmed civilian they kill in the line of duty, like gang members…

  2. Re: HOA tyranny. I knew it was in Florida before I opened the article. HOAs in Florida are the product of Northern Yankees obsessed with Lincoln’s Northern model of highly centralized supreme control of personal liberties.

    Ridiculous you say? I challenge you to verify the demographics of any HOA in the State of Florida. Find one where the majority of officers are southern bred.

    1. Roger D. – You are correct on the locusts that have fled the north after destroying it, then moved to the south and are devouring it, by taking over HOA boards and local governments.

    2. Re: HOA and TSA

      Nothing unexpected here. The human animal can no more override his own ego-centered drive for power and control, on any level he can achieve it, from the pathetic little bully in the school yard (or social media) thru the HOA nazis, dog catchers, cops and lawyers to world “leaders.” That’s why it takes a special kind of personality to be a cop, media star or politician. Give ’em a uniform or a flag, flattery and attention, back them with a big economic, political or social stick and watch the fun begin.

      It was ever thus and will never change. Some try to confront this and choose a more humane way, but it is as basic a part of our human constitution as breathing and always wins out in the end.

      I can’t alter anything but my own situations and behaviors, and have done so wherever possible. I no longer fly, moved to the Redoubt’s less developed area, trade for goods and services when possible, pay cash when necessary and treat every man with Reagan’s twin philosophies of Peace Thru Strength and Trust But Verify.

      It saves a lot of angst.

  3. Multi-floral rose is noninvasive? I’ve been working for years trying to eradicate it. I strongly discourage this as a viable choice for any planting.

  4. HOA rules….just guessing,but they might have a list of the rules before they purchase.Don’t like the rules,don’t buy there.Don’t blame losing your house because you didn’t follow the “rules” if you agreed to them.

    1. The problem with this approach is that the rules can change with a vote of the governing board. You may agree to the initial rules and then you are stuck abiding by whatever changes they make.

    2. According to the linked article, “Murphree thought he had won the battle in April 2012, when the condo association settled with him, paid his court fees and allowed him to keep his flag in his flower pot.” But then the HOA used “rule” after “rule” after “rule” to harass him. Lex iniusta non est lex.

    3. And how about this? I bought some rural property that came subject to a road users association, all one paragraph of it. Years later, the busybodies decided to incorporate an HOA. They then declared that the members of the RUA were now members of the HOA. They had no right to do this, but I still had to fight it in court; they sued all of the owners who refused to go along with their scheme. Some people are just wicked. Give them a little power or, in my case, give them even the hint of a little power.

    4. The rules change, often with the election of new officers and cliques on the board. Watch for”executive sessions”(secret,nonrecorded meetings) where the dirty work gets done,demand open meetings,usually no one shows up or if you do they will change the time so you can’t. Better to avoid hoa, they have no purpose unless non-public facilities are needed(private roads,water,waste etc)and limited to that.

  5. We escaped the general HOA rules that it now takes to live in the State of Oregon . I know it’s not easy sometimes to make life changes. But fer crying out loud, do it and move to the redoubt. We chose Idaho Cty in Idaho, do some research and you’ll see why!

  6. In Ladue vs. Gilleo, in 1991 Margaret Gilleo put up a sign in her yard, which Ladue, the city, and her HOA told her she could not do, and when she sued and went ultimately to the USSC, the SC found that the city and the HOA were in violation of her 1st Amendment rights. The HOA was shocked, shocked, to find out that the First Amendment actually applied in their little kingdom. I remember the case well. She put up a sign at the beginning of the 1st Gulf War, opposing it, and urging others to contact Congress and do so. Real rabble rousing stuff. (sarc off). This is how freedom and rights die. One little choke point, one little dictator at a time. Sometimes I think that St. Louis and the surrounding area is full of nothing but garbage.

    1. Would it be within your first amendment rights to publicly chastise someone in America wearing a shirt with another countries flag on it. Not a trick question and I did not ask if people “should” loudly show their dislike of someone else’s political choice expressed in their clothing. But if you did such a thing, that I’m sure is protected by the 1st amendment should the DA then charge you with a hate crime? Extra credit question: If the situation was reversed and an white American citizen was wearing an American flag shirt (or MAGA hat) and someone from Puerto Rico publicly argued against such a display would the DA charge the minority person with a hate crime???

      Our 1st amendment rights are being infringed all the time.

  7. On the HOA/POA problems: Let me see, I already pay property taxes to the county, the city, and to the school system. Oh and that is all at literal gunpoint, I have no choice. Now I’m supposed to pay another property tax to the HOA/POA so that my neighbors can dictate (as in dictatorship) to me what I may or may not do with my own property. And for the folks who realize it’s a bunch of elitists that love to gain control of these associations, you are dead right. As I move out of my neighborhood in the city and on to the “farm” I’ll be looking into the possibility of placing a permanent deed restriction that my property can never be a part of an HOA/POA. I don’t know if it is possible but it is certainly worth the time and money to find out and act.

    On the TSA: I haven’t flown since the TSA came into existence. If We the People would stop flying for just thirty days, costing the airlines and the businesses at the airports hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars, that would bring the TSA to it’s knees. What are they going to do, put a gun to our heads and force us to use the airlines? Airport and airline security should have always been provided by the airports and the airlines, not the tax payers. Then they could be held liable for the acts of violence and the gate rape against their passengers. Unlike today where what would otherwise be criminal acts, are not only condoned, but awarded. Of course We the People have to be extremely vocal about why the boycott is in play. Otherwise it will go completely over the heads of the morons (dictators) in Washington why this would be happening. They aren’t very intelligent, you know.

    On the other hand, I’m just waiting for the dictators to insist that the TSA set up checkpoints on all roads that cross state lines, and implement an internal passport system to be allowed to go from one State to another. As an aside, that was a part of Hitlery Care. In her original healthcare proposal in the early 90’s you would have had to seek government permission to travel from one State to another.

    Welcome the true fascist America.

  8. You are correct Dale about multi-flora rose. My mistake. The Connecticut Dept of Transportation planted some back in the 1950’s on one of our modest scenic highways, and it has spread throughout Connecticut forests. There are roses that are suitable for hedges from 3′ to 7′ high. Information on Search Engine. Or perhaps some kind of useful berries? I remember 65 years ago in Connecticut picking wild large blackberries in a thicket that was at least 6 feet high, and having to wear a heavy rain coat and hat to work my way in!

  9. About the bulldozer incident. I happen to have met the game warden, his name is Bryan. He is also close friends with my great great uncle. When the man ran into the brush they thought it would be easier to flush him out with a bulldozer, cause it is hard to see very far through that brush. Bryan sat in the bulldozer bucket while the state trooper drove. They hoped that since a bulldozer doesn’t move very fast he would run instead of getting run over. It didn’t go that way. Bryan didn’t see the man and he got run over. They are currently trying to figure out if he decided not to run from the bulldozer, or if he passed out. Bryan did not run him over on purpose. I do not agree with the police arresting people over growing weed. I am just saying that they did not run the man over on purpose.

    1. I am sure there was no intention by Law Enforcement to kill him. The person should not have run and he would have lived. I am not for growing or smoking weed. If weed (Marijuana) is illegal in your state than it is a crime to possess. Growing on public land is wrong. Since they were growing illegally on public land they were also not reporting income for taxes either, another crime,

    2. ” I do not agree with the police arresting people over growing weed.”

      Why not? Do you have children? Are they pot heads? If you simply have not seen the problems that pot/dope causes then I can understand your lack of interest. There is an old joke or line in a song “tequila makes my clothes fall off”. Well, pot makes your 13 year old daughter pregnant. Why do you think people grow pot and use it? Not because it is medicine but because it lowers inhibitions. That’s why they grow it and sell it and give it to kids.

  10. re: TSA ruling. Part of the ruling states that they are not investigative or law enforcement officers. Doesn’t that mean, at least in theory, that they don’t have the power to arrest?
    I’d like to see this appealed. Could be interesting if the right lawyers got involved.
    I also agree with several posters above. Stop flying commercial. I haven’t in over 25 years.

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