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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on mountain goats in The American Redoubt.


Removal of Olympic National Park mountain goats could start in late summer; others may eventually be killed

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Brokers seeing “simple economic recipe for a softening housing market”

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Hop acreage up in Washington, Idaho and nationwide


Scotchman Peak mountain goats threatened by thoughtless hikers

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Police Chief Bill Bones tries to help Boise heal after tragic violence

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#STATEOF208: California’s Migration to Idaho. Here is a key quote: “Boise State professor Jeffrey Lyons researches political behavior and has studied domestic migration flows here in the West. Lyons says there’s no doubt Californians are changing the landscape — both economically and politically. ‘It’s that the Californians are older and tend to be as little more Republican than Democratic,’ says Lyons. So you’re not going to see an influx of left leaning Californians who are going to make Idaho the next California, at least on the political front. And as far as the housing market, it’s simple economics. ‘Not only are they driving up prices, they are also able to make cash offers.'”


This article published last summer underscores the potential risk of mountain goat encounters: Hiker kills aggressive mountain goat; efforts increase to educate public to coexist

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Here is a 2017 article that ran in the New York TimesMountain Goats on Your Trail? They Like You, and Your Urine


Eastern Oregon

ODFW: Rocky mountain goats in eastern Oregon

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Famous Hermiston watermelons nearing harvest



Eastern Washington

‘The hardest hunt I’ve ever done’: What it’s like to bag a mountain goat

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Spokane County population tops 500,000



Amazing Photos of Mountain Goats in Wyoming

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19th-century Wyoming gold rush towns celebrate 150 years



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  1. I grew up hiking the Olypmics back in the 1970s and 80s. The goats used to tear up the outhouses and latrines fiercely to get to the salt. Nasty critters when they need to be. If they are agressive, it’s for the same reason black bears become a problem in people’s back yards. They may be a fun challenge to hunt, but I wouldn’t eat them.

    If there’s a housing abundance in Washington, maybe its because people are leaving the state now that they’ve destroyed it. One could surmise that the California migration has shifted from Washington/Oregon to other parts of the NW, vis a vis Idaho. But don’t worry, they won’t do to your state what they did to the others, no cause for concern, right?

  2. Re: Mt Goats, Why haven’t the game departments of various state’s place salt and mineral licks for the goats? Seems an easy way to reduce animal and human encounters. Perhaps local sportsman’s groups could help with the effort? Possibly a way for sportsmen and women to interact with nature conservancy groups to establish a common cause?

  3. California may be seen as the demon of the month here, but remember; in the 70’s, CA was a deep RED state, before it was infiltrated by people form “elsewhere.” Who were they? Where did they come from? Why aren’t the states they’re coming from taking any heat? Also remember that MILLIONS of Californians voted either Republican or Libertarian in the ’16 election, more than the populations of several “flyover states” combined, and CONTINUE to vote against the lunacy in Sacramento.

    One thing is certain; if you folks in states not directly influenced by illegal immigration don’t take a harder stance against it instead of just wishing CA to fall off into the Pacific or secede from the union, the destiny of your state will not be determined by people outside your state, but by FOREIGN NATIONALS! “The Russians” have NOTHING on what MEXICO is doing to our country right now!

    1. Part of California’s demise is illegal immigration and the California Republican’s attempt to regulate them by denying them services and school. That lead to an effective counterattack by the Democrats.

      The Prussian Hegelian inspired education system has taken its toll. Government is always right, government always has your best interest at heart, governments can solve all of you problems ect. ect. Whole generations continued to be poisoned by this garbage.

      A generations passing of hard bitten depression era people that walked through WWII is a big loss as well. The immigration and control act of 1968 that allowed easy legal immigration for all has really changed the face of the state.

      The final nail in the coffin is the tech boom combined with massive amounts of money flowing in from capitalist China which not long ago had no toilet paper has made the state unlivable for all but those already established or those with big money employment.

  4. Was stationed in Colorado Springs during the California invasion late 90s to early 00s. Over 600,000 homes were built in the Springs during this time frame and almost everyone was from the People’s Republic of California (PRC). We have witnessed the price of homes in our little town (45 miles from Boise) climb significantly due to the influence of PRC residents throwing down a bag of cash to buy up homes in a matter of hours after listing. I fear they will do what they did to Colorado, turning a garden spot into an over populated liberal hell hole.

  5. People from California have been showing up here in AZ for a while with lots of cash and have driven home prices upwards. I notice a distinct change in our politics here.heavy left leaning influence. I don’t like it.

  6. What’s up? Why are mountain goats being demonized all of a sudden? They have been there for a long time, have been up to the same old tricks for all that time. Why, now, are we seeing news from disparate areas about their aggressiveness?

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