Preparedness Notes for Monday – July 09, 2018

July 9th, 1938 was the birthday of Brian Dennehy. He is most often remembered for his role as the alien leader in Coccoon, but he was cast in many other movies and in hundreds of television shows.

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Writing Contest: $608,000 and Counting!

I want to remind folks that summer is the ideal time for readers to write 1,500+ word nonfiction articles for SurvivalBlog, and send them in for our bi-monthly writing contest.  Since the contest began in in 2005, we have distributed more than $608,000 worth of merchandise to the winners of the First, Second, and Third Prize winners!  These were all courtesy of the generous prize donors.  (Please patronize their businesses, and mention SurvivalBlog, when you do.)  I should also mention that the Honorable Mention prize winners have received $13,860 worth of gift certificates, that I personally sponsored. You too can win some great prizes–nearly $11,000 worth, once every two months. So please get busy writing. 

Oh, and by the way, anyone who was awarded any of the top three prizes gets their prize-winning eligibility back, one year after publication of their prize-winning article. – JWR


  1. Ummm…Mr. Dennehy, who was an actual Marine, which is commendable, also claimed to have engaged in lots and lots of combat during several years’ service in Viet Nam, which certainly is not commendable. So he’s got that going for him………

  2. Ooops, need an edit to my comment.

    Mr. Dennehy FALSELY claimed a combat record in Viet Nam. Didn’t happen. Whilst actual service in Viet Nam is absolutely commendable, falsely claiming to have done so absolutely is not!

    Sorry about that, folks.

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