The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“As for man, there is little reason to think that he can in the long run escape the fate of other creatures, and if there is a biological law of flux and reflux, his situation is now a highly perilous one. During ten thousand years his numbers have been on the upgrade in spite of wars, pestilences, and famines. This increase in population has become more and more rapid. Biologically, man has for too long a time been rolling an uninterrupted run of sevens.” – George R. Stewart, Earth Abides


  1. It’s sad that he wrote that without any recognition of God’s providence. We do live in a fallen world as a fallen yet redeemed people by the blood of Jesus Christ. But every day is an opportunity for us to serve God and for Him to redeem us.

    P.S. Man has only been on this world 6,000 years, 10,000 at the most according to the Word of God. 🙂

  2. I gotta agree with that, Devin. Absent the Grace of G*d, mankind, I believe, would already be gone. I don’t think it is sad that he wrote that without any recognition of G*ds’ Providence. I have come to expect that anyone in any public discourse to both deny and vehemently attack the existence of G*d, because that is the kind of sinful place we are forced to swim in. There are exceptions, but most public discourse disdains and belittles anyone who promotes or extols the Grace of G*d. It is only that Grace with stays His Hand from what we truly deserve.

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