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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Sending authorities into a tizzy, our favorite knife maker is at it again with a cardboard knife.

Cardboard Knife

Our favorite crazy knife maker is back at it again. This time, the knife is made from Amazon cardboard boxes. As usual, the maker takes you through the process from creating the knife from the raw materials, through sharpening and then using it. Since it is cardboard and the very act of using it will create the conditions to destroy it (moisture) the maker does have to us a wax protectant on it. As usual, the whole process is fascinating. This knife is rated relatively low on his scale of ability to be sharpened, but is still quite usable. This guy must be Britain’s nightmare.

Tasing Torture

Renegade cops in Ashland City, Tennessee, have been arrested for the tasing torture of an 18 year old man. The man had been arrested on drug related charges and had somewhat of a mental breakdown in jail. The officers decided to use tasing torture, tasing him multiple times while he was strapped to a chair and gagged. At one point, he is tased for over 30 seconds. This is a prime example of jack-booted tactics in a police state. While the officers are being charged, probably because there is hard video evidence of the session, they have both plead not guilty and have been released with no bail. Again, an example of a police state. No regular citizen would have been released without bail in this situation. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Creatures of Habit

Reader G.P. sent in this interesting article that claims humans only visit 25 places regularly. The researches claim that, at any given time, you only visit 25 places. If you discover a new place you like to visit, you tend to drop an old place off of your list and the number stays relatively constant. The study was based off of 1000 university students, but was then scaled up to included 40,000 people from all over the world. I guess we really are creatures of habit.


The socialist utopia of Venezuela is now experiencing near Wiemar Republic (or Zimbabwe) levels of hyper-inflation. This week, the cup of one cup of coffee hit the price level of 1 million bolivars. That means the average working man can only afford about five cups of coffee for his entire month’s salary. The most common Venezuelan note is the 100-bolivar bill, so it would take a 10,000-bill stack of these notes to buy that coffee. To put it in perspective, Five million bolivar is roughly equivalent to $1.45 right now. If this rate continues, it will mean the inflation rate will reach nearly 500,000% over the course of a year. Any moment now, we should start hearing the mantra “That wasn’t really socialism” from the left. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Massive Data Breach

There has been a massive data leak (not breach) that could affect nearly the entire population of the United States. Exactis, a Florida-based marketing and data-aggregation firm had a publicly accessible database that contained sensitive details of about 340 million records. There is no evidence that anyone maliciously posted this information. Rather, the company simply didn’t have any security protocols protecting it while it resided on a publicly accessible server. Details contained in the data included phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, personal characteristics (like interests, habits, and number of children), religion, whether or not you’re a smoker and the type of pet you have. The company’s website claims they have data on 218 million individuals, including 110 million U.S. households.

The Art of Misdirection

Reader DSV sent in this article from Glenn Beck on how the left is using the art of misdirection to control the narrative on gun-control. it would seem that they have torn their playbook directly from the pages of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” where he uses misdirection as a tactical strength in warfare.

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

Of course, the attentive viewer or the careful listener can discern this misdirection, most people who watch the media reports are asleep at the wheel.

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  1. Re: Tasing Torture

    Welcome to 1938 Germany, complete with a Nazi Police State.

    What is it about “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism” that patriots don’t understand?

  2. Funny watching so many people talking about our President being a Nazi and the same people are using the same methods as the brown shirts. A lot of Hate out there.

  3. It’s more than difficult for me to take anything Beck says as serious. I don’t believe he is the type of person to actually take action concerning his fears of the left. He’ll warn and remonstrate and condemn, but never take action, or even exhort others to prepare for it. I know it is a very serious matter to even consider action, but you must at least be prepared for it. In doing so, you can’t be squishy about it, nor can you always rely on the stupidity of your enemy. Words are fine, but deeds cut to the chase. Our enemies are on the offensive. What are we doing? I quit wasting my time on what Beck says, years ago..

    1. Glenn Beck had his time on Fox News. He was taken off the air for being too controversial. That doesn’t make his views wrong. I can certainly use a dose of his kind of straightforwardness. Some people prepare, others are fighters. Glenn Beck is a bell ringer. Everybody needs information, but there’s a limited amount of places to get it. It’s good to have another outlet. Don’t kill the messenger. We could always use another town crier.

  4. How do you go from a couple “renegade” cops to a police state? Their are over 800,000 of them in this country, a large number a vets and preppers. Both the right and left accuse them of the opposite things(which is funny and contradictory). Also, if the suspect was already in a chair and “gagged,” probably a spit shield, it would be detention officers doing the restraining and tasing. It sounds like a bad case of excited delirium(drug charges). If I’m wrong and the officers really did that, then they deserve the punishment, but don’t tell me a citizen would not receive a bond for this. That’s completely wrong. Did Alex Jones right this up? Or was it an ANTIFI collab?

    1. @E

      I’m going to guess that you didn’t view the video by this comment:

      “Also, if the suspect was already in a chair and “gagged,” probably a spit shield”

      You really need to view the video to comment on it. The “Police State” is derived not just from this example, but by the myriad examples of “Law Enforcement” rather than “Peace officer”.
      I’m well aware that this doesn’t represent the majority of Police in America, but there are far to many examples of this behavior followed by the double standard of treatment that the average citizen does not get if they did the same. Police are figures of authority and should be held to a higher standard rather than protected from the same law and standards that you are judged by.

  5. Trump is working to end the globalist agenda concerning America, which I believe and applaud. No longer are we willing to take in ILLEGAL imigranants and provide them with undeserved subsistence. How many Juan Alverez’ are using the same green cards in different states? End This!, But, he is also going after biased and unfair trade. The United States of America WAS the PRE-EMINANT country on the PLANET, the only SUPERPOWER!!. But through diplomatic shenanigans and treaties, i.e., polititians selling/ sold you out for so long, you SHEEPLE have been accostomed to being led to slaughter! IDIOTS! Go back to your TV and forget you read this, SHEEPLE.

  6. Hyper-Inflation

    Sad to say, but this is America’s future. Uninformed people will talk endlessly about our “Strong Economy”, but know little of what that “Economy” is! Supporting people who won’t or can’t support themselves – with money you don’t have, is not a foundation for a future. If you remove everything from “Our Economy” that is not tangible – there is not much left. Subtract the “Services” paid for with debt and you have a real eye opener!

    The globalists will win, because the majority of American’s want them to! Venezuela is enjoying the fruits of her labors and will for decades to come.

    To all the those freaking out over an EMP or Pandemic – that is Child’s Play compared to a future like Venezuela’s.

  7. “Liberty can be defined by the difference between what is lawful for government vs what is lawful for citizens”. Wish I knew who said this (or something similar)…makes sense to me. Keeping this in mind, the analysis in modern America is painful!

  8. I used to listen to Glenn Beck all the time. He preached a lot of the things I believe in. Preparation, frugality, living simply, praising God. Then he moved to Texas and rinse a $20,000 a month house. I haven’t listen to him cents.

  9. On the growing police state:
    Prime example, Philandro Castile. St Paul Mn. Police stop the car because the car was similar to one used in a robbery. They knew who the car belonged to, license plate. They knew who the owner was, license plate linked to driver’s license. They knew the owner had a concealed carry permit, driver’s license linked to permit. They knew someone in the car may have had a gun, legally carried. Police approach the car, guns drawn, why? Castile, on request, goes for his wallet and ID, police shoot Castile. Why?

    The assumption was that he was going for his gun. Why would a CCW holder even consider reaching for a firearm? If you are a CCW holder, you should be presumed to be one of the GOOD GUYS, just based on the hoops that have to be followed to get that permit in the first place. I saw the video, cold blooded murder, and the cops got away with it.

    So follow directions and DIE! Don’t follow directions, DIE ANYWAY!

    This is just one terrible example. There are hundreds if not thousands more. The American police state is real. It is promoted by both the liberals and the neoconservatives (two sides of the same evil coin). The job if the police is not to play gestapo, it is to clean up the mess that bad guys make. I liked it better when they were called “peace officers” and acted the part, not the “enforcers” that they are now, because they try to act the part of enforcer.

    I support the police when they are in the right, I condemn them when they are so terribly, terribly wrong.

  10. Reusable resources for light.
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all. When you think we here in the US know everything, a small businessman manages to one up on us and take recycling on leap forward..
    On the link

    they are making solar lights for darken hut interiors out of 2 ltr water filled bottles and a bit of light weight tin producing 55 watt light during the day and also have a setup for night.

  11. This is the type of crap my old neighbor who was a cop talked about doing. He bragged about telling ambulance drivers to drive slower with OD’s. He also bragged about how awesome it was to shoot someone with a beanbag round and watch them scream on the ground thinking they were dying.(big boom from a 12 gauge, extreme pain, no penetration=no fatal injury). How funny it was to taser someone and watch them collapse. I wish I could turn him in without getting killed. He also talked about the lists of people they kept who should be f*d with if they are come across. 95% good, 5% bad. I’m all for paying cops more if you do mental evaluations to screen out the bad ones before they do bad in the name of the law.

  12. If possible, avoid Tennessee. They have a particularly aggriegous record when it comes to excessive force and juries there give the cops a long leash when they are called before the bench.

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