The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“As she dug, her stature increased in Randy’s eyes. She was like a fine sword, slender and flexible, but steel: a woman of courage.” – Pat Frank, Alas, Babylon


  1. Alas, Babylon is a must-read for everyone interesting in self-reliance. Even after all these years, there are lessons to be learned from that book.

  2. From my ‘puter keyboard, I can look to the bookshelf and see my copy of this classic. It’s a 1982 edition meant for schools. It’s paperback size, but has a hard cover. It’s marked “discard”. Oh, the humanity. To remove this from a school! I re-read it almost every year for a review. When things go [bad] as I believe they will, this one holds a great deal of info. However, read it now to help plan for the future. It’s very well written and you will grow to love some characters and despise others. A compelling story. Get one. Read it.

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