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Vote To Break Up California Is Happening! Here’s What The New States Would Look Like. If this plan is successful, then it will set a powerful precedent in 21st Century America. This could make the partition of eastern and western Oregon and the partition of eastern and western Washington much more likely. There might also be a partition of northern and southern Idaho, and even Colorado, as well. The creation of additional conservative States could profoundly alter the political makeup of the U.S. Senate.


The Fort Hall Championship Rodeo will be held August 11th and 12th, 2018.

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The North Idaho State Fair will be in CDA, as usual, August 22nd to 26th, 2018.

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Are There Political Prisoners in Idaho?


North American Indian Days will be celebrated July 12th to 15th, 2018, in Browning, Montana.

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The Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede will occur July 12-14, 2018.

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Two injured in Montana after swerving to avoid a kangaroo — Really

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Montana Delegation Asks US Government to Forgive County Debt. Delegation says Powell County can’t afford to pay a $3.9 million debt from 2011 oil spill cleanup.


Eastern Oregon

The Crooked River Roundup will be held June 28, 2018 to June 30, 2018 in Bend.

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A fun weekend hobby for those living in central Oregon: Thunder Eggs


Eastern Washington

U.S. Supreme Court sends Richland florist case back to state

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Marble Country’s 24th Annual God and Country Celebration will be held from June 29th to July 1st, 2018.  This a free Family Camp event.

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The Scottish Highland Games meeting will be in Spokane Valley, Washington, on Saturday, August 4th.

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The Spokane County Interstate Fair will be held September 7th though 16th.



The 99th annual Cody Stampede will be held Sunday, July 1, 2018 – Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

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The Winchester Arms Collectors Association Annual Show will convene Friday, July 13, 2018 to Sunday, July 15, 2018, at the Riley Arena. While visiting Cody, don’t miss visiting the Buffalo Bill and Plains Indian Museum.


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  1. The 3 state break up of Ca. is a horrible idea. It gives San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles complete control of all the rural areas and resources. The State of Jefferson Movement includes only rural areas and will severely limit Government to the rule of Constitutional law . If the 3 state break up occurs there will be more liberal senators going to Washington as well as more out of control spending with the resulting increases in taxes. If you think taxes are high in Ca. now imagine what they will be in the future. I am not adverse to all the population centers going it together as they have different needs than the rural areas, This split is not what the State of Jefferson is about. Jefferson is about rural counties taking care of their unique needs through their own state government, not forcing their ideas down peoples throats as is being done now by Sacramento due to the lack of rural representation in the California State Government.

    Read between the lines on how this 3 state split will work, Just another way to create more carrier politicians.

    1. I agree with Joe. The breakup of California as proposed would preserve the liberal dominance forever, with no hope for a return to conservative values. Each state would be anchored by one of the large urban cities full of liberals. The population would be centered in the urban areas. The State of Jefferson is a much better idea, allowing rural conservatives to govern themselves, while the main urban centers would continue liberal business as usual.

  2. The proposed break up of CA if approved by voters, and petitions/applications to fedgov accepted creates three states out of one. The centers of these 3 new states will be San Diego, LA, and SF. This will give the Fed Senate 4 new dem senators effecting a long term democrat takeover of the senate. None the less, I support the people of CA, well the ones who are American, to do what they want with their state.

  3. You don’t seriously think the feds will allow a disturbance in their power structure with a California breakup? Hope it happens but it didn’t work in 1861; doubt it will now!

  4. The break up of Cali into three states will merely triple the number of DEMOCRAT senators from that state.
    Is that what you really want?????
    Same goes for any other state fracture.
    Look at who’s behind this movement; the only part of Cali that “might” lean right is South Cali. The other two areas would be reliable Dem strongholds for years to come (they both went for Hillary by over 35 points).
    What we really need to be doing is isolating the left leaning areas of these states from within. Just say “NO” to marxist policies. Revolt. Or simply move to a friendlier state.
    The last thing we need are more Democrats in Congress!!!

  5. Enough already with the “western Oregon” / “eastern Oregon” divide! Most of southwestern Oregon is heavily conservative too. If eastern Oregon goes southern Oregon will go with it too. Don’t let that mountain range divide us.

  6. I hate to come across as negative, but the fact of the matter is that a Cali split is the same as an Oregon split or a Washington split, and that thing is what we call a pipe dream. It is not going to happen this year, next year in ten years, never. Those 3 states are liberal strongholds, and they are going to stay that way. Spending resources and time attempting to make it otherwise is a waste of both.

  7. Unfortunately, speaking as a California native, I think the state is too far gone for a 3 part split to be successful. Unless, a massive “red wave” changes politics in 2018 and 2020. 40 yrs of destruction will be hard to undo. If you grew up in California, you would know it was once a conservative state, a powerhouse of innovation and opportunity. It’s unrecognizable now. Most people I know are planning on “cashing out” as soon as possible. Many are hopeful they can reclaim the state. I just don’t see it. But please know that the true majority of Californians are conservative at heart. They/we were so busy working, we didn’t have time for politics. And that’s how things got so bad. We didn’t have the time to fight the hostile takeover. Harsh lesson learned. Be loud. Be heard. Fight. Fight. Fight.

    1. has an excellent analysis regarding the 3 state initiative . See the link below.

      They cover composition of each state (12-14 Million people in each), number of original counties in each, with detailed statistics that show how votes will skew. Only the state of Southern California has a balanced Dem/Rep split. Undeclared voters will be the deciding factor.

      The Civil War prevented Washington from taking action to ratify the two state split that was approved by Californians in 1859.

  8. I agree with Joe in that the way the breakup is set then you would have three states being controlled by the major cities in each, San Francisco in N Cali, San Diego in S Cali and the coast and LA for Cali. It is a Great idea but the breakup is wrong for the rural counties. If anything make it a N Cali minus San Fran and surrounding area, S Cali minus San Diego and the coast from San Fran to San Diego and inland to Sacramento. Then the N and S would have a better chance of being controlled by the people living in these areas.

  9. Calif break up is a bad idea unless all of the coastal counties from L.A up to and including San Francisco,Sacramento ,and Alameda counties are included in the “coastal group of counties”

  10. re: Kalifornia breakup– the Tim Draper proposal has pretty much a zero chance for success, at least currently in my opinion. I don’t even think that it will get the majority of the votes to move it forward– no one I know in Northern Kalifornia is on board with it as Draper has it drawn out. It would not benefit the rural counties at all. The proposed State of Jefferson would correct a lot of the ills, but it seems to be going nowhere as well, which is unfortunate. The wildcard some with the Jefferson movement were watching, was the push to add Puerto Rico as a state- ostensibly a ‘left leaning’ one, which would be offset politically by the admission of Jefferson at the same time. The two new sate boundaries, were drawn with care to ensure that they would be driven politically by the same ol’ socialist/statist leftists that have destroyed my state. When it goes to getting the Congressional approvals, and probably even state legislature approvals, there is no way that they would get the needed Congressional approval for a Constitutionally valid state split according to Article IV, Section 3 Clause 1: “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.” Perhaps they could if Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency, but not now.

    My maternal ancestors came to this state in the first year of the Gold Rush, and I hate the thought of being forced out by a bunch of shrill voiced limp wristed, socialist statist social justice warriors. Thus far, I would rather stay and fight- wherever that might lead. I love where we live here in rural northern Kalifornia, but the politics and especially the attacks on 2nd Amend issues, are brutal to endure. They may break me yet.

  11. There is another proposal floating around that would create the State of Jefferson. It also creates the state of East California. It also creates the state of SoCal. Then there would be the small State of California which includes the Sacramento to San Francisco corridor and runs to the northern border of Orange County. Thus creating 3 relatively conservative states and just one extremely socialist state. That is the proposal that should be forwarded.

    As an aside, among the many things that changed with Lincoln, the need to ask a parent state’s permission to separate is now out the window. Otherwise, West Virginia is not a state. Just saying.

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