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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. A new strain of the bird flu is causing concern.

Field Day

Survivalists and preppers concerned about communications when TEOTWAWKI happens should be aware that the 2018 Ham Radio Field Day is rapidly approaching. June 23rd and 24th are the dates that hams turn out in droves to set up emergency communication sites and practice their skills. If you’ve never actually talked on a radio, this is your opportunity to meet the hams in your area, actually talk on a radio and have someone walk you through the process. The hams will gladly get you started, teaching you what to say and when so you can get the feel for the whole process.

Doctors Without Wisdom

Despite that the actual data from the CDC’s own data shows a significant decline in gun related violence, the American medical Association (AMA) has decided to weigh in on the imaginary debate. Reader D.S. sent in this article that shows the AMA is actually demanding worse gun control measures than most gun control groups. They are demanding outright banning and confiscation of certain evil looking firearms along with demanding a national gun licensing and registration process. They don’t have any data that backs up their claims, but your supposed to believe that the emotional appeal is all that is necessary.

The Plague

Reader D.S. sent in this article showing that Idaho has documented it’s first case of the plague since 1992. It is unknown where the child contracted the disease at this time though. the Bubonic plague is suspected to be the disease behinds Europe’s black death that kept reappearing in the middle ages and decimated the population. Today, the disease is relatively easy to treat and the survival rate of infected victims is usually great. this is a disease that lives on the knife edge though. Lack of proper diagnosis and treatement could easily cause a occurrence of this disease in TEOTWAWKI. While uncommon, there are states that regularly have incidents reported every year.

Bird Flu

On a much more serious note, the medical field has discovered a new strain of the bird flu in China, H7N9. this version of the flu has killed one third of all the patients that have been diagnosed with it. Currently, the disease is contracted directly from infected fowl, but experts believe that it is only three mutations away from having the ability to pread person-to-person. With a death toll of 623 so far, this disease is the one that is being watched carefully as it has the potential to become the next pandemic. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Human Rights

In a nearly unbelievable spat of stupidity, a college professor specializing in human rights has declared that Venezuelans are better off now under the rule of Hugo Chavez. Adding insult to the stupidity, she proclaims that the number one threat to democracy in Venezuela is the U.S. itself. In the traditional progressive/left/socialist fashion of ignoring the facts, she is claiming that the poor are better off under the Chavez regime and that the problem of the government killing dissidents pales in comparison to the police shootings in the U.S. this is the garbage that your tax dollars support. It is also worth noting that Venezuela, one of the worlds worst offenders sits on the UN’s Human rights council that regularly condemns Israel. thanks to H.L. for the link.

The Prepping Lull

It’s no secret that there is a significant lull in the prepping market that occured over the last year or so since the election of Trump. While the world scene is just as volatile as it has always been and the dollar is still in significant distress, people just seem to feel more comfortable pretending that all is well. In this video sent in by reader T.J., the Patriot Nurse gives her thoughts on the subject.

Survival Realty

Survival Realty recently added a couple of interesting listings in western Virginia for those wishing to relocate in that area. both of these listings have a home as well as significant acreage.

Private hilltop home on 25 acres

Skelt Mountain Solitude

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  1. “Doctors without Wisdom”….Your last statement “your suppose to believe, that emotional appeal is all that is necessary”….I’m sorry, but get a grip! Since when, in current history, is rational thought the prevailing concept? I think we “of the right” need to understand that we are NOT fighting a RATIONAL war. It’ is not as we used to say, in Psyops (Psychological Warfare Operations), “winning the hearts and minds” it’s more like “winning the hearts and emotions”. The left has got this down to an “art form” and unless we “catch up” we might be the ones controlled by the FANTASIES of the left…..

  2. In re “prepping lull.” Interestingly, while traditional “right wing” peppers may be sighing and taking time off, the left has developed an interest in prepping that has been notably lacking in the last several years. I hope (most probably in vain) that people will come to realize the most probable, IMHO, disasters do not respect political leanings. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics are not asking who you voted for. The guy in the WH is not the determinant of whether we are at risk or not. FEMA has been a mess no matter what party was in charge, and those who relied on federal Intervention suffered for it. Just a thought.

  3. Daniel Kovalik of the University of Pittsburg School of Law pronounced this utter rubbish about Venezuela. A progreesive left elitist, who has never missed a meal, should be sent to Venezuela for a year. Where do American universities get these loonies?

  4. The different types of the Plague
    There are four different types of the pest:
    – the bubonic plague (bubo = boil)
    – septicemic plague
    – pneumonic plague
    – abortive plague
    All forms appear during a pandemic, but the most abundant forms are the bubonic and the pneumonic plague. However, out of a bubonic plague a septicemic one can arise if it is not treated. That septicemic pest can lead to a pneumatic plague and thus to death.
    Bubonic Plague

    A Journal of the Plague Year is Daniel Defoe’s novel of the Great Plague of London in 1665, published fifty-seven years after the event in 1722. Defoe intended the book as a warning. I thought it was well done. Got it from free books on Amazon

  5. Re: Plague

    I remember a long-ago article in National Geographic which told the story of a child who visited a western state, was apparently infected with plague there, but didn’t show symptoms until she returned home to an eastern big city. The doctors there were completely baffled as they did biopsies on her buboes. They just weren’t used to even the possibility of plague. A few cases appear every year or so in the western US and doctors there are more alert to the possibility. Not being able to correctly diagnose nontypical diseases will be a big problem if SHTF.

  6. Most doctors don’t belong to the AMA. There are many reasons why. Support of Obamacare and gun control are just more reasons to add to the list. I think seven years ago only 21 percent of doctors were AMA members.

  7. This recommendation from the AMA is clearly political and not based on any relevant data. Look at the stats from the FBI UCR and see if it makes any sense at all to be calling for a ban on so called “assault weapons”.

    FBI UCR DATA 2016
    Weapons used per year in homicides

    Shotguns =262
    Rifles (Including the “AR-15”)=374
    Blunt objects =472
    Hands/Feet =656
    Knives =1,604
    Handguns =7,105

  8. 262+374+472+656+1,604+7,105 = 10,473, weapons related homicides.

    325,000,000/100,000 = 3250, number of 100,000 groupings in uSA

    10473/3250 = 3.22, weapons related homicides per 100,000 Americans

    Your chance of dying in a car accident are over 4 times greater than dying in a weapons related homicide.

    Isn’t it time we banned all automobiles?

    I know, don’t gives the elites any more dastardly ideas.

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