The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Don’t listen to NPR this morning. Richard Clarke is an uninformed douche.” – Snippet from one of more than 500 pages of mostly unredacted text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team, recently released by the U.S. Senate. They illustrate the obviously biased investigation and the underscore the illegal the FISA-warranted wiretapping of Donald Trump during the election campaign, before his inauguration, and even after he was seated as POTUS.


  1. We can but wonder, with agents like McCabe, Stzok, etc., building cases for 20+ years, how many people are sitting in federal prisons based upon spurious, biased, fraudulent FBI “evidence”. Sure, there are lots of ‘good agents’, but the FBI is an entirely opaque organization. An outsider has absolutely no way of knowing if the agent they’re dealing with is ‘decent’ or just another corrupt, partisan hack like these a$$holes.
    NONE of them can be trusted now. And it’s their own damn fault.

    Shame on you, FBI. Shame on all of you. You are a curse on our nation.

  2. I muddled through enough of the messages as I could stand .

    The assertion that the FISA warrant was illegal – how do we know that? I haven’t seen the affidavit .

    It is a fiction to believe that investigators must be dispassionate. Frequently they are passionate , and properly so ,about a case.

    What the law requires is truthful affidavits and dispassionate magistrates . That’s how warrants are issued.

    In my opinion there are far too many people advocating about the correctness or incorrectness of this case, without having the necessary intelligence to form an intelligent opinion.

    1. “I haven’t seen the affidavit .”. That’s right, Frank – because it’s SECRET. Is that how you like your democracy?
      I guess the American people are just too stupid to process what’s in it, aren’t they? Nothing to see here….

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