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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Smartphone security is in question again as the iPhone Security has apparently been breached in even the latest models.

Gun Confiscation in America

You have always known that the ultimate goal of gun control extremists is total gun confiscation. Chuck Baldwin writes about how the plan is not to control, but to prohibit private ownership of firearms. With the latest statement of Trump to “Take the guns first, go through due process second” you have to wonder if he even has a clue what the phrase “due process” is. Despite these words becoming a rallying cry for gun control proponents, the current Republican congress is holding Trump’s illogical thinking in check, at least in part. With mid-term elections on the horizon though, there is reason to be concerned.

Traditionally, the party in power loses seats in the mid-term elections. Imagine a Trump making statements like these along with his statements about signing anything Congress sends to him when Congress is held by the most radical, liberal party ever to hold significant power in the U.S.. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

iPhone Security

Reader D.B. sent in this article that outlines how Cellebrite, a company specializing in security is most likely able to unlock any iPhone. A warrant unearthed by Forbes shows that the U.S. government hired them to break into an iPhone X owned by Abdulmajid Saidi, a suspect in an arms trafficking case. Apparently, the data was successfully extracted. The details are not known, so we don’t know if Saidi didn’t have his phone properly locked or if Cellebrite can actually break the robust security on the iPhone X, but there is significant question as to your privacy on these devices. While we won’t condone the criminal activity that led the government to seek that data, it is concerning to us that anything you might keep on your phone can be accessed.

Re-Education/Indoctrination Camps

A judge has ordered the San Diego school district to hand over evidence of their correspondence with a Muslim advocacy group. The school district has been corresponding with CAIR, a group known to have ties with and possibly supporting Muslim terrorist groups as part of an anti-Islomophobia bullying initiative. Concerned parents reported that the program looked more like a religious advocacy program than anything else. This fits right in line with the progressive/left’s encouragement of failed multiculturalism policies as it seeks to “fundamentally change America”. Now would be a good time to get your kids out of this communist/socialist indoctrination and either support a private school or homeschool them. If you think you can’t afford it, find a homeschool advocacy group in your area. You really can, though you may have to adjust your living expectations. Thanks to D.S. for the link.

Schools Encouraging Walk-Outs Over Guns

A SurvivalBlog reader forwarded an email to us that he received from his daughter’s middle school in Charlottesville encouraging parents to allow their children to participate in the non-education related, social justice warrior activity. While the email is too lengthy to reprint in full here, some of the statements include:

Students will be permitted to leave class to participate in the demonstration in an orderly manner and we will encourage them to remain on school property to maximize safe conditions.
Harassment of students whether they participate or choose not to participate in the walkout will not be tolerated.

And you just thought your school was about education.

The Police State

One of the defining principles of a police state is when the authorities attempt to control the news media. Every police state ever known has used this basic principle to squash dissension and encourage (or force) uniformity. You know that despite the freedoms that Americans enjoy in what is probably the freest country ever conceived, it steadily marches towards that position. Now Reader T.P. sends in this article showing how a Kentucky State Police spokesman stirred up a First Amendment controversy by sending an email to the Mountain Advocate newspaper and a Bell County radio station demanding that they wait for KSP press releases before publishing anything about ongoing investigations.

Revolutionary Martyrdom

Reader D.B. sent in this notice that he received about a far left organization that honored women who participated in armed revolutionary conflict in order to advance the violent authoritarian ideology of communism on International Women’s Day. In their post, they advocate for armed preemptive violence against people they believe to be their enemies (read that as capitalists, the patriarchy, et cetera). They also clarify that they are arming themselves for war and talk about the glory that will be bestowed upon the martyrs who take up their cause. They end the blog with this:

“A proletarian Women’s Guerrilla Defense Unit is not enough in and of itself. This unit must be thought of as the seed planted for the growing all-gender working-class revolutionary army to carry out the highest point we can aspire to: a revolutionary soldier in the coming Protracted People’s War.

The time for activism is over. Now is the time of war.”

This type of rhetoric has mostly been reserved to third world countries and now we are seeing it in the U.S. The veneer between civility and savagery is very, very thin anymore.

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  1. School walkout –
    “we will encourage them to remain on school property to maximize safe conditions.”

    They have a lot of brass to state that, after Florida! Unless armed teachers or armed parents are going to be with the students. I almost said police, but again, look at the Florida shooting and what the local police did!

  2. Gun control would not even be an issue if the pastors of America preached the right to keep and bear arms from a Biblical perspective. Fellow Christians, if your pastor is not in this fight like Pastor Baldwin then vote with your feet!

  3. School Walk-outs.

    “…we will encourage them to remain on school property to maximize safe conditions.”


    “We will encourage them to remain on school property to maximize the demonstrably unsafe condition of Gun Free Kill Zones.”

    Fixed it for them.

  4. I am passionately opposed to any ban on so-called assault rifles. However, if school protests were directed to the lack of security and matters like that, I would encourage student protests. Of course, only in Red States are students unlikely to protest all anti-gun issues, especially given the encouragement that is coming from the Left.

    Human beings being human beings, I suspect that many of the most outspoken teenagers from Parkland are at least affected a little by the media attention which they hope will serve them later in life. This is at least some of the driving force that affects many who run for political office and take certain political positions.

    The mantra from the Left is “Children are our most precious resource,” Really? I call BS.

    If our kids are our most precious resources, why do we leave them unprotected in what are proudly proclaimed as “Gun-Free Zones?” It is if we have placed “Kick Me” signs on their backs. Predators always single out the weak and the young.

    I went to the local Social Security office yesterday. I live in a city that regularly makes the list of the FBI’s Top Ten Safest Cities (with a population over 100,000). In a room filled with maybe two dozen people, 2/3 of them over 65, an armed guard sat quietly at his desk, waiting for what? An attack by an unruly octogenarian?

    I doubt that it is possible to enter a courthouse in America right now (except perhaps in the most rural areas), where one is not required to pass through a metal detector with an armed deputy standing nearby. That certainly is the situation with air travel.

    A large percentage of teachers are mentally unfit or physically unfit to use guns, so these pacifist-types should not be forced to carry guns. (I will apologize to the teachers who are reading this message, given that the simple fact that they read survivalblog probably excludes them from the faint-hearted portion of the teacher population, but I am also sure that they understand what I am saying.) With proper training, a few armed teachers on school grounds could all but shutdown the likelihood that a predator/nut case, would come to school with evil intentions.

    Yes, some Muslim attacked airline travelers in a Florida airport in the last two years. As I recall, that shooting occurred in the baggage area where armed security usually doesn’t exist. Anyone traveling with a gun and who had a concealed carry license would likely not have had the gun on them when the shooting occurred. In any event, just how often has a mass shooting occurred at an airport?

    Many of the pacifist teachers and many parents oppose even the possibility that armed security, “good guys with guns,” and teachers with firearms be a part of their children’s school environments, believing that childhood should be the time for rainbows, butterflies, and nearly endless fun and excitement. While in a perfect world, I don’t disagree with the latter attitude, that is not the world in which we actually live.

    Judges, lawyers, and airline travelers (including children) go about their daily lives with armed guards being present. No one ever said that a child should not fly on a commercial airliner because he might see armed police officers standing watch at an airport.

    What all of this is about is that the people who hate guns and who want to outsource their personal security to others because they are mentally and physically unfit or incapable of defending themselves and who are fearful of even having a gun in the house, feel better about their shortcomings when all people are reduced to their same circumstances.

    “God created men, but Sam Colt made them equal,” as the saying goes. If all guns are banned, taken to its most extreme, aren’t we then leaving the world in the control of 25-year-old males at the peak of their physical prowess to give orders and to run society?

    1. “Children are our most precious resource”

      Replace resource with the word “commodity”.

      So saith every leftist politician on the freaking planet. Beware of leftist Republicans (Neo-Cons) talking gun control. The war is coming at us from two fronts. We’re in the cross hairs and the crossfire.

      Had jury duty last month. Make that 6 armed sheriff’s deputies, metal detectors, wands, and x-ray machine for hand carried stuff, just to get in the courthouse. Then there were the 2 armed sheriff’s deputies in the courtroom. No bailiffs anymore, just cops.

    2. In most cities if you go to your local SS office what you will find is a few old people and a few “crazy” people. Because the SS office administers SSI and because SSI is given to people on drugs and with mental health issues your local SS office is less safe than bars are today. Partly because the legion of rent seekers are angry when told that they aren’t going to get more free stuff. So armed guards in SS offices are a necessity today. We octogenarians typically go to an SS office once in our lifetime and that is at age 64 to apply for our SS. The free stuff legions go back all the time seeking more free stuff.

  5. Oh by the way, look into Obama’s executive order concerning reducing the “school to prison pipeline”. In order to make the schools look better, school boards and police offices were fudging the books to make the statistics look better for the schools.

    Sheriff Israel and the school superintendent need to be held criminally and civilly liable for the deaths and injured at that Florida school. Because of their lack of compliance with Federal reporting requirements, that little creep was able to “legally” buy his gun. Had they complied he would not have been able to as he would not have been able to pass the NICS check. Obama and his mindless and unconstitutional EO should make him criminally and civilly liable as well. If only the Republicans had the cojones to follow through with what actually needs to be done.

  6. Just caught this at and thought many would be interested.

    Christians are now second class citizens with inferior rights. Waiting to see if they bring back the arena and the lions.

    What ever happened to the fundamental human right to worship as you choose and follow the precepts of your religion, as long as you do no actual violence or use no actual force on another human being. To those LGBTQWXYZ folks who want what would appear to be a relatively traditional wedding, choose another shop. Or is this about doing violence and using force on principled Christians? I think we all know the answer to that one.

    The LGBTQWXYZ community should make the swastika the symbol for their cause.

  7. RE: Gun control, Bump Stock bans and Trump.

    Trump keeps sucking the Dems into unwinnable positions. Every. Single. Time…

    This whole gun thing by Potus is pure magic that he keeps doing time and time again.

    Bump Stocks: Regulations require an extensive review period by any .Gov agency in instituting new regulations as well as a Comments period of at least six months.

    Furthermore, there is existing evidence and ruling BY the ATF that they have “no authority under the current law as written to ban Bumpstocks given the language of the NFA law regulating machine guns. This ban will never survive the courts. End of story but it plays well politically. Trump knows this.

    Nitwits on the net all over are saying they’ll never vote Trump again because of his statements. This guy has done this several times already, locked up his opposition and used it to beat them like a lazy mule.

    My advice is to let Trump be Trump, he is not stupid nor unaware of the importance of the 2A. This latest round of statement is to merely draw in the opposition, and beat them with their own arguments.

    Obama’s whole shtick was to ban guns and he couldn’t get er done.

    Quit going ape over what Potus Trump says and sit back and watch how he beats his (and our) opponents with their own words. He’ll say, “Hey I tried but this is how congress wrote the laws”. Makes him much more palatable to the unwashed Dems who are gun grabbers, imho…

    DACA comes to mind, Toxic for Dems if they do as they know they won’t win it if they try, and need DACA as one of their only arguments into 2018 (which the GOP will beat them up on as talking points), or don’t as the DACA rats now line up outside their (Dems) offices and houses and call them traitors to the DACA cause, while Trump says: ‘These poor, poor DACA people, we need the Dems to step up and help us solve the problem but no Dems want to do anything about it.” Who’s the bad guys to the DACA scum in this case?

    Trust the Trump (“Q”) plan, put away the worry beads and wait it out while, of course letting your congress critters know about your feelings against any of this.

    That is all…

    1. Could NOT have had a better response to all the anti-Trump, “I told you so” complaining from those who most likely didn’t vote for Trump in the first place. Most here may not even know who “Q” is and what many of us believe who he actually is. Trump does indeed play his opposition ‘like a fiddle’ and I too believe he’s playing the anti-gun crowd like a pro. He needs our support to reverse all the damage done my our last 4 Presidents, and he’ll need a full two terms to do it. I truly believe he is our last hope as I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows where we would be at this point if HRC was elected.

    2. I am with JAG. I think he hit it on the head. The liberals have an agenda that is unacceptable to the majority of American citizens. Trump draws it out and puts them on record. First with immigration and now with 2A.

  8. Black Illinois politicians are calling for gun confiscation due to violence in Chicago,I suggest a house to house confiscation in black neighborhoods along with wholesale searches and seizures in those areas and watch the reactions

  9. I feel for all of you in the US, as they are trying to disarm you the way they have us in Australia (accomplished – because we don’t have the Right to bear arms, and we don’t have laws such as Castle Doctrine). I tried being “The Grey Man” but here that just isn’t working. Anti gun groups get all the media airtime and in unlimited open discussion panel shows – whereas if any pro gun speakers are allowed a voice – it is a 10 second sound bite. So from now on I am raising issues and spreading the truth to counter the anti gun lies.

    Recently we had our Justice Minister crowing about the 57,000 firearms handed in and seized in the latest gun amnesty. Thankfully one of our pro gun ownership Senators relentlessly questioned these figures to find out that 308 firearms were actually handed in, several thousand were registered to owners and the majority of the 57,000 firearms were actually parts with nearly 6000 parts counted twice, nearly 5000 parts seized by ICE in the States and without any evidence of these parts being earmarked for Australia, they were claimed as firearms bound for the Australian market.

    We have survivors of the Port Arthur shooting trotted out even 20 years after the shooting to hysterically shoutdown any commonsense law reforms. By their own admission most have never shot or handled a firearm – but they are regularly produced as experts for the anti gun lobby.

    Band together, embrace all lawful shooters regardless of their sport, recreation and past times and elect and support those who support you.

    One of my favourite books is “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross, and the day is getting closer when this book moves from the fiction shelves to non fiction.

  10. The school I work at “planned” a walkout for students and faculty to participate in during instructional time even though the actual walkout was supposed to be during recess. Administration forced students to plan it to disavow being the ones organizing the political protest. Where was the outrage and protests after Sutherland Springs or Las Vegas? The left is pushing a narrative that has only one logical conclusion…disarmament. The kids today are brainwashed into believing the narrative force fed to them by schools, the media and politicians. We no longer have a dialog about issues in our society, instead it is a progressive monologue that is getting louder and louder. I don’t think I can fight the good fight much longer…I need to start looking for a new job.

  11. Regarding public schools and indoctrination, my sweet daughter thought Obama was wonderful up through forth grade. Now that we home school and she actually reads the news, her opinion has changed 180 degrees. There is your litmus test on indoctrination. Currently she is ticked that she might have to wait 9 years instead of 6 years to buy her own rifle. I just smile. God bless my wife for taking on the task of homeschooling.

  12. When it comes to security on your ‘phone – whatever type – Don’t expect it. You won’t have any.
    Plan accordingly…
    Your OPSEC should be such that you EXPECT to be listened to!

  13. I got a smart phone about 6 months ago. I don’t use it like a smart phone I only upgraded so I could use ‘tether’. about two weeks ago I had a voice msg and couldn’t get it because it requires a password. Well I didn’t have a password. ATT couldn’t help and told me that I do have a password because a password is required. This made me think and after awhile I remembered when I first got it the lady at ATT made me pick a password and I remembered it then. Which brings me to my point; I hate the forced security. I recognize that some may have something to hide on their phone. But my theory is that in general security, especially on computers, is more trouble that it is worth. I have to deal with a number of things on the PC that require security and I always forget the password. So I have to apply for a new password every time I use it. If I could simply select the password I want this wouldn’t happen. But Noooo! I must select a more secure password with a capital letter, a special character and a number and it must be more than 8 characters in length. By the time I finish satisfying their rules I no longer have a memorable password. Bottom line the security is the problem not the solution.

  14. Where is the school walkouts supporting better security? Remember that the anti-gunners were praying for a mass (gun-free zone) shooting and on Feb.14th,Satan answered their prayers.

  15. As to the iPhone, most don’t properly secure it (encrypt everything, don’t send data to Apple, including backups). Mainly they need to NOT use the fingerprint reader or face iPhoneX stuff, but set a fairly long complex password.
    4 digit pins only need 10k attempts to unlock, and there is a database of the most to least common.
    A 16 character mixed case, numbers, special character random password would be much harder.
    The article doesn’t go into details, but the hardware as far as anyone knows is as secure as a vault door. Apple can’t help if the combination on the lock is 1-2-3-4

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